Reformation videos

   Yes, the first five selections on this page are old, and no, sorry, they are not in high definition (the first one being the worst, again sorry as we are searching for a better copy on that one), but yes, the time spent watching these will never be regretted as they will absolutely reinforce your faith in your Savior in ways that may even bring tears of joy to your eyes as some of these videos did for us.  Go get a nice cup of tea and sit back and find out why we say this, as the way they have hid the truth of the reformation from us is finally getting the attention that we have been trying to get people to see for decades now.  

Martin Luther

As a classic starting point, please allow us to take you back into the past with the classic 1953 Martin Luther video that many believers find to be one of their all-time favorite movies of inspiration, the story of Martin Luther played by Niall Mac Guinnis.   Thanks Kathryn for the new link!

(ooops!  Looks like they took thus one off yet again on us as well.  We will try to remedy this once more, but in the meantime remember that the ministry can lend out a copy of the DVD for those who would like to see it.)

Jon Huss

Next to the above Martin Luther film, this is my second most loved movie of all time, and especially in recent years.  I am so excited that it is now uploaded for us to share with all of you, as we have passed out many hundreds of copies of this video on DVD over time.  It is truly a great movie to inspire those who really love their King of kings, and who also want to see more that they were never told about the reformation era.  There's also a small treat for the older Pittsburgh area viewers, as there is a co-star in this film that was also a television saturday afternoon movie matinee host on one of our local channels in the early 70's that many will surely and affectionately remember.  The quality of this one is very good for an older film too.   Enjoy!

Jon Huss

William Tyndale: God's Outlaw

Another of the five favorites that we passed out over the years that I simply love for their inspirational qualities.  Again, Enjoy!

William Tyndale: God's Outlaw

"The Radicals: The true story of the Anabaptists"

Also one of the five great reformation videos we passed out for years, but this one was the one that many of the ladies seemed to like the best.

The Radicals: The true story of the Anabaptists

"Flame in the Wind" 
An accurate representation of the Spanish Inquisition

The last of the five classic films that we once passed out regularly on disc on the reformation, this one is the most difficult for Roman Catholics to face in showing the evils of the persecutions administered by Rome on those who tried to open the Bible to the world.

(ooops!  Looks like they took thus one off yet again on us as well.  We will try to remedy this once more, but in the meantime remember that the ministry can lend out a copy of the DVD for those who would like to see it.)

Flame in the WInd

Professor Walter Veith
Rekindling the Reformation

There are segments in here that will cause your eyes to open, your jaw to drop, and your heart to cry out that it is all so unbelievable that it all makes perfect sense.  I could write pages on this series and Walter's related material in how much I was encouraged by it over time, but I will let the series speak for itself, being one of my favorite packages for us to offer among our ministry's website topics.  This also fits handsomely with Ted Weiland's work on the Constitution, although I would love to work with the both of them to help them join forces in their differences as we are doing here.  [my disagreements on certain details are written in red].

Video 1 of 11 "The Twin Pillars of the Reformation"
The basic history of the reformation, some reformation curiosities and historic site topics; the German citizens are unaware of their heritage. 

Video 2 of 11: "Let There Be Light"
The history of Martin Luther; connections of the present "theosophic society"; The Vatican's modern efforts to claim that the reformation is dead; The many ways that Rome yet opposes Scripture.

Video 3 of 11: "They Have Made Void Thy Law part 1"
(or...  "Why Rome had to change the Ten Commandments for the coming global enslavement" -dwaine)
God's Law vs. man and his "reason"; man has dominion over the earth; man/woman role reversals ruining families; U.N. eradicates biblical morals; earth is god; in role reversals we attack God's law; Pope changes God's Law; Bible vs. Catholic Catechism; most of Ten Commandments changed for coming law system; Jesuits; human rights; fascism and property rights; french revolution and age of reason; universal declaration of human rights 1948; Rome tight with U.N.; Pope's embracing of "natural rights"; moving to humanist law; universal law: RERUM NOVARUM or sustainable development. 

Video 4 of 11: "The Beamable Sustainable Princes"
Part 1: International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)'s global tentacles; Walter's wonderful police "welcome" to the Mississippi river area; Prince Charles; The Battle Over Britain; Thomas A. Becket incident; the Pope rules the Kings; Pope as "landlord"; the breaking of the Magna Carta and the parts of it that are still law today; the Knights Templars own the crown; Knights of Malta; Knights of the Garter; Order of the Bath; The Red Dragon; Part 2: The amazing American lines of European Royalty; "the Declaration of Independence was no more than an internal memo of the Crown Temple made among its private members"; This Section very critical to see for those in law circles (starting at or about 1:20:00 minutes): All nations are under the crown, but the crown is under Rome!  All the world (and its royalty) wonders after the beast!; church/state leaders bow down to the PopeJames Madison in the royal bloodline;Update 2009, Obama, Rick Warren; the understanding of "Gaia"; how sustainable development and Agenda 21 fits in; the "Earth Charter"; darkness becomes light/ Pantheism; (world crisis clip); hologram speeches; signs and wonders being fulfilled; global warming hoax; comparing the prince of Wales with the Prince of Heaven.

