Charles Carlson, Steven L. Anderson film

A new video showed up on my email doorstep today and in watching it I was immediately horrified knowing how many uneducated believers would be sucked into its grand scheme, so although I don't normally do a debunking of particular videos, I am going to do so with this one to show all of the details in which they side-step the truth to promote a slowly evolving "one World" universal church system, that (in all reality) is not any new religion but just new lipstick on an old pig.

This movie is called "After the Tribulation: The Pre-tribulation Fraud exposed".

My first immediate warning that something was terribly wrong was that the first voice I heard sounded very familiar.  It was Charles Carlson.  He narrates this film, and in hearing his voice right off the bat, I went immediately back in my mind to the radio interviews that we did with him about a year or more back, where we kinda exposed his strong Catholic agenda in the second interview, in having ourselves been almost fully sucked in beyond his otherwise fairly good anti-zionist evidences (long story, but the 2nd interview can be heard upon request, with the first interview of the two that contained only the better zionist information already posted here).  The second interview where we confronted Carlson in not seeing any Catholic involvement in the evils that we asked him about in the first interview, can be had upon request, as its not an easy to understand issue that we routinely offer folks, where if they are not familiar with the Zionist/Catholic hegelian dialectic that is going on, it will only confuse many of them.  Carlson knows that we fingered him though, and it is likely because some of us were seeing through him, where they then went to the game plan that we see here today, where it seems (but not yet sure) that this film is very new.

But let's get to the film and its problems. 

I wrote down some notes as I watched this film, and will lay the issues out chronologically as the film progressed.

They are not explaining that the tribulation is actually ready to "end" (not start).  The tribulation began in the times of the Messiah, and will end when he returns.  Who are all of the believers who have been martyred and persecuted for "his name's sake" since Yeshua's time...  "chopped liver"?  No, the tribulation began with the crucifixion of the Savior and the stoning of Stephen, etc, and grew from there, still going on to this day.  In fact, if you know the magazine "Voice of the Martyrs" you will know that that organization (along with many others) confirms that there have been many many millions of Christians murdered since the times of the Messiah, but the vast majority of them in the last couple of years, and more in the last year or two they say than in all previous years going back to Christ...   COMBINED!   How can one say that the tribulation of the saints has not even begun, or has maybe "just begun" as this video seems to imply?  (This will make more sense as we go here).

But before I go any further into the details here, perhaps I should lay out their agenda, so that you can see what I am seeing as I expose the details along the way.  But their hidden agenda was easy for me to see having heard Carlson's voice in the beginning and having had honestly tried to work with him a year or more ago, where knowing his agenda, I then thought here today, "they will surely be hiding the Pope's/Rome's attachment to any of the world's woes", and sure enough as the video progressed that's what it was doing.  Carlson proved himself to have not changed his stripes and to still be very sympathetic to the Roman Catholic Church, and its many affiliated motives.  Let's just say that this will become clear to those who understand the reformer's writings to a greater degree as we go through my details here.  I have been saying for a couple of years now that Rome knows that its power is slipping away from them due to the truth being revealed to those of us who are more diligently watching these things, and the prophecy is already being fulfilled from Revelation 16:10, where the seat of the beast (the papacy) is being revealed as the seat of darkness in the world, and they are losing clout rapidly (and for which I am thankful by the way, and so should we all, Amen?). 

But here's what they are doing:  Rome is fully aware that they are losing the attention of the awakening true believers all over the world due to this re-emerging truth of the real Scriptures (see our articles here), where they are going into a whole new mode of damage control which is (and even in a hilarious way from my vantage point) then even falling more so into alignment with true prophecy as they go.  The Vatican's "family or nobility-level" Catholics (modern-day "Egyptians" as the Bible cleverly refers to them in Zechariah 14) know that they are losing the battle in today's information war, but also "have no rain" (or none of the true biblical wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit; see Zechariah 14:16-19) and therefore rather than repenting themselves (as Zechariah would wisely suggest they do in that passage), they are wickedly scurrying to try and salvage what is left of their already sinking "One World Church" ship.  The tribulation of the saints is nearing its end, as the wrath upon the hypocritical church and the beast is beginning to take place (see my book "Last Call" here) and they are hoping to at least salvage the original Jesuit concept of futurism, even though their more recent scheme of a secret snatch away rapture is being revealed to be a fraud so publicly, that they are throwing the "pre-trib" version of this so-called rapture under their bus, hoping to at least save the more foundational parts of these futurist protections that they once had around the Pope.  The Jesuits created this concept of futurism back in 1585-1590 in the hopes of stopping the reformation's spreading knowledge that clearly showed their Pope as being antichrist, which of course they evade the truth of that in this video as well, and just as evasively as if it were garlic to a zombie.

