KING of kings broadcasts (youtube videos)

For those of us who are serious about loving ALL of our perfect and loving Savior, even as a literal KING of kings over our lives, these previously recorded messages will not just be a great shot in the arm that you are not alone in your complete trust in Him, but can also be a great witnessing tool to share with your friends who still have any preconceived (beast conditioned) reasons why they shouldn't go this route with you.

Part 1: "Inroduction":

KING of kings PT 1 Introduction

Part 2  -"The Ultimate Contest":

KING of kings part 2 -"The Ultimate Contest"

Part 3  - "Families not Societies":

KING of kings broadcast 3 - Families not Societies

Part 4  - "Discerning Prophecy":

KING of kings broadcast #4 -"Discerning Prophecy"

Part 5: "Under Who's law?"

KING of kings broadcast #5 -"Under Who's Law?"