Video 5 of 11: "They Have Made Void Thy Law part 2"
When is God going to react?  When "they have made void thy law""; Humanism breaking through the threshold of global rule; hate speech and Rome's initiation of it; evils of symbology; Veith then goes through much of the video showing the Commandments being removed on a global scale one by one, where we must begin with a repectful disclaimer; (Commandments 1,2,3) Professor Veith here considers the sacred names to just be a matter of "proper pronunciation", We strongly disagree.  If your name is George, and someone called you "poopy pants" is that a matter of pronunciation? or not getting the person's name right? Also, YHWH is a name, "God" is merely His title. In the end it will be critical to have the name right specifically due to the intentional deceptions being caused by the name decoys.  See Zeph 3:9, we are coming into that age of needing that pure language (form of communication) especially in circumstances like the Constitution, where they intentionally make the name vague in order to give glory to their humanist "We the People" god, satan); We also disagree of course with Mr. Veith's Sabbath issue to some degree.  (4We agree that Sunday is not the Sabbath, but Walter has himself not yet understood that the entire calendar was changed in 45 B.C. and had removed the moon from the calculations creating a fully unbiblical calendar altogether, being a large reason for the following Judo-Christian persecutions as the orthodox masses of both Hebrew and Christian refused to follow this Roman calendar we now call the "Gregorian calendar"; Good short explanation of the "Grace v. Law" debate; the smashing of the Ark of the Covenant; antinonianism; Ten Commandments "revivals"; Calvin against the Law; (5) parent/child rights; (6) abortion laws nullify this one; (7) sex-ed in the schools, homosexuality, abortion, pornography, (8,9,10 together) evolution is compulsory in schools; "Thous shalt lie to your students and tell them that God is the liar", and this ordered by law. REREM NOVARUM; various world leaders and the connections to Roman Canon law to reduce the Commandments to rubble; African nations in the mix; the last of the Ethiopians of ancient times crushed by Mussilini; Rome owns everything; corporations and fascism; redistribution of the world's wealth in progressively shrouded enslavement.

Video 6 of 11: "The Fourth Man in the Furnace"
Centered around the attack on Christ; false christs; universal christ; plays clip from Tsietgeist with God-haters Jordan Maxwell and George Carlin; the many ways that the world is trying to justify the rejection of Christ, the Father and biblical truth; Christ must be reduced and made equal to all other gods;  Funk and the Jesus seminar; Christianity is the only religion with an atonement; Buddhist Christ; 
ecumenic council; Catholicism in unity with Islam (see more on this here); The Koran says that Jesus was never the son of God but merely an apostle and never died but was snuck away so a resurrection would be believed when He re-appeared; Only One Christ, God in the flesh; Hate speech in Yeshua's time as well; darkness on those who deny Christ.

Video 7 of 11: "The Heritage of Israel"
The incorporation of Judaism into Rome's plans; Rome and Israel "bury the hatchet"; "come out and be separate"; The evil writings of the Talmud and the curse on those who calculate the book of Daniel; the kingdom is within us; are the Jews going to miss it a second time?; restoration of the temple; One bride for Christ; all can be grafted in who have faith in Christ; Messianic Jews; ceremonial laws; [As a reminder, we disagree with Mr. Veith on this point, where one can't go wrong by calling someone by their very proper name in the most accurate language.  Mr. Veith is perhaps not aware of the deeper parts of these name issues.  You can transliterate nouns and many other words from language to language, but you should never take it upon yourself to transliterate someone's name.  A name is a name. I agree that salvation does not hinge on getting the name pronounced just right, but a respect for the most accurate rendition that we know of is proper for anyone, especially in reverence for a King of kings. Remember: the "j" sound is less than 300 years old in and of itself.]; salvation by race; All may make a covenant with Him.

Video 8 of 11: "The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation part 1"
The reforming of the saints awakens satan and his Roman church; The Jesuits commonly exiled throughout the world when first discovered; Ignatius Loyola versus Martin Luther; understanding Rome's "mother church" mindset; serious replacing of the Jesuit General; black & white Popes=the "ying yang" symbol of Rome; the "no salvation outside the Roman church" still stands today despite their exterior smokescreens; Ratzinger and Karl Rahner were the  joint architects of Vatican II; Charismatic movement; "Kathryn Kuhlman was one of Rome's greatest undercover agents"; personal "Holy Spirit" experiences over-ride the Scriptures; liturgy in the place of faith; Hippie movement was led by the Jesuits and yet lives; Georgetown University/Clinton/Kennedy/Martin Luther King ties; Music/Rock industry; the Pope as king; Romish training: Punish the flesh; "Spiritual Exercises"; "the Alpha course" (no criticism of other denominations allowed); Jesuits to "obey without question" says Loyola; "12 around 1"= a cult formation that leaves Christ out; "Spiritual Directors"; use caution with theologians; "Its going to become very serious".

