The best 9/11 Page we have ever found is at this link.  Please give it a look, It is loaded with just the "best of the best" in 9/11 videos:

But if you are not interested in a full course meal, try our all-time favorite 9/11 video:

9/11 Ripple effect
Were they really commercial flights that hit the twin towers?  This one has been the one we had used most often to catch the ear of the average thinker who was unfamiliar with this subject.  It shows the hard-to-deny issue that "dramatic effects" were added to sway the public's opinions, and then you ask yourself, "would 19 guys from caves have been able to pull this off with a commercial airliner?  
(  -  yeah right  -   )

And again, for many more videos on both the 9/11 topic and all the other important governmental corruption issues (that have also been screened for accuracy), please visit our new sister website that covers a lot of these issues in light of Scripture at: 

NOTE:  I admire the work of Richard Gage and his organization "architects and engineers for 911 truth", but having spoken to him a while back, had found his attitude towards Christians/Biblical faith leaving much to be desired for me, so I am not posting his work here as one of our top favorites, although his mechanical approach has no flaws or errors where I, as an engineer myself, have otherwise found his engineering research on the subject to be quite solid.