"Thy Kingdom Come!"   
 Are we ready for real "change"?
Yes!  We're ready!!!

We have been getting a lot of requests asking our advice on who to vote for, so we had to put up a 4-minute audio to explain what we feel our best answer should be for voters this season:

We also thought it might be fun to take a trip back into the past with a 4-minute radio skit we did in 2008 for the last U.S. Presidential election, which was a satire on the same topic:

These images can be printed out and/or "cut and pasted" digitally and passed around as a way to inspire folks to begin thinking outside the box of satan's many world-wide imitation political systems!  Who of us loves Yeshua enough to want to be His top "Campaign Manager"?

Think with all faith my brothers and sisters!  Who are we "rooting for"?  YHWH?  ...or more of the same with sinful man and a growing idolatry?

to download/copy this image:

to download/copy this image:

to download/copy this image:

Obviously these are not for any real "election" purposes, as true Bible believers should not be wrapped up in such a "lesser of two EVILS" system like this anyway, but are intended just for fun and for those of us who understand the genuine repercussions of what will happen to those who are still sadly seeking help from man and "safety in numbers" in their hearts, as they will be facing even more pain and suffering as America's disobedience to YHWH's law system gets further and further from he hearts of hose who will draw YHWH's ultimate "woe" upon themselves (see Jeremiah 17:5; Isaiah 31;1, etc).

These are merely to inspire and cause our friends who are repulsed by the thought of "a government under this old faahioned God" to then perhaps see today's increasing tyranny with enough fear, to then become more reflective of what our remaining choices really are anymore.

Folks, we ALL need to get much more serious about where our hearts, as professing believers, are showing the world where our moral compass comes from.

So for those that haven't thought this through yet...?    Perhaps they haven't been through hard enough times yet.  But that'll  change soon, as the Father always punishes those who are "setttled on their lees" (content and complacent, etc.).   Eventually they'll bow down to Him as King.  One way or the other.   Soon every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua IS King!

Feel free to send us some campaign creations of your own.  
Maybe we'll post them for you!   -dwaine

How about a new music video that says it best for 2016? 
 "He's My King"

Can we not all appreciate the message of the gospel, hoping that someday Yeshua will actually take the throne over all of mankind?

Yet untill the day comes that Yeshua truly is on the throne (and maybe when our preacher can actually sing), we just want to dream about such better circumstances, and continue to "fix" old songs to better glorify the Father !