Foods: clean & unclean

Of course it has been debated since we can all remember, but what exactly are the facts behind the Bible's instructions on which foods are okay for us and which ones are not okay, or...  the "Clean and Unclean" foods we've read about in Scripture, and how does science actually vouch for the fact that this biblical breakdown was way ahead of its time?

Clean, Unclean Foods,

Spend about an hour here with Professor Walter Veith and his exceptionally well presented explanation of why some things are good for us, and some are not.  And remember, that the Bible was written long before science even knew what such biological details were!

Once you've finished the film, and if you are anything like most folks, you will probably want to know how to detox yourelf from the yucky things you didnt know you shouldn't have been eating!   Well then, take a look at the helps we have here:

The first place to look for help is our good friend and amazing health expert, Pamela Gerry.
Take a spin at her "Health Lyceum" website and/or if you are in the neighborhood, stop in at the actual location in Southern Maine.  But she is our first choice in her amazing knowledge of detoxing the body:

Take a listen to one of the shows we did with Pamela and see for yourself !:

One might also want to visit the "Truth Central" website of Southern Maine, and the related friends there.  Many helps can be found in their many heath-related pages:  
These folks are very specialized an many health related fields in Southern Maine, so I woud suggest you start with them for such answers to your health questions.