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Chuck Baldwin slams a gentle offer of brotherly friendship with some pretty harsh words against us more serious believers!!!
    It started with my having simply sent a friendly message though an old friend to Pastor Baldwin, inviting him to privately sit down with Ted Weiland and myself to take a look at what we had so meticulously discovered about the U.S. Constitution and the other national documents, and the message that came back from our contact had shocked me. It was a very unprofessional response that had even included a few derogatory comments about us, followed by a clearly bitter article sent out in our direction the next day that only threw more salt in the wound for me, all of which surprised me in not knowing why the harsh remarks and such, causing me to lose a tremendous amount of the respect that I had previously held for Pastor Baldwin. 

 Ted felt as heartbroken as I did when I told him the things Baldwin had literally said (of which I wont repeat for my contact's sake), where Ted sought the Father's counsel and then sat right down to write a very kind, but much needed accurate response in defense of the Father and ourselves, rebutting Baldwin's many false accusations. 

 The following is the PDF of Ted's (now updated) response followed by a few of my own comments, both of us addressing this harsh article from Chuck Baldwin that had "hit below the belt" (in my opinion), where the article from his camp was not just railing against Ted and I, but as anyone can read, this article also aims at demonizing all believers who merely trust in the God of the Bible more than Pastor Baldwin does:
This PDF download above is a condensed version, getting out as much as was possible in the time we had before Ted headed out of town that night, where not all parts were addressed, of which I then made further comments on myself, as some of the parts Ted hadn't dealt with were worse than the ones we see here when it comes to how the serious believer is being lumped in with the lukewarm masses in order to be "group ridiculed" (as I see it) and reduced to being labelled with over a half dozen pejorative terms (as if we were just another part of the 501c3 church system) according to Baldwin's adjectives and colorful accusations. 

Here's the part that had caused me to feel sorry for Mr. Baldwin in his bitter state of hypocrisy when I read it, followed by my own comments in red:

"Not only do so many Christians have a slave mentality; they also have a war mentality. Who are the ones who are the first and loudest cheerleaders for perpetual wars of aggression in the Middle East? Christians and conservatives! 

Is Mr. Baldwin himself willing to sit down at a table to discuss "peaceful solutions" to our national crisis according to the Father's Bible? No, and below I now explain the basics of how we know this for a fact, but this denial to seek Father's counsel with those who are genuinely hoping to do so then "perpetuates war" and (as you'll read in a moment) "infighting, etc" in the "churches". He continues...

But why should that surprise us? Look at our churches. What do you see? Perpetual war: infighting, gossip, slander, backbiting, name-calling, character assassination, etc. Some of the most mean-spirited, low-down, dishonest, conniving, and blood-thirsty people on the planet call themselves Christians. Believe me, if they could get away with it, there is no telling how many people in our country would be losing their heads at the hands of these pious-talking Christians. Hatred and bitterness is nothing more than murder of the heart; and millions of professing Christians are as guilty as can be."

Is there any excuse to not amicably sit down with other believers towards the end of seeking what THE FATHER might want us to do? No, but then again, some will excuse that option away as men like Shaphan and Hananiah had done in refusing Jeremiah's warnings to repent where they could have otherwise accepted YHWH's instruction before the Babylonians came and fully enslaved them as well. Such men had instead preferred the same alternate tactic of demonizing those who had otherwise offered the Father's biblical methods, methods which are the only ones that could truly bring peaceful unity among us all and maybe even calm Father's wrath, thus sparing us a similar deepening enslavement condition in our own time. But such men that refuse the resolve of seeking Father's counsel in a remorseful return to His ways, be they in antiquity or now, are the ones who are inadvertently "helping to destroy [their nation]" (remember the title of Pastor Baldwin's original article?).  

