College level 201

Level 201, class 1
Introduction: Bible literally true; introduction to new class with his testimony and quaint background; If the Bible wasn't truthful it wouldn't be a "good" book; Scofield Bible has problems; Hovind's family, "America's funniest videos" clip of daughter's wedding; changing people's world-view; "You can prove the existence of God by the impossibility of the contrary"; Four great questions every religion tries to answer; Sir Arthur Keith and the law of Christ is incompatible with the law of evolution; Bible versions, Mormonism; Kenneth Copeland; Kenneth Hagan: "We are Christ".

Level 201, class 2
Continuation of Kenneth Hagan's claim that "we are Christs"; When did Lucifer fall?; evolution/Hitler stories; good explanation on Father's "hardening of hearts"; capitol punishment; 3 kinds of lies and the "real $20 bill lie"; drinking and the Bible; raise your hand when they start using religion in their explanation of evolution; sorry, short video glitches right after mid-point break lasting only twenty seconds or so, its not your unit; the use of the strawman word "person" and how they ruled on abortion; time/space/matter discussions; star formation requirements; defining "evolution"; species vs. kinds.

Level 201, class 3
Matter and the laws of thermodynamics; humanist manifestos; debating atheists; everything in existence due to God's single spoken sentence; "Big Bang" fairy tales; time/space/matter revisited; a study of sizes and proportions of super small (atoms, molecules) and super large (galaxies, universes); where did morals come from with evolution?; being "nice" to evolutionists and atheists; spinning bodies in the universe; evolution is a religion and has nothing to do with science; Scientists know that the big bang theory does not work but they refuse to let go of it having nothing to "replace it with"; Why isn't the universe's matter evenly distributed?; Children told they come from animals they then act like animals; Satan's New World Order plans of destruction.

Level 201, class 4
Are there any absolutes?; standards; Teaching Evolution in the schools; Jury nullification; the Butler Act; the Scopes Trial; ACLU & Communism; Space race, Nuclear threat of the cold war; Madeline Marie O'hare and prayer in the schools; abstinence; unwed mother pregnancies; abortion; drugs and alcohol; The Pink Swastica on Hitler and his homosexual circles; Columbine shooting; ridalin, anti-depressants and the money that funds it in the schools; gun control; providing protection for your family; dropping high school SAT score levels; frog turns to prince fairy tale; time the magic ingredient.

Level 201, class 5
Americans generally by statistics don't believe the evolution story as we are told we do; geocentric vs. heliocentric; pendulum experiments; God "stretched out the heavens"; blood-letting; Dr. Hovind speaks of George Washington's Masonic history but does not know what we know on this today; age limiting factors; the Trinity; Jehovah Witnesses and their tiny passage changes; death before sin with evolution; evolution is a religion of death; geneologies; age of the earth; Who did Adam's sons marry?; various Bibles/preachers and their errors on the age of the earth.

Level 201, class 6
Age of the earth; world population; Thomas Malthus; World enslavement "perverts" will all answer to God on judgment day; The curse of Adam and Eve; natural cures through the nerves of the body; Bill Clinton on depopulation OR... reduce every person to peasantry; evil methods for depopulation; GMO's and other food issues for human depopulation; chemtrails; vaccines "s gigantic hoax"; autism, etc; God wants to fill the earth, satan wants to empty it; Polio vaccines; Georgia guidestones, evils of Freemasonry; Ten Commandments of the New World Order; population "bottleneck" theory of the humanists; Galactic spiral arms; Golden mean ratio / Fibbernachi numbers; only 9,000 years-worth of stars dying today?; Jupiter is cooling off; the moon and the spin of the earth; comets lose mass with a life expectancy of less than 10,000 years;  

Level 201, class 7
Evolution and creation have every detail as to which came first almost always as opposites; take time to think, to meditate on the heavens; music can be used to change your entire thinking constructs; examples in world personalities on how insignificant we really are as humans in contrast to God; the "Oh wow!" effect; earth's magnetic field losing strength; Pangea continent issues; earth's spin slowing; desertification; geological oil pressures; ice layer rings and the abandoned P-38 fighter planes. 

Level 201, class 8
This particular tape had some minor audio problems, sorry.
The geological column, ice layers, etc; petrified trees, spirit lake; petrified teddy bear; liquifaction; Mississippi river sediments; tree growth rings; coral reefs; Niagra falls; Charles Lyle; ocean salt content; stalagtites; acids and limestones.

Level 201, class 9
Sections of the brain, human knowledge, declining education; calendars; capitol punishment;   calendar adjustment to remove the people's understanding of the coming of Christ; I somewhat disagree with Kent that times will get seriously tough on the Christians as if a great tribulation is yet to come, as although I believe that yes, there may yet be hard times to come for us before this is all over, the great tribulation is about to end not start as we are told to lift our heads high as our redemption draweth nigh, the cutting short of those days for the elect, etc.; people who believe in creation don't make very good slaves; 501c3 church code explanation; marriage license; right to travel comes from God; What was it like before the flood came?; God spoke and everything came into existence; Bible versions; Scofield lies about the gap theory in Genesis: the "ruin/restoration" theory; Jeremiah and destruction coming; when did lucifer fall? 

Level 201, class 10   (Dec 1st, 2005)
Garden of Eden: did satan fall before the earth was formed?; day vs. age arguments: Gap theory: Genesis chapter 1 is technically one big long sentence; the "day/age" theory; corrupt Bibles; David and Goliath; being "nice" does not trump truth; translating the Hebrew word "yom"; comparing Bible version passages with his studio audience as readers; definition of heresy in websters 1828 dictionary; What does the Bible mean by the word "firmament"?; the water canopy issue; earth's atmospheric layers and conditions; meisner effect & ice above the earth; sub-zero ice properties.

This is the end of the videos that are available for the college courses, as Kent was kidnapped and taken away shortly after this last recording and has been a martyr since that time.

Update: For those not yet aware, Kent Hovind was released from prison!