So now follow along...

As with most rat poisons, there has to be some truth otherwise folks won't swallow it, and there is some truth in this yummy-looking plate of rat poison as well, although it is far and few between.  Yet the masses will not catch the lies before having fully digested it and having passed it around to other friends who will also pass this around, poisoning multitudes before those like myself catch wind of this one and get the word out, warning them of its evils.  But then again , that is the entire problem, as the elite gang of lust-hungry luciferians are very good at making these documentaries, where they have such "good sounding" tid bits of truth, that folks won't see the deeper aspects that the more diligent see, such as how the entire film's purpose is geared to get your eyes off of the Pope as antichrist, hoping to keep as many dupes as possible before they go under.

If you'd like to begin with an education on the truth of the reformers and how they so clearly saw the Pope as antichrist, see our recently added full length video here by Walter Veith, who himself is not 100% in alignment with us, but who I like and feel is at least sincere in trying to get it accurate.

Let's continue.  In the film they do honestly show that there is a difference between tribulation and wrath as I have also been showing, but they dont send you to the correct conclusion of that issue.  They then throughout the movie push the imagination to believe that the tribulation has not yet begun or has perhaps just begun, so one can still find time to sin for a while before thinking of any thing rash like repentance (which they never once mention in the entire film either).  They want you to continue to think that you have plenty of time before things are going to be serious, because the antichrist hasnt shown up yet, etc.

Here they enter Kent Hovind, and do so in such a deceptive way that I almost picked up the phone to call his family to warn them of this film, but decided against it, knowing that they would surely know anyway by now, but they clearly used Kent's sountrack in a very evil way, as if he was in complete agreement with the rest of their propaganda, of which I am sure he isnt anywhere near that, as Kent has also known that the papacy was antichrist as well, so this is another farce that even made me angry at this point and still does, knowing how they used him like this to protect the Pope.

They then say that satan has not yet been cast down to earth.  WRONG!  The tribulation began in the times of Yeshua BECAUSE satan had been cast down.  He is the one doing the persecuting and because he knows his time is short (in comparison to eternity, that is)!  In Revelation 12 you can see that he is cast down just before he is looking for the man child (Christ) and when he is outfoxed by the Father then begins to persecute those who follow Him (the dragon "has come down to you" verse 12:12, where he then persecuted the woman (YHWH's true church) from that day forward v. 12:13, etc etc.   The tribulation began with the crucifixion of Yeshua, the stoning of Stephen, etc, and will end when Yeshua returns.  (see our Revelation chart here)

They then show "tribulation of the saints" as if it were something different than what has already been going on to all the saints throughout history, trying to again focus the viewer on their famous futurist "seven years" view that says this will happen in a time yet to come, where futurism was based on the lie that the 70th week of Daniel was pushed off into the future somethere, when in all truth, it was right behind the 69th week all along, as the Messiah was "cut off" in the middle of that week (Daniel 9:26), and how could that take place in the future?  But the average Christian can't think this fast as these smooth talkers prance around in their sheep's clothing and they then miss these easy to catch twists in the road.

They then begin heavily laying on the lie that we are still somehow "waiting for 'the' antichrist".  ( - yeeeesh - )  Pastor Steven L. Anderson then says, "...they're gonna accept him as the Messiah", and I agree, but they are already doing so, as the world is already "wondering after the beast" and are already bowing down to this system in the name of the head of its beast system machine, the papacy.  This is the exact reason that they are desperate to save the image of their futurist construct, so they can keep as many dupes as possible to then think that the Pope is just another "nice guy" in Christendom somehow, thus slowly making him out to be wonderfully glorious again, as he was so wickedly paraded around to be before the days of the reformation, before he was "found out" as antichrist.

They mention the Muslims, the Buddhists, etc, as all looking for an end times Messiah, expecting to distract the viewer like a fool in a shell game, all the while not telling you that the false Messiah is the very Pope they are making this film to protect as such, as they are now losing that hard-earned ground due to Father's re-emerging truth, just like they were losing ground during the reformation!  And yes this false antichrist HAS (not "will") received a deadly wound, and that happened in 1798 (see our new "short version" video on this here, and again see Revelation chart) where the "deadly wound" was also even "healed" again as well already too!

The Mark of the beast is not a physical thing, but the simple difference between those who have faith and those who fear.  Father sent the Son to do this in Ezekiel 9:4, choosing those that "sigh and cry for the abominations done in the midst thereof".  The head and hand inferences (that they want you to see so badly as physical inferences), merely mean to think and do accordingly.   It is not a literal way of showing that this mark is going to be physical.  Father is a spirit.  He would not judge someone to an eternal damnation based merely on a physical chip or tattoo, but by their hearts, so don't fall for this, although we are to come out from among the Romish beast system altogether to show our solidarity with our Father, His Son and our brethren.    --where we are not to be in collusion with the beast world.

Anderson then gives a lot of physical signs of the beast etc, to thoroughly distract the viewers, and sadly I think this will work with many of those who don't know (or don't remain focused) that this is a spiritual war.

Again, they keep on trying to impress the viewer with the three and a half years, the 7 year "trib", etc etc, purposefully steering the viewer far and away from the fact that the 70th week is thousands of years behind us in the past, back at the time of the Messiah's crucifixion (again see chart).

Anderson even uses humor to try and side-step some passages that he wants to avoid, as if the viewer is too smart to be tricked into looking at those silly passages.

He says then that the antichrist will be obvious when he arrives on the scene and hopefully they'll see that, "those that saw this documentary".  Again trying to indoctrinate you many many times in this video that "the antichrist is not here yet", keeping your eye of the real antichrist, the pope, just as a good slight-of -hand artist will do.

Anderson THEN tries to insert the "satan is cast out of heaven" part, where it is more convenient for him and his Pope, saying that "he puts a man in power over every man in this world..."  Again pounding it into your head that this has yet to happen.  (They never let up on this point, just like Hitler learned, "if you tell a lie long and hard enough...".)  He says that "this man will demand worship"  ah, yeah Mr. Anderson, just what is it that the Pope is doing, calling himself the Vicar (replacement) of Christ on earth"?  Does not the Pope stand there pompously and expect all the world leaders to come and kiss his ring, etc?  What is that?  Is that just "being nice"?  or is it worship?  These world leaders are bowing down to him Pastor Anderson, just as the Bible prophesied.

He then says that, "666" is one of the tools that satan is using to persecute the believers, the mark of the beast is a tool to make war with the saints.  Because of the fact that you can't buy or sell, its pretty hard to function in today's world, isn't it?"   Well, although it seems to make better sense to him, it sounds like gibberish to me, to do as much dancing around the real verses as possible to distract the viewer from the truth:  Pope is antichrist, and the beast system is his kingdom,   ....already in place!

He then tries to imply that the beast and "the" antichrist are the same inference in being the same man.  The Pope is antichrist, and the beast is his obedient two-beast system of religion and political economic enforcement.  they are two entities but all run under a papal puppet by the real puppet masters behind the scenes with the real strings being pulled by the Jesuits under instruction from the super rich who also call all the shots behind the Pope, just like in the wizard of Oz.

Again, they push a physical mark of the beast to distract one from the spiritual aspects that the father will actually be judging our hearts by, hoping to also keep you thinking you have time, since these things aren't "in place" yet.  (satan wants you "well off guard" and as unstudied as possible when the Messiah arrives here very soon.)

Anderson then says that, "those like Paul weren't living in the great [emphasis in his original] tribulation, but were going though their own tribulations."  ( - yeeeesh - )  Again, the saints that died for the cause of Christ before us were chopped liver, I suppose?   ...including Paul, as they weren't worthy to be counted among those who went through...  a real or serious tribulation (?)

Carlson then again narrates about a "great tribulation", helping to pound home this false distinction that the real tribulation isn't here yet somehow (and again hoping to keep us from thinking that the Messiah could arrive yet, etc).

They then show images of John Hagee, Charles Carlson's supposed arch enemy (but only in a hegelian dialectic sense) where they hope to then show the zionists as the bad guys on this particular side of their hegelian "pretend" issue, very cleverly doing so without mentioning his name, etc (I must give them credit, this is very clever to get the anti-zionists all fired up like this).

They then mention that two points have not yet come to pass, where they say that:
1.  the falling away hasn't come yet and 
2.  the man of sin has not yet been revealed.

( - again...   - yeeeesh - )

On point #1 above: They are both accomplished.  why else would the Father be sending such a wrath upon this earth if there weren't millions and even billions who are nowhere near close enough to loving and obeying Him?  the falling away is at such a great height that I am surprised that Father has had the patience that He has, in fact, the goal here in this video is to keep those who are lukewarm, thinking that they are doing just fine in the few commandments that they might actually be keeping here and there, merely thinking that there are millions yet that "follow Him", when in all actuality, very very few are really standing in YHWH's better ways of discipline.

On Point #2 above: as I have already been saying, the man of sin has long been revealed and was revealed by Paul himself in 2 Thess 2:7 where the Caesars were called "Pontifex Maximus" and the Popes to this day are still called "Pontifex Maximus" fulfilling that prophecy right as Paul was stating it, where "the mystery of iniquity doth already work".

Anderson then claims that, "Lot was an example of the rapture."  WRONG!  Lot was not raptured away from earth.  He was left on the earth just as Noah was and many others who were kept here to see the wages of sin.  He, just like Noah, was merely protected just enough to not have to endure the wrath of the others, but left close enough that they would have to witness this dying all around them, which is what is coming for the more serious believers today--we must witness the punishment of the disobedient.  We will have to witness the wages of sin, which is death.  Then we will inherit the kingdoms of the earth after this judgment is complete, and not before.

They build the pre-trib rapture like a foolish strawman to knock down, and they also give every one in the audience something to throw at this strawman, and many are already doing so, not knowing that they are doing the Pope's bidding for them.

I feel so very sorry for Kent Hovind having seen the way he was so deceived into participating in this film, surely not knowing (from his trapped environment) that it supported the papacy like it does, as he has always been aware of this issue.  They must have just "simply forgotten to mention" that this was going to be the main theme of the video, otherwise I am sure he would not have done the interview.  As with so many in today's spiritual war, there are many casualties in how they are growing more and more wicked, pulling out all the stops and stopping at nothing to deceive the multitudes unto the very last one, knowing that they are likely going down with the ship now.

Anderson then says, ""when they see him coming in the clouds, they will be scared to death", etc, but Yeshua is already "coming with the clouds", as the "clouds" represents the pure white spirit of truth that is already re-emerging all over the world in folks who love him (and under Acts 5:32; John 16:13) are being blessed with the discernment to know that we are almost home.  It is only the lukewarm who are "scared" as they have lost "what little they seemeth to have" (Luke 8:18) and know that something is wrong inside.  They have fear, while we have faith and are joyous, those of us who love Him with all our hearts.

Lastly, not one single place in this video do they mention anything close to repentance, which by its absence, should be a real dead giveaway to any believer, where instead they just simply say that we should read our Bible (and they have the watered-down ones shown clearly in the video), and then they say a very short token prayer and say, "let's sing a song", which is about how all their sins were (ahem) "Nailed to the cross" which is again, also typical of those who feel they needn't repent.

The entire video absolutely reeks of Catholic new age, One World Church", we're all of one consensus, conditioning, and for those who do not know the history of the church, the eschatological differences, the Jesuit infections that we have in 90% of our churches, etc, they may even end up following this crowd to perdition, not knowing that it is outright "controlled opposition" to do exactly that.

They saw that the 501c3-type world was starting to wake up to the fact that they hadn't been "raptured away yet" and that it was getting very scary looking, so the Vatican had to make some adjustments to their Catholic-based futurism to keep everyone in protestantism from jumping ship altogether, and this was one answer (I suppose) in their twisted minds.  This is why it is so very important to be very well studied in Scripture.  The more you truly seek him, the less you can be deceived and led astray.

Below is the URL for the film, if anyone would like to see all of the points that I reveal here and verify them, although as you might expect, my suggestion is to never send this film to anyone, even enemies.    The additional "tag" notes from the youtube window are also included to show some names that were involved, some intentionally and some obviously included by deception of course.
-Dwaine Moore
Biblical Correctness Ministries

Note: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FILM FOR ANYONE!  This is here simply so our above disection of it can be verified if need be.

Their false film's promotional statement:

Published on Dec 21, 2012

"After the Tribulation: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed" Official Full Movie

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed

Satan is working behind the scenes to set up a one world government and one world religion in preparation for the Antichrist. He has also deceived modern evangelical Christians into believing that they will be removed from this earth before the great tribulation takes place. This doctrine, known as the pre-tribulation rapture, teaches that Christ may return at any moment, and that there will be no signs of his coming. As a result of this deception, most Christians are completely unprepared for what the Bible has warned us is coming.

In this hard-hitting documentary, film-maker Paul Wittenberger (What in the World are They Spraying? and The Great Culling), Pastor Steven L Anderson, Pastor Roger Jimenez, and creation scientist Dr. Kent Hovind, prove from the King James Bible that the rapture will take place AFTER THE TRIBULATION but before God pours out his wrath upon this earth. They also expose Satan's plans for a global government and new world order