Links for Listeners

links for listeners

This page is for those who have wanted something of interest that they had heard on the shows and would like more information on those issues, guest speakers, etc.

Much of this information may be temporary, so make sure you get what you need in a timely fashion.

If any of these do not open directly and asks you to join gmail (non-gmail users) or anything, just email me with the specific attachment you want and I will try to send you another copy somehow (till I set up a host system to hold this material for us). 

Please also keep in mind that much of this material is posted as a courtesy to our guests and there for our listeners to review for themselves and is not personally endorsed as fact or as "legal advice" of any kind by this ministry.  We are only as an assembly of ameteur detectives in the realm of discovering the whole of this criminally corrupt system that wishes to eternally entrap us all, ourselves learning by way of the faith, and seeking the most accurate biblical avenues of educating ourselves in offering one another these documents and sources of information.  "wherefore ... work out your own salvation with fear and  trembling" (Phillipians 2:12)   -dwaine

But first, a word of support for some worthy friends....

If you are anything like most of us were, once you are blown away by Ted's "Bible Law v. Constitution" audio series that is causing such a stir in many American patriotic Law groups now, you will most likely want the complete, 564 page super-recent update to that series in an amazingly detailed (and handsomely adorned) hardback book.

Get much more of Ted's work on this subject at

This is a direct link to order Ted Weilend's tremendous hardback book 
that's bringing an American awakening to YHWH's perfect Law:

"Coffee Off Main", coffee shop !

Talk about the most perfect place to stop for believers travelling in the Ohio/Indiana area!

Our great friend and YHWH-glorifying singer/songwriter, Sandra Hall and her three daughters have opened a new coffee shop at 124 East 6th Street in Brookville, Indiana 47012

Here's a couple photos! This looks like a great place to kick back and relax with good people!
Second photo is Sandra's family where she's the one seated front center, with husband Ricky.

As we can see, they have open mic nites as well, where Sandra and other artists often perform for her customers and friends!  Go to our music page to hear some of her wonderful songs too!


For those in the Pittsburgh area, who may be in need of any professional home remodeling, roofing, general contractor help, or even small jobs such as pressure washing in and around the home, a great YHWH-believing brother that has been working with us for a good while biblically has told me of his occupational background, where I thought it only my duty to inform all of my local friends that this experienced new friend of ours is also available to help fellow brethren who know us here!  The work is impeccable and just as Paul the Apostle was both an evangelists and a tentmaker, this man wears both hats as well, and all for the glory of YHWH! And if some of you know him as we do, and knowing our world's overconfidence in "the system" he will also work out jobs under barter deals as well!  Check him out at this link:

The Health Lyceum

Holistic helps (and more!) for those in the New England Area!

Unless we've been living under rocks, we all know that the powers-to-be seem to think that too many of us "peons" are breathing their air lately, and therefore their many de-population exploits are trying our bodies' immune and support systems something fierce.  But wait...   There's HOPE!

How about a gal that not only can steer you to a wonderful understanding of the perfection of our Heavenly Father and His rescues from all of this, but she can also help you to counter the poisons and toxins that they are bombarding us with everyday in the meantime as well!

She's a great long-time friend who loves the Biblical truth and all it teaches, herself now becoming a real beacon of hope in many ways for lots of awakening folks in her home State of Maine, where the wiser of the area are finding out through her about the better helps that the Father had in mind for His children from the beginning, both physically and spiritually!

Her name is Pamela Gerry, and she's an amazingly educated RN, who also specializes in prescribing the more accurate ways of salvation that today's money-hungry churches won't tell folks about for the souls she helps as well! 

If you don't live close enough to her to visit, I'm sure she'd also welcome new friends and customers from anywhere else in the Father's true remnant as well!

All of her info and much much more can be found at her powerful website:

a casual Pamela outside her "Health Lyceum" network  of offices

    Listen to our recent Audio Show with Pamela:

    Below is the link that Pamela sent us after her last show with us (recorded 2015-6-30) containing information revealing the background on what seemed to happen to Dr, Andrew Moulden and others in his field:

    Madison Mission natural health support products
    Inserting this section on my own here, I would like to thank Charles and Lois Wilson for their many years of tireless service in providing so many wholistic and natural health remedies for us with products like Activated Charcoal and MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), etc, to so many people around the nation all these years.

