The Bible Answer Guy

Another section of helps for those who like the "quick sound-bite" answers.  These would be good for passing gentle messages (the Bible does the hard part this way, not you) on to those we love who are not aware of certain parts of Scripture they might be going against, where these would be easy to share as well.  We hope to expand this with many more topics as quickly as we can.   

Let us know what you think, and perhaps what subjects or questions you'd like us to address next!  E-mail us your thoughts and suggestions for "The Bible Answer Guy" at


"Is the Bible really the way YHWH wants us to learn about Him?"

We 'd like to suggest that you begin with this one and then go to any of the others you want below....

General questions:
"Does the Bible say that long hair is okay on a guy?"

"Are tattoos and body piercings permitted by the Bible?"

"Is it wrong to judge others?"

"What does the Bible actually say about homosexuality?"

"Isn't it better to just go by what the majority says?"

"Isn't it unbiblical for preachers to correct people?"

"Do we still have to keep ALL of the commandments, even the one about resting on the Sabbath?"

"Didn't Yeshua come to remove the Law and old prophetic warnings of repentance and obedience?"

"Can you both have the Holy Spirit and still live like you lived before you were saved?"

 "Is it okay for women to take positions as pastors and teachers?"

"What does the Bible say about witches and contacting spirits, etc?"

End Times related:
"Who are the 'Two Witnesses' of Revelation 11:3?"

"Will God understand that I can't preach His Word (or any truth) because I'm afraid lately?"

'Is the fire that's sent upon man in the end times...    real fire?"

"Is it okay to store up supplies and money for the fearful times to come?"

"Would God REALLY withdraw His Spirit from the lukewarm?"