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Photos related to recent (live) studies:

New Audio archive section

 (listed in chronological order under numerical pagan dates):

Special message of 2018-4-25:

PDF sheet of the Bible verses we used in the above study:

Special message of 2018-4-16:

Special message of 2018-28-3 with guest star:

"Exposing the GOSPEL of GLAMOUR"  58.4 minutes; 79.8 MB

Special message of 2017-12-3:

"Procrastination Unto Damnation"  20.7 minutes; 28.6 MB

Special message of 2017-12-1:

"Fear in Bondage"  20.4 minutes; 28.4 MB

Wimpy preacher message:

Special guest spot message that we thought some of you might find helpful as well:

"the Crash Course for Beginners"   96.7 minutes; 132.9 MB

Day of Atonement message:

"Day of Atonement vs. Halloween"  68.1 minutes; 93.7 MB

Street Ministry message of 2017-9-24:

Special message of 2017-9-13:

Short powerpunch message of 2017-9-10:

"Good and Evil"   7 minutes; 9.7 MB

Special message of 2017-8-30:

"Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down"  58.1 minutes; 79.9 MB

Special message of 2017-8-21:

"Where Does Love Come From" Pt. 1 (extended version)  103.7 minutes; 141.6 MB

Short powerpunch message of 2017-8-12:

"Who is more loving...?"   9.5 minutes; 13.2 MB  

Video version also available here:

Special message of 2017-8-14:

"Today's Thieves on the Cross"  98.4 minutes; 135.5 MB

Special message of 2017-8-07:

"A Bill of Divorcement"  97.8 minutes; 134.4 MB

Special message of 2017-8-05:

"Self-Judging"  36.6 minutes; 50.8 MB

Special message of 2017-8-01:

"Into His Ark, Into His Arms"  40.5 minutes; 55.8 MB

Special message of 2017-7-23:

Special message of 2017-7-16:

"CONVICTION"  30.9 minutes; 42.5 MB

Special message:

"The Hidden Circumsision Ritual"  18.2 minutes; 25.5 MB

Special message:

"Born Again":

MP3 audio version of "Born Again"  15 minutes; 21.2 MB

WMV video version of "Born Again"  (also downloadable) 15 minutes;  31.1 MB

Special message:

"The Comin Sun Tzu"  26 minutes;  35 MB

New Special Series (this is Preacher's last series)

 "The Sky Is Blue" pt 1  42 minutes;  58 MB

 "The Sky Is Blue" pt 2  26 minutes;  35 MB

 "The Sky Is Blue" pt 3"  48 minutes;  65.4 MB

 "The Sky Is Blue" pt 4"  80 minutes;  109.5 MB

Interlude (recommended before hearing part 5):

 14-minute audio as part 1 of interlude:

47 minute video as part 2 of interlude:

"The Sky Is Blue" pt 5"  72.2 minutes;  99.4 MB

"The Sky Is Blue" pt 6"  68.5 minutes;  93.8 MB

New Special Series :

 "Father's training wheels" pt 1  7 minutes;  10 MB

 "Father's training wheels" pt 2  42 minutes;  56 MB

Bible Study : 

 "Feasts and Father's first month"  48 minutes;  65.1 MB

Bible Study : 

 "Moses comes out from among them -pt2"  45 minutes;  61.5 MB

Bible Study : 

 "Jeremiah Chapter 30 pt 2"  56 minutes;  76.6 MB

Bible Study : 

 "Jeremiah Chapter 30 pt 1"  40 minutes;  54.3 MB

Bible Study : 

 "Order out of Chaos"  59 minutes;  80.7 MB

Bible Study : 

 "The Good Samaritan"  49 minutes;  66.7 MB

Bible Study 2017-1-06

 "Names, Powers, and Authorities"  38 minutes;  52 MB

Bible Study 2016-12-07

 "Under a Pile of Dirt"  59 minutes;  80.3 MB

Bible Study 2016-11-15

 "Sold Into Slavery ... but by who?"  80 minutes;  108.9 MB

Special Snippet message 2016-11-14

Bible Study 2016-11-8

 "The Maturity of True Repentance"  43 minutes; 60.1 MB

Bible Study 2016-10-30

 "In the Body of Christ"  61 minutes; 84 MB

Special Sabbath "family" Message from 10-23-2016: 

 "Yea, hath God said?"  60 minutes; 81.2 MB

Special Snippet Message: 

