Kent Hovind post-release notes

This page is specifically set aside for my biblical evaluation of Kent Hovind's newly presented theological positions since his release which, in ways that I hate to have to be the messenger of, seem to have departed from his previous trend towards true reform prior to his wrongful incarceration, my initial entries entered here are tentative and general, where I expect to add more in greater detail as time to review his new teachings become available to me. 
  • Henceforth, untill I have made a more accurate assessment of his position on things now, and having seen his views change on some thigs after his imprisinment of nine years, this is only my immediate observation below, with a conclusion that I am sure many of us are going to understand, yet where we can all still hope his situation can be made brighter should he see what else has transpired since his time away.  Awakening him by letters and emails to what we have found in love and meekness is of course suggested, but letting him know that we would be behind him should he want to stand against them again, would surely help to give him some renewed strength if he is under some "undisclosable" pressures now.  We all the more still pray for him and ask that you do as well, as we certainly still consider him a brother.  Yet, as I have elluded to, there have been some issues in his "rightout of the gate" teachings that we must surely consider to be "unusual" for a man who had previously been moving onwards and upwards in the fearless discovery of the delicate truths in our age.  Please pray for his renewed faith and courage with us , won't you?   Thank you.  -dwaine

Here are my observations of our old friend thus far:

With many knowing how much I had supported Kent Hovind's creation work over the years, myself making mention here and there that I had hoped that he would someday see even more of the new discoveries that he himself had not yet seen (the Sabbath/calendar issues, the sacred names, the deeper "come out from among them" issues that he was already working towards in small ways), I have been asked by literally hundreds of people in the past several months since his release what I had thought about his release, his ministry now, what he has had to say, had I talked to him, planned to call him, etc.  My response to all of those folks (and most of you who were the ones asking me, will testify to this), but I had basically told everyone, that I knew the feeling of having been behind bars myself for what I felt were, and not unlike Kent's case, an extreme injustice towards me, I wanted everyone to know that I wanted to give him some time to re-acclimate to his world at home again before making any contact with him, or even trying to assess his spiritual condition after his release from federal prison this last September (2015).

It is now f_bruary 2016, and I have been looking at some of his material as of late, doing so in preliminary ways even if just in brief that I could decide whether to contact him or not, and I think I will be forced to say that I am very concerned for what may have happened to him while he was in there, as what I am seeing of his post-release material, I am terribly pained inside, as I am starting to believe that he may have been (shall we say) "convinced" to maintain a global church view of the things that are key issues in this political/spiritual global war right now.

In just the first few sittings, I can say with sad admittance that he is teaching a very thoroughly orchestrated picture of futurism and (so far) a mix of zionism into that futurism that only the most dedicated 501c3 schools are teaching.  And this has other minutia mixed in with it that hints to other new problems as well, but my first observations are not looking good for our old friend.

Untill I see more, I can ony say that it brought me to near tears to see the zealousness with which he is presenting these classes, showing (and almost as if he was a high honor student of John Hagee) how Islam is somehow the problem, not Rome, never even (again, so far) mentioning how Islam is a complete creation and tool of Rome as a huge distraction to keep them from being fingered as the bad guys.  (See our page, "Did Rome Create Islam"?)

He's into the physical rebuilding of the temple plans and everything, making me wonder if he is lost from us forever, in not being able to grow with us any further. 

For a man of such greatness and previous focus on the global construct, to have fallen this far back into the mainstream teachings so zealously (as if he were being prodded to put this particular issue on the front burner for some reason), I can't help but say that I was broken hearted for days.

I can only say, that I still of course certainly support his previous creation v. evolution work (along with my notes of minor disagreement that I had written over the years throughout the pages of his embedded videos on this website that will stay of course), but I suppose that I no longer contiue to hope that his prison stay was Father's way of keeping him in close quarters till he was better "refined" with Father's more intimate spiritual wisdom, as I had hoped that he had been spiritually getting the same things we had been learning, the whole time he was in prison.  

In fact, and this is ONLY SPECULATION on my part here of course, but it seems that perhaps those last few weeks that they mysteriously had him placed in solitary confinment (without explanation) before his release may have had a darker side to it than we might have originally wanted to believe possible of our government powers, and may have instead had a much larger part to play on what Kent would preach upon his release.  And again, this is just a hunch based on what we are learning about our illustrious Masonic-based government, but this may answer a lot of the questions as to why...    not only was his release delayed, but also might perhaps have been the plan:  To leave him to all of his "fans" for those nine years, until the very last, where maybe they had planned to "make him an offer he couldn't refuse" (if the 9-year term itself hadn't "caused him to see the error of his ways"), where perhaps his spirit may have been a little tougher to crack than they had expected, where maybe "correcting him" may have taken a lot more time than others.  They may have 'said' that they had put him in solitary confinement, but may have been "explaining the facts of life" to him in those last few weeks with "great drama and emphasis" (shall we say) till he caved, where afterwards they could then help patch him back up and once looking healthy again, let him out, feeling confident that he would no longer be a major threat to them in the things he would then teach.  Sort of how they released Peter and John threatening them "not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Yeshua" (Acts 4:18). In the apostle's day, it didn't work.  They went right back out and even got bolder, as Paul preached that they ought to be bold in such things, and even when in bonds (see Ephesians 6:20)  Has Kent caved?

These are just my thoughts, and my thoughts have been very faithful for me over the last couple decades, yet I am hoping that as I see his teachings continue, that he will again continue to grow again in accuracy, and get away from the way that he has even seemingly slid backwards, further into the snare of futurism and a zionist approach to the global situation. 

I've not seen any hint of the sacred names or any change in the Sabbath issue with him at this point yet either, where I can only assume that his spiritual strength has been compromised during his stay, otherwise he would have been pricked to the heart to learn of these things while in there as some of us were.  

Nonetheless we certainly must not give up on him, but pray for his soul that he has not been taken completely into the realm of "fearing the gods of this world", as to why we are not seeing the more accurately refined man that we had hoped he would re-emerge as.

Yes, pray for our old friend Kent with me please.