Okay, this article has somewhat forced the cat out of the bag in a way that Ted and I were hoping could have been handled otherwise, and I hear your questions my friends, so here's the deeper story behind this:

I had sent Pastor Baldwin an offer from Ted and I (after having cleared my thoughts with Ted and getting his own suggestions on how we can best present such a friendly offer) to have a quiet or non public discussion to share with Pastor Baldwin, these things that we have learned, hoping to catch the same glimmer of hope in Pastor Baldwin's eye that we had experienced, where he would also see some light of day in this regard. But to our dismay, and to word it kindly for my contact's sake, Mr. Baldwin (without one moment to think it over first), immediately refused our offer, and had done so in a way that has also now caused me to sadly rethink how I had once even supported him many years ago and had thereby yet thought him to be a man that would be more willing to at least discuss this with us to some extent.  But my disappointment was made even more painful when later that same day I was then sent what now seems to have been Pastor Baldwin's indirect response, sent apparently in the form of the article that you now see Ted addressing and refuting with such great accuracy for us here.

In such an abrupt refusal to otherwise join with those who are offering to seek Father's forgiveness, these prominent men are instead arrogantly thinking themselves above YHWH's instruction for our lives, and are thereby publicly leading their people into the sin of idolatry with them, which will only further tempt the Father to increasingly send His full blown wrath upon this entire country. (Remember: these men yet ignorantly or otherwise, yet support the U.S.Constitution, which in Article VI straight out says that it is to be "supreme" over any thing "contrary", meaning it is not an inspired law in conjunction with the Father's biblical Commandments, Laws, etc (as they would like you to believe), but is in fact claiming itself to be literally ABOVE the Father's Commandments, legally shoving the Father and His no longer wanted Commandments right outside the door. Can we not now see the Biblical prophecy for our time that says. "Behold, I stand at the door and knock"? Yeshua had been patiently waiting for some of us to open that door back up for him again, but He may perhaps be instead turning away from America now to let the Father have His say in the form of wrath (?), as mainstream America is not listening to us less popular guys and our friends who see this (see Zephaniah 3:12).  

To boast that you are in lock-step agreement with those who claim to be "supreme" over the One that gave you the very breath and free will by which you are then publicly belittling His authority over you, is not a very good idea, as some might say that it is not a huge step different than showing the Creator of the universe the ultimate pejorative hand gesture if you know what I mean, should one genuinely think about it. Such folks are in essence telling Him to take his law and justice system and go sit in the back of the room where He belongs, when we stop and read what the Constitution really says. How much more disrespectful can you get than that? Its a real tragedy when a man of God then even hears the begging cries and warnings of these very serious problems with the Constitution, refuses to sit down with the men that are trying desperately to bring this to his attention, and then even continues to stand with that blasphemous document, yet claiming at the same time to be a representative of that Greatest Authority in the universe! Should such an attitude of usurping power be left unaddressed? No, of course not, and thereby the reason that we had tried to reach his camp in such a subtle way, hoping to save him some face in these regards, where his reaction then forced this issue out of the realm of friendly discussion and into the light of "infighting" by his own doing. Let us all pray that such men like pastor Baldwin will see the wrath that this is about to bring upon their camps ("Judgment must begin at the house of God" 1Peter 4:17, and more seriously see Ezekiel 9:1-6), and then think this through with more self-preservation in mind for their souls and their flock's souls. -dwaine moore

I must add the note here however, that my contact (who shall remain nameless for his sake) was amazingly helpful in trying to achieve this meeting, knowing that he was doing so for all America, trying to offer our hand of brotherly friendship as we had asked, in a friendly, diplomatic way, and so yet I thank him again for his willingness in having tried to do what he felt was the right thing to do in his heart. Thank you again my friend, as your efforts will be remembered because as the Savior said, "blessed are the peacemakers".

