Kent Hovind Creation Seminar

New page with our observations and comments on Kent Hovind's "changes/new positions" since his release last September are posted on this new special page:

UPDATED Creation vs. Evolution evidence Page!
We've completed loading the college course videos that Dr. Hovind did, yet are also adding many other creation videos on other pages in the video section by many other well known and upcoming experts that will show you how to approach all of the various pretend arguments of those who practice the religion of evolution!

We invite especially the law-minded, the persecuted, and the oppressed to watch this special 5-minute introduction to Dr. Hovind's deeper rabbit hole material and notice how this "religion" of evolution had been an absolute must for the elite to keep the world perpetually believing in, in order that they might then succeed in pulling the wool over our eyes in so many other ways.   If this clip then grabs your interest, and if you have already seen the "Creation Series" videos which have been on our site for quite some time over the years, you might want to now advance into the rare but increasingly graduated college level videos listed further below, which get more advanced and technically fascinating as you work your way up the levels.

We will also be covering a lot of the material from these classes on our daily conference lines for a good while coming up as well for those who have questions, ideas, comments, etc.  Write down your thoughts and save 'em up for the calls!

5-minute Introductory: "Come Out From Among Them" ‎‎‎‎(YouTube Version)‎‎‎‎

For those unable to open/play/copy the above version, this is the "Google docs" version (slightly less quality): 

Keep in mind that our ministry and Dr. Hovind's are not in exact perfect harmony in all that he and I believe, yet we are singing the same song and we have been in touch with him and his family over the years and strongly support the amazing amount of work he has done trying to increase the intelligence of mankind's inferior race, the Neanderthal Darwinites.

Evolution is man's handiwork and is endlessly problematic.
Creation is YHWH's handiwork and is flawless.

That's because its either: "In the beginning God..."
"In the beginning your imagination..." 
(Meaning that you claim to be the god of determining that.)

"Its only the evolutionists that have not yet evolved into intelligent beings."

How you see this therefore is based on how willing you are to relinquish your OWN imagined godhood to the real God.  -dwaine

Choose from Dr. Hovind's...
  • Creation Series 1-7 (beginners course)
  • any of the college level pages,
  • the debates page
  • misc creation-related aids (diagrams, charts, notes that outline the college courses, etc)

Another nice 'Hovind-style' dinosaur video is here: "The Secret History of Dinosaurs"

See also, my all-time favorite Creation v. Evolution film, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life"

Some of our top picks from the various above pages:

level 101, class 3:
This one is suggested as it contains some history of the way the laws progressed for our nation's schools regarding the teaching of Creation and evolution that most of us were never told.  It is especially very helpful for parents.

101 - 3

level 101, class 9:  
Explains Kent's specific theory of the water canopy over the earth and how this canopy had protected all life on earth in amazing ways before the flood of Noah, and was the reason for man's greater life expectancy, larger plant and animal remains, etc.

101 - 9

Debating the evolutionists:

Debate #6  Winona State
Does biology support creation or evolution?
Mr. Hovind has an easy job of causing "animal behavior specialist" Dr. Robyn Richardson to be a little uneasy in her views while trying to defend aspects of some animal issues she was unaware of. 

debate #6

"How did the theory of evolution begin?  It was born of the 'creation' of someone's mind."    -dwaine 12-24-2002

Evolution:  "The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything, and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs."     -makes perfect sense, agreed?    -author unknown

Kent Hovind and John D'arcy
Redeeming Your Strawman
Although this video was shot many years ago before a lot was known about the real illusion of the satanic system of the strawman, it might be good for some to see the way the strawman fraud was being viewed and progressing in the freedom groups before the deeper layers were discovered more recently, such as the fact that the Constitution itself is corrupt and unbiblical, the founding fathers were the Masonic cause of that, etc.
Here's a basic list of the aspects that Dr. Hovind and John D'arcy were not yet aware of when they recorded this:
  • John D'arcy still believes in a secret snatch-away rapture in this video (Kent does not by the way).
  • The founding fathers have now been discovered to be seriously driven by satanic/Freemason influences (see "Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers" here) and were likely working directly for the 1700's-era global elite to get our puritan Biblical documents overthrown, where by its exceptionally clever wording our Constitution was then written to be almost literally "disposable" once reaching the point of dumbed-down enslavement that we are now in, where we now see through their smoke and mirros and have come to understand just how completely unbiblical and idolatrous that Constitution really is in light of Scriptural definitives, "legally" replacing YHWH with "We the People" as the "Supreme Lawgiver" or "gods" of our now pagan "legal" system.
  • We do not suggest the "redemption" solution that they encourage here for those looking to be seen by the Messiah as a biblical purist, due largely to the above facts on the Constitution that leave us not directly under the Messiah as "Creator" over our ecclesia, but yet under the "We the People" gods of this tragically deceptive system that is clearly now being identified as the beast of the Book of Revelation.
Please remember that this was filmed a long time back, before some of the even deeper layers were discovered.  This video is otherwise another way to see some of the explanations of how the elite technically have satan's chains on us in a deceptive "covenant" with the beast system.

For those yet unfamiliar:
In many more serious biblical circles recently as is ours, it is our contention that your "strawman" in our  time's newly-emerging truth about this New World Order matrix, is essentially satan's way of trying to permanently steal you away from the Father's kingdom via your own permissions and acquiescence through their many ("unlawful" due to the deception of it all, but thereby deemed "legal" from a luciferian point of view) unbiblical contracts.  Once finding out that the U.S. Constitution was also worded in such deceit to be fully corrupt in like fashion to then be the wicked platform for this in our nation, it was then easy to see that the entire beast system was so unbiblical that perhaps the strawman "fiction" was not even a fiction after all, but was even the outward physical "delusion" that was spoken of as punishment for "they that had not a love of the truth that they might be saved" in 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12.  Some take these unbiblical contracts very seriously and do not want any part of these strawman agreements, due to reasons of them all being born not of righteousness, but of theft, violence, dishonesty, etc, finding that it is also the exact satanic enslavement system that we are not to be deceived by, and the societal system which is referred to in many places in Scripture as "the beast" (both the first beast [Rome; the papacy] and also the second beast [the U.N. the industrial military complex, global poltical machinery) that "enforces the worship of the first beast" [see Revelation 13:1-12] combined as one major societal system opposite YHWH's, which then constitutes justification to "come out from among" the entire system).

If you are new to this presently emerging "illusion" that they have been pulling over our eyes, try this five-minute animation called "Meet Your Strawman" which is very good for beginners:
For a deeper understanding of how they had put this foreign "admiralty" court system into place, see our short videos "Revealing 'the Crown' of the Beast" and "Understanding who 'Owns' America" (preferably in that order) and the trail that is suggested from those pages.  May the Father bless us and help us get this truth out there, Amen?