 True Faith vs. False Faith  11 minutes; 15.3 MB

Bible Study 2016-10-16:            
"Everything's Going As Planned"   54 minutes; 73.6 MB

Special Frequently Asked Question Message: 

Bible Study 2016-10-9:            
"Friends & Enemies"   51 minutes; 25.6 MB

Bible Study 2016-9-30:            

Special Guest Show of 2016-9-26:            
With our special guest Donna of the family Bendiksen   119 minutes; 45.7 MB

Bible Study 2016-9-23:            
"My People, Go Ye Out From Her"  117 minutes; 43.7 MB

Bible Study 2016-9-16:            

We have a special audio that we put together for the subject of "A Government Built on Love". This is going to be a very important topic in upcoming months, so please pass the link around to all who yes, suddenly see that we really do need a "Government Built on Love". Thank You my brethren!

NOTE for those who have had these links saved on your devices:   We have had to make some changes for the better and the 4 URL's below have changed.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to the popularity of this series its an improvement that will surely be worth it in the long run. Thanks for understanding!

for the actual link to the above message:

for the actual link to the above message:

for the actual link to the above message:

for the actual link to the above message:

Special Message 2015-12-30:  
          "Different Hearts"  9 minutes; 8.3 MB

Bible Study 2015-12-26:            
"Worship Him in Spirit and Truth"  45 minutes; 41.9 MB

Bible Study 2015-12-19:  
          "Wilt Thou All"  51 minutes; 46.4 MB

Bible Message 2015-12-18:  
          "Tithing  -a choice of the heart"  25 minutes; 22.8 MB

Bible Study 2015-12-11:  
          "Loving One Another"  36 minutes; 33.5 MB

Bible Study 2015-7-31:  
          "A Reprobate Mind  -parts 1 & 2"  76 minutes; 69.8 MB
Bible Study 2015-8-6:  
          "A Reprobate Mind  -parts 3 & 4"  58 minutes; 53.0 MB
Bible Study 2015-8-22:  
          "A Reprobate Mind  -part 5"  58 minutes; 53.3 MB

Bible Study 2015-7-15:  
          "Protection for the Pure  -part 1"  53 minutes; 49.2 MB
Bible Study 2015-7-15:  
          "Protection for the Pure  -part 2"  59 minutes; 54.5 MB

Special Show: 

Bible Study 2015-6-16:  
          "Matthew Ch. 13 part 1"  62 minutes; 56.4 MB
Bible Study 2015-6-16:  
          "Matthew Ch. 13 part 2"  47 minutes; 42.8 MB

Bible Study 2015-6-9:  
          "Micah Chapters 4 & 5 part 1"  57 minutes; 53.1 MB
Bible Study 2015-6-9:  
          "Micah Chapters 4 & 5 part 2"  1 Hr, 19 minutes; 73.3 MB

Bible Study 2015-6-2:  
          "Revelation chapters 15 & 16"   (2 pts combined) 1 Hr, 20 minutes; 74.8 MB

Bible Study 2015-4-18:  
          "Judgments and Judges pt 1"  1 Hr, 6 minutes; 60.5 MB
Bible Study 2015-4-18:  
          "Judgments and Judges pt 2"   44 minutes; 40.7 MB

Bible Study 2015-4-11:  
          "YHWH is Faithful"  1 Hr, 3 minutes; 57.3 MB

Bible Study 2015-4-4:  
          "Removing the Leaven"  1 Hr, 20 minutes; 73 MB

Bible Study 2015-3-28:  
          "Is the Law dead?" (with guest William Raymond)"   1 Hr, 19 minutes; 73 MB

          "Rights: Man's Sacrilegious Claim to Divinity"   41 minutes;  7 MB

Bible Study 2015-3-20
          "Ezekiel Chapter 18"   1 Hr, 2 minutes;  56 MB

Bible Study 2015-3-13
          "End Times Zombies"   1 Hr, 17 minutes;  70 MB

Older files

Be sure to literally download any of these if your unit doesn't automatically do so (if you want a permanent record of the show), as each link will automatically erase in several weeks.

MP3 for 1-28-2015 Resuming Sabbath studies; short introduction to new series with "The god that encourages evil"
( 17 min )

MP3 for 1-24-2015 "Brief conclusions from second of our latest calls discussing the Father's Law system for our nation" (Pros and cons weighed for the beginner)
( 15 min )

MP3 for 1-17-2015 "First of latest closed calls discussing the Father's Law system for our nation" (Pros and cons weighed for the beginner)
( 35 min )

MP3 for 12-18-2013 "The Father is closing the eyes and hearts of the lukewarm"

MP3 for 11-25-2013 "Who will enforce their "common law" documents?" where will that power come from?

MP3 for 11-18-2013 "The Knights Templar/Come Out of her" misc.
( 44 min )

MP3 for 11-11-2013 "We the People" issues
( 30 min)

MP3 for 11-3-2013 "The faithful shall be refined and protected as this wrath comes down"
( 29 min )

MP3 for 9-27-2013 "The mystery of the Father's last days 'deep sleep' for the lost"

MP3 for 8-6-2013 "guest Evangelist Richard Gonzalez on the history of the SDA's, etc." 
(part 1:   56 min )

( part 2:   52 min )

MP3 for 7-23-2013 "On preachers who refuse to reform"

MP3 for 7-16-2013 (presently un-named)
( 37 min )

MP3 for 7-7-2013 "Zechariah 14:16-19 and the excuse of  'different interpretations' "
( 33 min )

MP3 for 6-30-2013 "Updates on the ministry and the latest prophecy hopes in Scripture"
( 41 min )

MP3 for 1-30-2013 "Revelation 15 & 16, other scripture, and what the plagues really are"
( 43 min )

MP3 for 1-29-2013 "The significance of 1492-era papal bulls & documents"
Pt 1  ( 58 min )
Pt 2  ( 21 min )

MP3 for 1-26-2013 mini study: "Packing sand around their heads"

MP3 for 1-17-2013  Quick study: "The Mechanics of Discernment"
( 33 min )

MP3 for 1-11-2013  Sabbath study: "They Stood Afar Off" (based on Revelation ch. 18)
( 71 min )

MP3 for 1-4-2013  Sabbath mini study: "YHWH's Green Beret"
( 29 min )

MP3 for 12-31-2012  Bible study: "What is 'the Beast' of the book of Revelation?"
( 30 min )

MP3 for 12-6-2012  Sabbath study: "First Do No Harm"
( 55 min )

MP3 for 11-17-2012  "Biblical governance forum" 4th official meeting
( 95 min )

MP3 for 11-13-2012  Sabbath study: "Ezekiel 36"  Jeff Garner
( 18 min )

11-11-2012  (no forum meeting recorded)

MP3 for 11-6-2012  Sabbath study: "YHWH's Laws:  His 10 Greatest Hits"
( 52 min )

MP3 for 11-3-2012  "Biblical Governance Forum" 3rd official meeting.  Dwaine, Gus, L.T., Barry...
( 58 min )

MP3 for 10-30-2012  Sabbath study: introductory message on: YHWH is very serious, "come out from among them".
( 52 min )

MP3 for 10-27-2012  "Biblical Governance Forum" 2nd official meeting.  Dwaine, Gus, Gene, L.T., Barry, Steven...
Part 1  ( 70 min )

Part 2  ( 69 min )

MP3 for 10-23-2012  Sabbath study "Isaiah chapters 51-66, there's hope for those yearning for His kingdom"

MP3 for 10-20-2012  "Biblical Governance Forum" 1st official meeting.  Dwaine, Gus, Jeff, L.T.
Part 1  ( 67 min )

Part 2  ( 60 min )

MP3 for 10-18-2012  "Puritan Hope and the Cultural Mandate" Bracey Fuenzalida / Michael-Donald
Part 1  ( 48 min )

Part 2  ( 34 min )

MP3 for 10-13-2012  "Biblical Governance Forum" Preliminary meeting. Dwaine, Dennis, Gus, Jeff...

MP3 for 10-11-2012  "How to Start a Biblical Nation (initial foundations)"
Part 1  (Dennis & Dwaine) ( 64 min )

Part 2  (Bracey & Dwaine) ( 55 min )

MP3 for 10-10-2012  "Legitimate Authority of Christ's Kingship" Dr. Paul Raymond
Part 1  ( 53 min )

Part 2  ( 60 min )

MP3 for 10-8-2012  Sabbath study... "Standing With YHWH Builds Courage"
Part 1  ( 54 min )

Part 2  ( 29 min )

MP3 for 10-6-2012  "Introducing Dr. Paul Michael Raymond"  Dwaine, Gene Lumsford, Dave Wallin
Part 1  ( 54 min )

Part 2  ( 60 min )

MP3 for 10-4-2012  Dennis & Bracey week2... "Patrick Henry continued" with added guest Gene Lumsford
Part 1  ( 41 min )

Part 2  ( 42 min )

MP3 for 10-1-2012  Sabbath study... "That Dagon Constitution" (end times separation of sheep from goats) Dwaine
Part 1  ( 52 min )

Part 2  ( 42 min )

MP3 for 9-29-2012  "Weiland Audio series...   next steps summary discussions"  Dwaine & Gus
Part 1  ( 52 min )

Part 2  ( 53 min )

Part 3  ( 59 min )

MP3 for 9-27-2012  "Introducing Dennis Woods and Bracey Fuenzalida!   w/Dwaine & Gus
Part 1  ( 49 min )

Part 2  ( 68 min )

MP3 for 9-25-2012  Mini study on Nehemiah, Isaiah 58 & the "repairers of the breach", Sabbath restored... Dwaine
( 24 min )

MP3 for 9-24-2012  Sabbath study... "Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth" Dwaine, Gus, Harley
Part 1  ( 47 min )

Bonus track  (mini-study in discipline)  ( 14 min )

MP3 for 9-19-2012 "Solutions/Resolutions: Practical Applications part 2" Chuck and Marc 
Part 1  ( 53 min )

Part 2  ( 45 min )

MP3 for 9-18-2012 "YHWH's lawmen, day1, introduction"  Dwaine, Gus, Jeff, Harley, Allan, Marc
Part 1  ( 30 min )

Part 2  ( 47 min )

Part 3  ( 42 min )

MP3 for 9-15-2012 "Sabbath study... Come out of them... reward of wisdom" 1 part only  Dwaine

MP3 for 9-12-2012 "Solutions/resolutions; Practical Applications; Debt Elimination" Chuck/Marc

Yet keep these thoughts in mind folks! (emphasis in both excerpts mine in this biblical disclaimer from dwaine for this particular issue):
"He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil; He shall dwell on high: his place of defense shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure." -Isaiah 33:15,16

Matthew Henry on the above passage:

He has graciously provided for the security of his people that trust in him:

Hear this, and acknowledge his power in making those that walk righteously, and speak uprightly, to dwell on high, Isa_33:15, Isa_33:16. We have here,

1. The good man's character, which he preserves even in times of common iniquity, in divers instances. (1.) He walks righteously. In the whole course of his conversation he acts by rules of equity, and makes conscience of rendering to all their due, to God his due, as well as to men theirs. His walk is righteousness itself; he would not for a world wilfully do an unjust thing. (2.) He speaks uprightly,

uprightnesses (so the word is); he speaks what is true and right, and with an honest intention. He cannot think one thing and speak another, nor look one way and row another. His word is to him as sacred as his oath, and is not yea and nay. (3.) He is so far from coveting ill-gotten gain that he despises it. He thinks it a mean and sordid thing, and unbecoming a man of honour, to enrich himself by any hardship put upon his neighbour. He scorns to do a wrong thing, nay, to do a severe thing, though he might get by it. He does not over-value gain itself, and therefore easily abhors the gain that is not honestly come by. (4.) If he have a bribe at any time thrust into his hand, to pervert justice, he shakes his hands from holding it, with the utmost detestation, taking it as an affront to have it offered him. (5.) He stops his ears from hearing any thing that tends to cruelty or bloodshed, or any suggestions stirring him up to revenge, Job_31:31. He turns a deaf ear to those that delight in war and entice him to cast in his lot among them, Pro_1:14, Pro_1:16. (6.) He shuts his eyes from seeing evil. He has such an abhorrence of sin that he cannot bear to see others commit it, and does himself watch against all the occasions of it. Those that would preserve the purity of their souls must keep a strict guard upon the senses of their bodies, must stop their ears to temptations, and turn away their eyes from beholding vanity.

