"Which Way To 'Living Without Fear'?"

Can we not use some biblical encouragement as to how to best live without any fears in this ever-worsening world?  A relaxing video with a few inspiring passages to remind us of the covenant of comfort that we are invited to make with our Father in heaven.

NOTE:  Although this one seems to be much better for now (having uploaded it as a DV in AVI at 1.34 GB), we regret that we are finding that we are (on higher quality dpi source materials only) having difficulty with our antiquated equipment in getting these higher quality videos to upload properly (without minor glitches, occasional jumpiness, etc) to the youtube channel. We are presently trying to resolve these quality issues as we speak, as this "best so far" video above literally being a fifth attempted, differently-formatted upload of this video just today.   (Ha ha, the original looks and plays absolutely wonderfully on the DVD version, quality-wise, shame you guys can't see that one from where you are !)   Nonetheless, thank you for your patience as we do our best with what we are working with to get the best possible quality of these important videos available for you, to awaken your friends and loved ones to the truth they need to hear.  -Dwaine