True music (to my ears anyway) is a joyful sound unto YHWH, not what today's world has been "bowing down to", which is likely not much different than the "all kinds of music" that Nebuchadnezzar may have been calling people to pay tribute to in Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's time, eh?

We hope to soon begin adding some exciting new talent and music-related ways of glorifying the Father in the upcoming months including a frw extemely talented musicians who ar fast learning the new reform issues that are awakening Americans and believers worldwide.

Here's a classic that our preacher wrote LONG ago! Its an inspirational tune to help new believers stand strong and pure, re-recorded for 2018 after twenty years of sitting under cobwebs at the copyright office!  It's called,
Dear love
(He's got the power to take away your fears, dear hearts!)


A newly uploaded tune from an old friend who is getting tired of the enslavement machine like we are.  Here's her song called "Man". Let us know what you think. Send a link to your friends for her:

Here's the link for "MAN":

Take a listen to a great singer/songwriter from Kentucky that has been inspiring us here.

I Love Your Law --by Sandra Hall

"I Love Your Law"
Composed and performed by Sandra Hall

The song that grabbed my attention like none had ever hit me before is finally done (at least an initial version of it anyway)!

This song is so powerful that I couldn't wait to get the first version up and running.

We would love to have your thoughts and comments on Sandra's great new song, so feel free to email us at and let us know what you think of this timely number, eh?

For those of you that would like the lyrics and chords to this great performance open this download: I LOVE YOUR LAW  -LYRICS AND CHORDS

"Make Mention of His Holy Name"
Sandra's latest song is another beautiful masterpiece.  See what you think!

We would also like to thank Kelly McClellan for the subtle backup vocals in this one.
Here's the lyrics/chord sheet for this song for those that want it" : "Make Mention of His Holy Name" Lyrics/chords

Yet another one from Sandra which even incorporates some old gospel flavor is here:

Going Quietly On Ahead

We want to thank Corina Taylor for her alto backup vocals in this one, and I guess we have no choice but to give a little credit to the preacher himself too, for adding the old gospel flavor section to Sandra's song as his message of hope.

(For a little background behind this unique creation go to this page):

Some old fun cover songs that we stole back from satan are below!

We'd also like to thank all of you for your support of this ministry, and please, feel free to send us your own music-related tunes that glorify the Father and perhaps we'll post them as well.


An Exclusive News Bulletin for Musicians!

We will be announcing the works of some friends and an entire new line of acoustic guitars with a very unique new enhancement technology that one of our own has patented and of which is soon to revolutionize the world of "unplugged" performances.

How about an acoustic guitar with an all natural reverb built right into the guitar?
(one of the steel-bodied guitars used in this audio/video is shown below in various construction stages)
stay tuned for more at this page for previews on their amazing instrument innovations even prior to their own website going public!  We've got the exclusive for these guys and their "Angelic Guitars" breakthroughs that offer some classic special effects in everyday acoustic stringed instruments (including violins, etc) and here's the breakthrough part... without electronics!   ...It's all internal and mechanical, with no batteries to buy, no parts that will ever wear out or break, throughout the life of the instrument!  

This new technology coming just in time to sing new joyous songs to our KING of kings as the world wakes up to His true authority in these times, eh? Coincidence?  we think not!  Allelu... YAH!

The latest:  Thanks to our new friends and contact, Lance Bendiksen, Professional movie and TV 

Angelic Guitar ... "Verb Engine

recording professional with several Grammys, we now have some major guitar companies interested in the licensing of the " 'Verb Engine" guitar, and many new models and innovations have shot this venture into super-high gear! We are also now pleased to announce (AND THANK VERY GRATEFULLY) our friend Toby Scott (Bruce Springsteen's top recording engineer) for all his help in work he's doing with us now as well.  Stay tuned, this is going to be even bigger than we first thought!

 Below are a few sneak peeks at the steel-bodied guitar construction.  These are the same guitar types used in the above youtube video. Photos and recordings of various wooden guitars coming soon!
in the sandblaster before powder coating
 above and below:  in sandblaster before sandblasting and powder coating
in the sandblaster before powder coating top side

after Custom metal flake powder coating

wooden guitar showing reverb damper button.  Here's a newly-recorded tune done with a couple of these wooden guitars:

"Hated Man"

above: some photos of one of the steel bodied guitars showing the pearl metal flake powder coating effects (at least the best that can be seen with amateur photography, anyway).

detail of the back of one guitar showing the complimentary metal flake.

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