    Charles and Lois are enjoying their later years, but after having battled the powers to be just last year, took a loss thanks to our illustrious court system "bullying" and could use some new customers, supporters, etc.

    They are a cozy ma & pa operation and therefore have no website and run their operation like the old days, but even if just for their charcoal and MMS alone, are a huge blessing to America.

    As an important update, please know that I have received information from Charles this week regarding his line of Vitamin C products and the "Acerola" form of that vitamin, that, can even be made by you the homeowner in your kitchen with a few simple gadgets that Charles has very affordably available at Madison Mission.  Feel free to call them and please continue to spread the word about their life-saving products!

    Feel free to call them (monday through wednesday business hours are best as they have a young lady helping them with the phones and orders, etc.)  Their phone number is:
    (828) 622-3671
    (please understand that Charles is suffering from hearing loss at his older age and may not hear you as well as the ladies there.)

    Mailing address:
    Madison Mission
    P.O. Box 693
    Leicester, N.C.  28748

    Thank you for helping my friends and at the same time helping your health!  -dwaine

    If any of you great folks are ever in the state of Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and the outlying town of Verona, please stop by and give a handshake of support to my friends Dave and Sue Eiler who run a wonderfully classic wooden floor hardware store in that town simply called 

    Eiler's Hardware.

    They are at 318 Center Avenue just off the main thorofare of Allegheny River Boulevard in Verona Pennsylvania, and have been great advocates of helping to spread the truth of what is going on in our nation, where, although they are up against the big-box stores (Walmart, Ace, etc) that recently moved in to the area (sending even more of our American sweat equity to the global corporate fat cats), are still working hard to keep their store well stocked, but more notably are bravely distributing DVD's and materials to any who might find interest in the rack of various DVD's that can be found proudly displayed right there at the register (with many discs from our own ministry as well !).  

    I would love to have as many of you as possible stop in and help encourage them to keep on standing for what is right, even amidst the slave labor store competitions they are struggling to stay afloat against. 

    Their mailing address is:

    Eiler's Hardware

    318 Center Avenue

    Verona, PA 15147

    The Greeninghouse: 
    "barter your way to a restful night's sleep in God's country".
    Those travelling among the western half of the vastness of Pennsylvania might want to spend the night at Mike and Cissy's "Greeninghouse" in Slippery Rock.  They have been hosting freedom meetings monthly for several years now, in a bed and breakfast type of place that is hand constructed in the middle of some of the most beautiful and remote lake-side acreage in the nation, with an all stone and log classic architecture that is "heavenly" to relax in.

    Ask them about the bartering system that they've developed, that they hope will play a part in removing us from the FRN/Federal Reserve chains that we now have around our American ankles.

    Take a look at their newly begun website:

    You can reach Mike and Cissy by phone at: 

    724 992 8542

    or via email at:

    Their physical address is: 

    123 Martin place

    Slippery Rock, Penna, [16057]

    Links for the study:

    "First Do No Harm"

    On the separation of ourselves from government systems (written here around the abortion issue)

    by Keith Humphries:

    On the social security system and its biblical evils:

    article by Matt Trewhella:

    • We also have a printing fella here in Pittsburgh who has recently offered to print and ship many of the harder to print items on our website at extremely super low prices for those who would like bulk quantities of our books, tracts, or larger charts but are not near a good print shop, etc.  Let us know via email if this would interest any of you or if you have any questions.  He has been printing hard copies of our own local quantities here for many years and is on board with much of what we teach as well, doing so for others out there like yourselves to help the cause.

    Greetings from Hawaii!

    If you happen to  be thinking "VACATION!" ...or would even just like a quick getaway for a while  ...and you'd prefer a nice, quiet place where you can still find some biblical brothers and sisters to congregate with, this is the place!

    Let Allen and Catherine Rietow welcome you to the Islands of Hawaii!  As believers who have been very instrumental as advocates in seeking to re-instate the Father's Law back into our nation,  these folks have been getting glowing reviews for their pristine little "homes away from home" in our Pacific waters for a long time now!  You can choose from several affordable cottages, or a slightly larger beach house (not shown here).

    For more, visit their websites here: