College level 104

Level 104, class 1
The Hovind Theory: The Ice age; glacier scratches; 300-ft trees in Alaska; frozen wooly mammoths; gravity and the inverse square law; earth's tilt; moon's irregularities; temperatures in space; magnetic field has fallen by 6%; flood era Bible geneologies and Peleg when the earth was divided.

Level 104, class 2
The Hovind Theory: Ice comet hits the earth; super-cold ice rains down at north and south poles causing the earth to wobble and creating what we call the ice age but was part of what initiated the flood.  Glacial "Scratches, Earth's water levels; Fossils, petrified closed clams, diatomacious earth, chalk deposits.

Level 104, class 3
The Hovind Theory: Fossil graveyard; dinosaur footprints; petrified items; circular dating; liquifaction; biblical account of the mechanics of the flood; miniature erosion examples; "bent" rock layers.

Level 104, class 4
The Hovind Theory: Continental shelf anomalies; water levels; icebergs; canyons formed under ocean; earthquake damages; Mt.St. Helens damages & results; petrified trees; coal deposits; man-made items found in coal.

Level 104, class 5
The Hovind Theory: Sedimentary rock layers; Noah's ark topics regarding the waters going back down; life spans shortened after Peleg; water levels; post-flood characteristics of man; glacier activity; longevity issues; lands divided; fossilized creatures buried very fast and in terror.
Question and answer (begins at part 2): "Don't all scientists believe in evolution?"; "What about separation of church and state? Can creation or the Bible be discussed in public schools?"

Level 104, class 6
Question and answer: "What about separation of church and state? Can creation or the Bible be discussed in public schools? (continued)" [WARNING: just as many of us were unaware when these were recorded, Dr. Hovind did not know about David Barton and the Constitution fraud that has been perpetuated on us, and he here briefly mentions Barton in a positive sense. For some of the truth about Barton see this page]; "If the earth is only six thousand years old, how do we see stars billions of light years away?"; "What about the Red Shift of Cepheid variables?".

Level 104, class 7
Question and answer: "Why did God use a flood and not just have all the bad people die?"; "Is the sun shrinking?"; "What about carbon dating?" (C-14 equilibrium = 30,000 years max) helium accumulations; "Have fresh dinosaur bones been found?".

Level 104, class 8
Question and answer: "Do they ever find any fresh dinosaur bones that are not fossilized?"; If there was really a flood, where are all the human bones?"; "Where did Noah get the pitch?  Isn't it from post-flood oil?; "Was ancient man primitive?"; "What about the Great Pyramid?"; "Was the earth ever a hot molten mass?"; "What about global warming?"; "Doesn't the Green River Formation prove the earth is millions of years old?"; "What about the Mars rock?"; "What about theistic evolution?"; "Didn't the Pope accept evolution?"; (Pope John Paul II was a Zyclon B (cyanide) salesman for I.G. Farben in WW II); ("Vatican" means "divining serpent"); "Are there contradictions in the Bible?"; "How many horses did Solomon have?"; "Isn't 'Easter' an error in Acts 12:4?  Shouldn't pascha be "passover"?; "Language contradictions"; "How many died in the plague?"; Bible manuscript history brief.

Level 104, class 9
Question and answer: "If God made the sun on day 4, how do you know what day is the fifth, etc?"; "Mr. Flat and Mrs Flat"; "What about the races?" a very interesting brief look at the theories and geneologies that began the different races and languages; mitochondrial DNA; "What about cloning?"; "If God made a perfect world, why are there poisonous snakes?"; "What about the Ark of the Covenant?"; Ron Wyatt's interesting background and how the Ark disappeared in Jeremiah's time and the possible discovery of it (see amazing and inspiring archaeological video of this here); "What about bigfoot?"; "Who were the Nephilim of Genesis chapter 6?" [We disagree with Kent (and his mention of Chuck Missler especially) that the nephilim were "half angels and half man" as he says is possible here, etc, as we believe that angels and men are two different "kinds" and cannot "bring forth" (something I am surprised he doesn't think of here). The term Nephilim in the Hebrew has many other meanings other than the modern-day physical interpretations, where even the contemporary Strong's dictionary defines it as "a feller, a bully or tyrant" see "metonymy" study here]. 

Level 104, class 10
Question and answer: "What about Bible codes?"; [Again Dr. Hovind would not have known why back then but we disagree with much of Chuck Missler's work. He is a member of the CNP along with many other globalist false preachers:  A good breakdown of that group and who some of its famous members are is here; Missler is good at gaining the attention of those folks who think in the general ways that Missler does, just as Benny Hinn is good at pulling the wool over the eyes of those who walk in those types of circles. Successful false prophets use a lot of truth to gain the trust of their following, steering them loyally into the dead end alleys only once they have been "conditioned".); "What about UFO's?"; How Long were Adam and Eve in the garden before they sinned?"; "Where is the garden of Eden?"; "What about the mark of the beast?"; implantable chips, H.A.A.R.P.; "What about the shroud of Turin?"; "Do you have a Ph.D.?"; "Who wrote the book of Genesis?"; "What are symbiosis relationships?"; "Why don't we have giant insects today?"; "Is the sun shrinking?"; "What about the Red Sea Crossing? Why don't they find any evidence of the entire Egyptian army drowning?"; "What is the unicorn?"; "Don't wisdom teeth prove evolution?"; "What about the Sabbath?" Are Christians suppose to honor the Sabbath? [Poor Dr. Hovind here is missing a big boat.  He claims that because he does not consider himself one of the "children of Israel", that he is no obligated to keep the Sabbath. And just as ourselves here at the ministry, many of you also know that we are all children of Israel if we love the Messiah and are Father's children. Kent said it himself in the very last class that all races are grafted in.   He does not understand the basics that we now know about the reverence of this day.  A tragic way to end his series--denying the Father any real honor regarding His Sabbath, thereby showing himself to be a man who only follows 9 Commandments at best.  How sad.  Yet perhaps why he is where he is today, to learn this respect.  My prayers are with him as a brother.]