Video 9 of 11: "The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation part 2"
Faith is the evidence of something not seen; visualization a part of the "mystical experience"; Jesuit vision of Elijah and Salome; Oprah Winfrey "guided visualization"; World Olympics; owner of Pittsburgh Steelers is a Knight of Malta; sports and "programming yourself" for success; mind control ... leads us into "New Age" areas... ; meditation; we are not to be controlled, we are free agents under God; song: "How Great we art"; Robert Schuller tied to Rome; mega churches; monks and contemplative approaches; Rick Warren; breath prayers, brainwashing, Warren's "peace plan";  Teilhard de Chardin; "spiritual formation" and consensus theology and those who oppose it will be decreed as using hate speech; this is all Catholic doctrine based on Vatican II; Opus Dei; Vatican "Electors",  "Renovare" invented  by Richard Foster; meditation; Spiritual directors then become millions of secondary but well-trained Catholic Priests; actual Jesuit webpages; Zen meditation; Shalem & Christian mysticism; sacred dancing; Methodist center for spiritual formation; labyrinths; icons; Presbyterian mysticism connections & "sacred circles"; the "spiritual formation" is counter to the sealing of God.   

Video 10 of 11: "The Typology of Deliverance"
The amazing aspects of the stories in the Bible: 1. typology, 2. eschatology, 3. sotierology; What will be the mark of the beast?; the jewelry of those of UR; Abrahm, Sarai, and the plague sent upon Egypt; Abrahm's example of salvation and faith; Tutmos III and his son Amenhotep II; Isis the goddess gives Pharaoh life; Osiris the god of the dead; Re-Harakhti the sun god; Anti-Sabbath law in Egypt; YHWH's people delivered with great substance; [Again here, Walter understands the Sabbath importance but does not know yet the facts of the changed calendar situation of 45 B.C., etc]; Elijah and the prophets of Baal; typology of John the Baptist; Dagon Priest/Pope hats same, mass photo of papal understudies wearing dagon fish mitre hats; mitraism and Catholicism compared; [and one more time, Mr. Veith does not grasp that yes, Sabbath laws were endlessly being contested by pagan rulers, but he is yet unaware that the entire calendar was the problem, not just the matter of one day of the week being "shifted over" a day or so.   He speaks of "the moon governing the passover" with a "lunar calendar" and "the month of Nissan", but hasn't made the connection that it was the overall calendar system that was changed by Rome; His Easter worship discussions have ties in this as well]; (The council of Nicea outlawed the entire Hebrew calendar, not just Easter); Excellent Comparisons with ancient Egyptian worship systems with modern-day Rome; worship of the dead; First and second beast, Rome and U.S.A. (?)  I'd say that he is close, but would prefer to more precisely say "Rome as the first beast and the United Nations Military Industrial Complex led by the U.S.A. as the second; the daughter being "fallen protestantism" (as he says) is not just the U.S.A., but includes the British Isles and other "protestant" nations); He nicely ties in the several stories in this lecture, of the typologies, yet places a little less importance that I would like to see on the passages like "perfecting holiness in the fear of God", etc.; I agree with the fact that the final battle will involve the Sabbath, but it will not be fought upon the Papal Gregorian calendar as the foundation of both sides but upon the foundation of differing edicts as to what governs the entire calendar where the contest is centered around Genesis 1:14; He lastly properly disclaims any thoughts of a rapture, but then fails to mention the aspect that "judgment begins at the house of the Lord" which then would again tie in with the way we see it where the compromisers will be found "lukewarm" and in need of judgment prior to the wrath of YHWH on the beast; Mr. Veith and I were supposed to meet some years back, but a schedule change got in the way of his coming to the states that year.  I am still hopeful that he will see this calendar issue with us, as I believe him to be sincere, but perhaps he's just too busy to hear every single aspect as some of us now have made the time to do.  Aside from the basic Sabbath/calendar issue therefore, we have much in common with him, yet as any good shepherd I am making my disclaimers in this series, for the sake of those who are also seeking to perfect holiness in the fear of Elohim, not just get close as he suggests in this episode  -dwaine.   

Video 11 of 11: "A Price to be Paid" 
"The day is almost far gone for the people to fight the reformation all over again"; Bloody Mary; The forgotten story of Ridley, Lattimer and Cranmer; publishing the "Great Bible"; Cranmer's execution; John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement and how the world now praises the more recent initiators of the Catholic revival of England's Cathedrals giving these 1800's false preachers "sainthood" in Rome; modern-day veneration of their own created human relics; John Rogers; European churches all morphing Catholic again; Greyfriars kirkyard Edinburgh, the Covenanters prison and the murders there; Catholic/Protestant wars; Scotland memorial now ridden with filthy stores and satanism; Jenny Geddis, John Knox; the sufferings of protestantism; "Christianity is not for sissies"; also a nice ending.