College level 101

high school/college, introductory level 101 series:

level 101, class 1:
NOTE: This is the first time Kent had ever done one of these study courses and so the first class just below is more of an introduction and explanatory class in the first half or so (and perhaps therefore a little slow going at the outset), but it helps to see how they started this great series so that once he gets up the real head of steam that you will see in later classes, you will better understand more of why he presents things as he does.
Age of the earth: 

level 101, class 2:
Age of the earth: 

level 101, class 3:
Age of the earth: 

level 101, class 4:
Age of the earth: 

level 101, class 5:

level 101, class 6:

level 101, class 7:

level 101, class 8:
We disagree with three points in this particular class:  Some moon landing facts, the baptism viewpoint, and his thoughts/less-serious view of some Sabbath details.  
For moon landing issue see this video:
 and many other more detailed documentaries that clearly show that the landing of man on the moon was as big a hoax as the evolution hoax, and Dr. Hovind would not have known this part of the "strong delusion" (ref. II Thessalonians 2:8-12) back when these earlier classes of his were recorded.

level 101, class 9:

level 101, class 10:  
Giants; the globalists destroy creation evidence; made in God's image; (I like the quick but different way he explains salvation at the end by the way as well.  -dwaine)