Who Owns You? ‎(a 2 minute primer)‎

"Who Owns You ?"

Do you have a contract number with the Beast?  Are you in "covenant" with the luciferian system?  ...Or are you more comfortably "bought for a price" by the Messiah?  

Having someone "own" your entire body and livelihood and you have absolutely no control over this (as we are discovering) in this life is bad enough, but what about adding your spirit to their wicked control in the next life, and the Father is long gone from ever being able to help you again as well.  Now that's   ...a scary thought.

Therefore...   Are you certain of who's "property" you are and who "owns" you?Are you certain that you are covered with the blood of Yeshua and loyal to only His system of life, where satan can't snatch you from His hand on judgment day?