Debating the professional evolutionists:

Debate #6  Winona State
Does biology support creation or evolution?
Mr. Hovind has an easy job of causing "animal behavior specialist" Dr. Robyn Richardson to be a little uneasy in her views while trying to defend aspects of some animal issues she was unaware of. 

Debate #8  Wayne State University, Detroit
Dr. Hovind goes against Professor William Moore (thankfully no relation).  
(Keep in mind that Dr. Moore has received well over a million dollars in grants to study [and therefore promote] evolution.  He has plenty of reasons to deny the Creation side of this issue. (In fact he's now got over a million reasons to deny creationism, to be more precise).

Debate #11 - 
Does Anthropology Support Creation or Evolution?
Dr. Hovind helps to educate Professor Hartman (who is also a devout Catholic).