Donna's Study Calls

"Rediscovering the Commandments"

Our very good friend Donna wanted to host such a call, and we thank her for her diligence in being a gracious host for such an important set of classes, where the commandments of the Father are here being re-established for us today in ways that the modern beast church system does not want you to know about (and has had hidden for decades if not for centuries in some ways), as they fear these truths, knowing that you and I would be greatly blessed in overcoming their evil ways once knowing the deeper parts of these wonderful laws of YHWH's kingdom.

At the time of this posting, these classes are still in progress for those who would like to join-in.  Although the commandment classes ended last week (and ther remainder of the archives are hoped to be posted soon for those), Donna promises a call on truth evidences and science related issues beginning again on 2-4-2017.   There will also be great helps on wholesome heath and diet issues.

All calls are hosted by Donna on her conference line every pagan s_turday at 4:00 pm eastern, 3:00 Central, 2:00 Mountain, and 1:00 Pacific. Donna welcomes all serious believers who want to hear how to better see the evidences for the truth of the Bible!
Simply dial 712-432-3100 then the six digit code 411050 when prompted.  The audio archives of the most recent calls are below, which can either be streamed or downloaded:

Week #1 Introduction and the seal of YHWH's authority

Week #2   4th Commandment  -The Sabbath and Calendar  Pt1

Week #3   4th Commandment   -The Sabbath and Calendar Pt2

Week #4   4th Commandment  -The Sabbath and Calendar  Pt3 (there were issues with the sound on this recording, where this one may need turned up a bit to better hear it, sorry)

Week #5   4th Commandment  -The Sabbath and Calendar  Pt4

Week #6   4th Commandment  -Review and Q & A

Week #7   1st Commandment  -No other gods

Week #8   2nd Commandment  -Graven images

Week #9   2nd Commandment  -A jealous God

Week #10   3rd Commandment  -Name in Vain

Week #11   5th Commandment  -Honor father and mother

Week #12   6th Commandment  -Thou shalt not kill

Week #13   7th Commandment  -Thou shalt not commit adultery

     to come soon, sorry!

Week #14   8th Commandment  -Thou shalt not steal

More to follow!