Ted is now addressing this issue with more detail at his website and blogs, but if Pastor Baldwin trusted in YHWH as much as many of us do here, that "the law of YHWH is perfect" (Psalm 19:7), and that His amazingly simple law system could wonderfully save our people and keep us all at peace just as the Puritans before us had trusted that law as well, there would not have been a problem with him wanting to meet with us in the first place.   Our hearts and hands are still extended with that proverbial olive branch of peace should he ever have a change of heart to turn and accept the Father's ways as we have, but as it stands, we find no way of reaching their hearts now (and YHWH knows that we have tried), it then fits the conditions in Jeremiah chapter 7 where the details are very similar to our own time as the Father had instructed Jeremiah and the people not to even pray for such people anymore (verse 16), as their hearts are too hardened to hear.  "I called you, but ye answered me not."  After all that we see lately, and the completely unrepentant attitudes of such otherwise great men across our land, I am unable to discount that such a time as man has never seen is upon us and about to erupt, starting right here in America, where the many impenitent idolatrous church leaders are risking a very severe punishment here soon, where only the very meek and righteous who trusted in Him are going to be "hid in the day of YHWH's anger" (Zeph 2:3) 
   Any thoughts or questions, you can email or visit Ted's website and his contact info at  There are no restrictions on this writing by the way, distribute it freely for all your YHWH-loving people, as this truth is spreading for those who will joyfully "inherit the kingdoms of the earth" under Father's system of law and order, once He has dealt with those who refused to be under His authority: "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me."  (Luke 19:27)

Please also note that Pastor Baldwin's camp also routinely makes mention in praise of not just the U.S.Constitution, but also others of man's laws in general, unwritten laws, and natural laws, etc, where one might also want to consider these related items:  "Defining 'Law' and removing satan's abstract decoys" (24-page PDF on natural/common law for the law scholars), "The Land of Make Believe Laws" (9-minute beginner's video on natural and common laws), and "Who has more gods?" (3-minute video with an interesting definition on America's pagan gods that many folks are often surprised and awakened by), and last but certainly not least, and as is endlessly recommended here with us: Ted's site

UPDATE    With the reaction we are getting already, and not even two full days into this very important release of Ted's response to Mr. Baldwin's article, I am elated!  
After I had momentarily thanked the Father for whatever would come of knowing that "a man's gotta to do what a man's gotta to do", I was ready.   I then closed my eyes with my finger resting on the button, and after a little hesitation, hit "send".  I then looked up with reverent respect and humble acknowledgment to the Father that there was no turning back now.  I grabbed the arms of the chair and braced myself, gritting my teeth, expecting the laptop before me to start shaking and rumbling violently with rage as the responses came back.   But nothing.    Silence for the longest time.  Got brave and carefully snuck away from the laptop, made myself something to eat and came back and...   not a thing.   Oh oh...    did I hit "send" right or goof something up?  I looked at the screen and yes, it all seems to have gone out okay, so...   wow.   An hour later and not one angry message?!?   I was expecting a much heavier reaction of umbrage out of the many who I had feared would find this email's daring contest to be more offensive for them. 
It was an email that was clearly and completely going to go against everything that most folks had ever been raised since childhood to defend regarding their [almost canonized?]  sacred "founding father" government gods of antiquity, where I was prepared that perhaps even hundreds would have wanted to unsubscribe from us, skin us alive, etc.   
Well, we are instead getting reactions that show that the bulk of the readers are simply sitting back and taking notice to the truth here in a way that is quite refreshing.   From the various responses so 

Have we been ...Bamboozled?

far, it seems that the slice of America (that we have in our base anyway), is apparently adapting to the fact that yes, we Americans really have been "bamboozled" in more ways that we had ever imagined, and none of this surprises or offends those who have now been with us for a while.  They are instead, starting to see all of this fitting together now.  
We actually only received: 1 (count 'em "one") unsubscribe email, another who basically said I was "still being too fanatical", and only a few other very respectful emails who even just very kindly and gently stated that they were generally not in agreement with Ted's vantage points for one reason or another, but for the most part, the remaining responses were roughly supportive of how we are on the cutting edge of trying to seek Father's ways of peace in establishing His ways of resolving this, well...   "oncoming head-on collision between good and evil" (?).  So...

Congratulations biblical America, you are doing very nicely these days in outperforming the mainstream media in the deep thinking department!  Keep up the good work in digging deeper into the heart of the Father's better ways of escape for us all, and maybe with Father's help we can stop this train wreck before it happens, or at least get Him to help us dodge enough of it for the protection of those families of us who are thinking harder, anyway, Amen?!    

Thank you for all your support my friends!  All glory to YHWH!    -dwaine

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