Part 1  (54 min)

Part 2  (67 min)

SPECIAL SHORT RECORDING  MP3 for sept 11th-2012 "Are the Constitutionally-empassioned going to be the first to face YHWH's wrath?"  Dwaine/Jeff:
(39 min)

MP3 for 9-8-2012 Sabbath study on"the enforcement of man's law & YYHW's Law" Dwaine, Gus, Jeff, others:
Part 1  (42 min)

Part 2  (72 min)

Part 3  (47 min)

MP3 for 9-5-2012 on "Solutions and resolutions" with Chuck Hughes and Marc Yarborough "Process":
Part 1  (59 min)

Part 2  (65 min)

MP3 for 9-4-2012 on "Introducing Ted Weiland (Constitution issue)":
Part 1  (65 min)

Part 2  (61 min)

MP3 for 9-3-2012 on "Ted Weiland preliminary discussions"  Dwaine, Gus, (Florida/Illinois callers):
Part 1  (65 min)

Part 2  (61 min)

MP3 for 9-1-2012 Sabbath Study on "Lawful v Lawless documents"  pt 1: a window of opportunity.  Dwaine:
Part 1  (38 min)

MP3 for 9-1-2012 Sabbath Study on "Lawful v Lawless documents"  pt 2: round table discussion on unbiblical oaths of office.  Dwaine/Dave/Gus/Harley:
Part 2  (49 min)

MP3 for 8-29-2012 on "Solutions and Resolutions (continued)" with Chuck Hughes Marc Yarborough:
Part 1  (66 min)

Part 2  (69 min)

MP3 for 8-25-2012 on "Law and Biblical Order" Double Header...  Dwaine, Gus, Frank Szabo:
Part 1  (Sabbath Study on Constitution and the wrath upon us Dwaine)  (50 min)

Part 2  (Gus, Dwaine Interview Frank Szabo for sheriff)  (78 min)

MP3 for 8-22-2012 on "Solutions and Resolutions (continued)" with Chuck Hughes Marc Yarborough:

MP3 for 8-21-2012 on "Tearing Down Their Groves and High Places" Dwaine, Jeff:
Part 1  (70 min)

Part 2  (80 min)

MP3 for 8-18-2012 on "Constitution unbiblical... 1st reactions?"  Dwaine, Harley, Rogers:
1 Part only  (60 min)

MP3 for 8-17-2012 on "America punished for complacency" Sabbath call with Dwaine, Rogers, Gary, Harley:
Part 1  (44 min)

Part 2  (71 min)

MP3 for 8-16-2012 on "Articles of Confederation" with Gene Lunsford, Jim Wright, Roy the sheriff, Dave Buck:
Part 1 (70 min)

Part 2 (67 min)

MP3 for 8-15-2012 on "solutions and resolutions" with Chuck Hughes and Marc Yarborough:
Part 1 (68 min)

Part 2 (76 min)

MP3 for 8-10-2012 on "Is the Constitution Biblical?" with Dwaine, Dave Bartels, Cynthia & callers:
Part 1 (71 min)

Part 2 (61 min)

MP3 for 8-9-2012 on "more on trusts, domestics" with Chuck Hughes & Marc Yarborough:
Part 1 (66 min)

Part 2 (63 min)

MP3 for 8-8-2012 on "simplifying our faith in YHWH" simulcast w Doug Millar / Dwaine Moore:

MP3 for 8-7-2012 on "YHWH's Law vs. 'satanic': the Measuring stick of love" w/Dave Bartels:
Part 1 (75 min)

Part 2 (72 min)

MP3 for 8-5-2012 on "satanic child trafficking/mind control" w/Jack McLamb, Doug Millar, Terry Dodd, David Shurter, Gus Breton:
Part 1 (56 min; Jack McLamb):

Part 2 (59 min; Bexar Mann):

Part 3 (109 min; Terry Dodd/David Shurter):

MP3 for 8-4-2012 on "contracts and trusts" with Chuck Hughes/Marc Yarborough/Michael-Donald/Gus:
Part 1: (72 min)

Part 2: (70 min)

MP3 for 8-3-2012 on "prophecy summary in Zechariah" with Dwaine/Jeff:
One part only (1 hr, 0 min) 

MP3 for 8-2-2012 (follow-up show) on "domestic relations victory" with Dwaine/Gus & Chuck Hughes:
One part only (77 min; short evening):

MP3's for 7-28-2012 in 3-parts "domestic relations victory" with Dave Bartels and Chuck Hughes:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

OLDER AUDIO FILES (must be downloaded; no direct streaming on these older files):

MP3's for 7-28-2012 in 3-parts "domestic relations victory" with Dave Bartels and Chuck Hughes:
Part 1  (66 min)

Part 2  (71 min)

Part 3  (63 min)
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