Going Quietly On Ahead

Going Quietly On Ahead

Going Quietly On Ahead
(3 minutes)

Did Jeremiah have a huge following?  How about Isaiah or Ezekiel?  No, most folks were fearfully following the High Priests, scribes and Pharisees of their day, were they not?  How about Paul in his time?  Did he have a massive following when he felt that he had "fought a good fight" in II Timothy 4 ?  No, as most folks during this time were keeping their distance (see verses 10-16), trembling to think what would happen should they be found by Caesar in even remotely distancing themselves from the status quo to be part of Paul's ecclesia or his teachings.

Did these devoted men of faith die in vain then?

How about in our time?  Will the torch be snuffed out on us, seeing that there are so many that are without faith in YHWH, themselves being terrified of the slightest disconnect with their government gods?   ...or will the light of today's purists go on just as it did after the other "lone voices crying in the wilderness" were gone, where a mass slaughter almost always had to take place before each generation would seriously wake up?  

As time slips away from such "fanatical" men in each generation, and just as Paul in II Timothy 4, where they begin to fade in their ability to pass on their loving word of warning, and their tiny and perhaps distant lukewarm flocks yet lie uncommitted out of fear or indecision...    and even as these more devoted shepherds cry out with their last and greatest breath to their sheep to stand in pure loyalty to YHWH ...    can we not think of Moses when he said, "Who is on YHWH's side ? Let him come unto me."  Yet many were slain at the foot of Mt. Sinai that day as well, the punished being the ones hopelessly grasping at their golden calf and the security it gave them.  And again, even just several hundred years ago, another group of men tried to awaken the consensus based, fearful masses of the world, blazing a trail to a whole new continent of liberty under Scriptural promises, themselves having to become a similar mournful witness to the many families that due to fear, could not step out in such faith , and who therefore sadly remained in their gloomy European cathedrals dutifully counting rosary beads, many carrying on their family tradition of fear rather than hoist up a new banner of faith in the Almighty for their posterity, even unto this day.   

"Without faith it is impossible to please Him."  - Hebrews 11:6    
                        (Please note the word "impossible".)

Today's High Priests scribes and Pharisees have multitudes following them in their various "Caesar membership" compromises just as in days of old, as they continue to pinch incense unto Caesar in a huge variety of ways, bowing down to their "other lover" and his many covenants of devotion, fearing that if they should step away, they might lose their 'mark' of citizenship in a kingdom that routinely provides them their daily bread and red pottage.  These terrified people are the millions now that are making up the growing sea of roaring voices of mockery against those who, not unlike Paul in having refused to stand in line with them for Caesar's blessings, had to exit this evil world with nary a supporter at his side. 

Those who trust in the world hate those that preach a purity that's separate from that world, arguing with and even ridiculing such men till the day they are gone from among them.  Tragically, its the more jovial, happy-go-lucky, compromising preachers that the swarms of professing believers will smilingly pat on the back and defend as their most trusted friends, remarkably also as those of Paul's day in that same chapter of II Timothy chapter 4 who sought preachers that would tickle their ears, thereby only further amplifying Father's wrath upon our nation and prolonging the tyranny that, even as we speak, is slowly taking away the very lives and souls of our also still entranced loved ones. 

There is little that we can do therefore, as we watch the world defend and praise it's countless compromising preachers as these Caesar-covenanted shepherds further coerce these hearts we love into fading ever and ever downward into the oblivion of an eternally unforgiving lake of fire.   

Unlike such split-loyalty preachers and high priests of today, Moses stood in purity that day at the base of the mount, trying to appeal to everyone's greater sense of respect for Father's might, power, and providence, hoping to pull their already burning souls out of their self-made fire and thereby save them from the wrath that would have otherwise surely waxed hot against them, and would have certainly consumed them (ref Exodus 32:10).

And not unlike most of you in concern for your own unconverted loved ones, many of my own loved ones are still in danger because they think that consensus with the numbers is the answer in choosing direction in their lives.  They therefore follow the world that still stands nonchalantly defending their modern-day golden calf system and its preachers, both preacher and sheep often being full-fledged card-carrying members of what today might be called Caesar's "High priests, scribes, and Pharisees club".

But all in all, and no matter how much they may seem ignored now, thoughts of reform based on YHWH's truth don't vanish away in the smoke with those that leave this wretched earth, so long as one soul then later ponders that thought and then fans that ember to flaming brightness again.

Brethren, Come out from among them before the window of Father's opportunity shuts on mankind.  Step away from the world's 'golden calf/beast' whore and stand as a faithful ambassador, awaiting the Savior with a clear conscience, while it is still lawful to do so, trustingly tarrying in your commission with your lamps trimmed and filled with the oil of purity, where hosts of chariots from on high will then carry us away to a joyous life eternal!

My dear fiends, love Him and embrace all of Him, including what you know He has awaiting those that love Him in His kingdom come, seeking His purity with all your hearts,


Pass the torch on.

I would also like to thank our good friend Sandra Hall for this wonderful song that she custom made at my request for this video and the inspiration that her amazing talent blesses us with!  A word of thanks also goes out to Sandra's friend Corina Taylor who sang accompanying female vocals along with her, as all three parts (my own included) made for a most unique blend of old and new.