Biblical Governance Forum

(presently no longer meeting, due to having quickly found how simple it is to otherwise just follow the Scriptures and teach the advancing of Father's governance as prescribed by the origninal biblical wording (not the strong's concordance/ dictionary deviations of such language) in our assemblies; see both "The Sky Is Blue" and "A Government Built on LOVE" audio series messages for better understanding of this long lost art of trusting Father's biblical governance)

Yet as previously written and held here for posterity sake:

This page will be devoted to the Forum of biblically-focused men who are gathering to seek reforms in our land that would return us to the most biblically pure form of governance that imperfect man can bring forth with the guidance and blessings of his Creator and Savior.

Officially begun with the first gathering of faithful men on 10-13-2012, and after a painful time of sitting idle due to the large numbers that were shortly thereafter offended and angered when told that their Constitution and other unbiblical/man-made documents were not going to be recognized to play even the slightest useful role among us any longer, we are now (after having done some damage control, and discussed better defensive safeguards against such lukewarm infecting our midst again as of pagan dec 2014) back into the planning stages and in dialogue with one another to take up where we left off, hoping to again return to the drawing board with a few of our best selected men this time around, posting the results of our research and conferences when we can, basing most of our work centered around the temporarily posted document "Government on His Shoulder".   This is expected to be a closed meeting until such time that we have found enough reason to bring it forward to the public, presenting it to those who would seek to do as the Puritans had hoped to do, and place the Savior in the King's throne of our nation.   We have decided on that exclusivity in membership for two reasons now:  1. to avoid the moles and infiltrators that many like ourselves had run into before, and . to make certain that each man has been carefully scrutinized before laying hands on him, being confident that He is going to be a true contributor to our temporary ecclesiastical body as a member of our committee.

Those who feel that they may qualify to become a participant, feel free to email us, but please keep in mind that we are expecting that the Father is gong to send those who He Himself feels are the better candidates this time around, and will be examining any newcomer with great care.  Thank you for your understanding, prayers, and support.

(upcoming recordings for this forum are planned to be posted on the "audio, study class archives" page; documents on this page below.)

4-page PDF that shows the absurdity of their statement that "Common law includes biblical Law":

Are "Common Law" and Natural Law, etc, actually "false religions"?

Perhaps the best law document a nation can have today:
Here's how our sister Sandra has displayed YHWH's above law document in her Ohio home:
Sandra's way of showcasing her Father's law!

 nice! ..huh?

....and for fun...  Can this be our theme song for this page? ...  "No Shackles"  If so we'll need someone that can actually sing it, because when he was little, our preacher spent the money that his mom gave him for singing lessons on chewing gum and baseball cards!

 From the first gathering (10-13-2012):

This is the first outline that was sent out on the afternoon of 10-13-2012:
 And here is the Thayer's definition of the word "ecclesia":
Minutes from the meeting by Dennis Woods:

Dec 17, 2015, 7:00 AM
Nov 20, 2015, 10:27 AM
Oct 13, 2012, 4:09 PM
Oct 13, 2012, 4:08 PM
Nov 26, 2015, 7:46 PM