College level 102

college level 102 series:
level 101, class 1:
"Neanderthal man"; "Lucy"; "Stone age"; Huge insects. plants, animals. 

level 102, class 2:

level 102, class 3:
How Dinosaurs fit into the Bible

level 102, class 4:
Dinosaurs: "Igaunadon" (first discovered dinosaur); public schools, constitution; Catholic Bible dragons, ancient dragon legends; Ica stones; Ancient sea monster stories

level 102, class 5:
Dinosaurs; Springs in the sea; Caves, etc.

level 102, class 6:
Dinosaurs: Living dinosaurs.  The stories of Loch Ness and many others like it.

level 102, class 7:
2 people see same thing and come too two different conclusions: Grand Canyon, the supposed geologic column,

level 102, class 8:
Lies in the textbooks:  Charles Lyle: The fixidity of the species. Evolution is a religion, species vs. kinds and those that can bring forth or reproduce with their kinds

level 102, class 9:
Lies in the textbooks:  Jump frog jump!  The peppered moth hoax, propaganda in the school books, homology, embryology and abortion. The columbine shooting (there is more to the Columbine story than Dr. Hovind knew here. The two boys had been sodomized by corrupt sheriffs months before the shooting and the shooting was staged to allow the boys [who were beginnning to tell the truth] to do what they  did, so they could be "taken out" and cover the sodomy crime up.  For evidence see our previous show archives with our interviews of some of the parents of that shooting.) The Nazi Holocaust, Higher law than German law or American Law is God's Law; Eugenics.

level 102, class 10:
Lies in the textbooks: Mein Kampf (is now known to have been ghost-written by a Jesuit for Hitler).  Vestigal organs, Irreducible cmplexity (for much more detail on this "evolution stopper" by Michael J. Behe, see the video "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" here).  Miller experiment, amino acids & proteins.  Man's brain vs. the Cray computer.