College level 103

Level 103, class 1
Lies in the textbooks (continued): DNA molecule, genetic gains and losses, chromosomes, its not a case of missing links as the whole chain is missing.

Level 103, class 2
Lies in the textbooks: Varieties of horses shows glaring evidence that does not agree with the so-called fossil record.  faked fossils, archaeopteryx; makeup of scales and feathers; famous evolutionists and their quotes against evolution.

Level 103, class 3
Lies in the textbooks:  Teaching creation in the schools.  Scopes monkey trials; helps for teachers to get creation material into schools libraries; [Please note that BCMIN does not encourage or support the ACLJ as is supported here; and it is likely that Dr. Hovind has changed positions on them as well since this recording.]

Level 103, class 4
Dangers of evolution:  The issues connected to tyranny, corrupt governments, the New World Order, etc.; Masonry teaches that Lucifer is the good god and YHWH is the bad god; "Doubt, deny, then deify"; numerous moral and social issues.

Level 103, class 5
This particular session had audio issues in the beginning.  It is not your unit.
Dangers of Evolution:  Humanism/Communism/Karl Marx.  Racism/slavery.

Level 103, class 6
Dangers of evolution:  Taxes & the IRS, how it is tied into communism; How the fiat money system came to be in America; "We the People"/Constitutional/strawman issues [although Dr. Hovind has the elementary portions of this scheme correctly, he is not yet aware of the greater depths of these issues at the time of this recording that we then explain in higher detail, yet I would assume he is up to speed by this date]; birth certificates as bonds; corporate UNITES STATES; Wizard of Oz; Details of how the marriage license gives great powers to the state over your family issues; good strawman story; Oklahmona City bombing truths.

Level 103, class 7
Dangers of evolution:  Kent agrees that the "can't buy or sell without the mark" scenario will come "choking us gradually" and not in one quick forceful stroke as we believe here; The planks of Marx's communist manifesto; America's early goal: raise good Christians (protestant work ethic); (remember that Dr. Hovind was unware of the Masonic background of the founding fathers; see video here); YHWH's Old Testament Law system endorsed; Rockefeller monopolies; gun control; 

Level 103, class 8
Dangers of evolution: Economic-funded wars: Hitler, Mussilini; racism in immigration of the Jews; Evils of the Talmud; WWII facts; evolution is the philosophy of the New World Order; the evils of church incorporation; worldwide surveilance; social security number and the mark of the beast: you won't be forced to accept a number by guns, but by hunger; [Again Kent sill hadn't heard about he deeper Constitutional issues at this time]; Protocols of the learned elders of Zion; Waco, OKC bombing, etc.

Level 103, class 9
This particular session had slight audio issues in the beginning.  It is not your unit.
Dangers of evolution: Satan's New World Order: Executive orders; FEMA;U.N, World Council on Churches; CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc.; "Lucifer is god" in Masonry; (Billy Graham was a 33rd degree Freemason and knew it by the way, can't get to 33rd without knowing the deep parts); baphomet; satanism; @31 min: difference between tribulation and wrath; men of understanding; the wickedness of television; Story: "Its all gonna burn anyway".

Level 103, class 10
The Hovind Theory:  Dr. Hovind's account of what happened to the earth during the flood.  Canopy theory; The intimate family losses for Noah; Continental drift/Pangea; the magnetic reversal lie; is the sea floor spreading?; magnetic field weakening leaving age limit of earth at 25,000 years; fountains of the deep/Walt Brown; earthquakes; sediment on seabed.