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This is a new page as of 12-16-2020. Please be patient as we find time to properly update it. Thanks !

Many new DVD's and audio discs now ready!
Now that the controlling forces on the net are proven to be increasingly filtering, screening, and even outright banning many videos/websites,etc, simply because they have biblical truth that shines light on their "long hidden" offenses against mankind, we've responsibly put some renewed effort into the disc ministry we have always had. Finding in the last few years just how badly "the elite" have been blocking many important sources of truth and evidence via certain servers, search engines and even local hosting suppliers, we have accordingly ramped-up making hard copy discs available again. 

Here's our youtube channel, called "Solemnassemblies" for our latest videos (in case you were one of those who had been having trouble getting to it):


 Nonetheless, and just as we have for nearly twenty years now, we're still offering hard copy materials without obligation to anyone who needs such materials, sharing what we are learning here in our research libraries to help awaken loved ones who are yet drawn in by the propaganda ministry of our times, that you might better get this information to those who may not have access to such information in other ways.  Note: Presently some of the discs/titles below are not available on our site or youtube and are only available through disc, but you can check the youtube channel (link just above) to watch many that are, and to also establish which videos best suit your needs as well.  The DVD or DVD-ROM quality of each video is considerably better than the youtube versions as well of course.

To request your free discs, just simply email us using the email address in the "Contact Us" section to the left and please be sure to clearly type an accurate mailing address to send your selected discs to (as we have had some come back to us lately with incorrect addresses).

The following is a list of a few discs/topics that have been produced in the last year or so. (There are many older ones that are still available as well, where some of those are listed at the bottom of this page, and some of the tracks on these discs [especially title tracks] can be found here at this site for those wishing to get a taste of what is on the discs before ordering.)

New DVD-ROM discs and jump drives!
So far, there are five new discs available (a 6th on its way maybe?), but what big helps they are proving to be!
They are DVD-ROM, which means that they are DVD-size capacity discs, but are "read only memory" (ROM), and therefore are designed to work in computers, perfect for those without DVD players and/or the internet (although some of the more sophisticated disc players today can still do wonders on playing these discs).
We have found a new way to compress our videos without much loss of quality, where on disc one, for example, there are 17 hours of video play on just one disc, including our latest DVD titles such as the first five volumes of the "Fire Tunnels from Hell" DVD'S, the "Cyber Chains" DVD set, and more.  Plus, every video can be easily copied from the file selections on the disc and saved to your computer, and/or shared with friends on jump drives, uploaded to your favorite social networks, etc
Disc 2 through 5 have many additional hours of video, plus over fifty hours of audios, tons of books, charts, articles, flyers, and other tools to help awaken your friends.
Father willing, following discs hope to include further videos, updates, and new releases when they come, plus many other topically specific works we've distributed over the years as well, where we hope to have everything the believing truth seeker needs right at his or her fingertips, in order to accurately understand the many differences between Father's kingdom and satan's beast kingdom, in order to better learn why it is so critical to actually make a genuine choice of which King and kingdom we will publicly profess and live under the trust of.  Please feel free to email us for copies of these free discs and help us combat the disinformation of centuries of satan's lies in his kingdom of "self".

Pre-loaded "Jump drives" (or "memory sticks" as they are sometimes called) are just about available as well, presently slated to hold 32 GB of material on each one for.now containing all of the ahove DVD-ROM items plus perhaps a little more.  We expect that both the DVD-ROMs and jump drives will keep growing in date storage size as we can do so.  More jump drive details will be announced here soon, but those interested in either the DVD-ROM discs or the jump drives should contact us about wanting them soon, as we are already seeing a rush on these and there may be a short waiting period in a first come first serve way until our equipment is upgraded to handle larger   quantities.Keep preaching and sharing the truth of the loving government of YHWH under the true King of our world, in all courage and faith, my brethren!

Video Discs:

Latest DVD release:

"End Times Crossroads"
containing the youtube videos:

There's also a new 3-part series for the pro-life advocates among us who would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned.  The DVD is called, "Unexpected Assassins". Part 1 gradually eases the listener into the Scriptural background that must be laid to then better understand the powerful messages of parts 2 & 3.  Here are the youtube copies for those who may want to review them first:

"Unexpected Assassins"
pt 1:
pt 2:
pt 3:

New DVD titled:
(No image, sorry)
Contains the title track plus the two youtubes:

"A Word on Christian Psychology" DVD
 Several pastors give shocking facts on this subject that most Christians don't know !

"YHWH or the Beast" dvd 
-Popular ! Many hundreds of this disc distributed already!
Showcasing a feature presentation, "Robots for the Beast"(link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biewuOp0G9E&t=1542s ) that we've been encouraged to now put up on youtube, this dvd is critical in understanding the serious sides of both fences in this spiritual war. No punches held back in revealing the wicked.  Perhaps our best disc ever.  Let us send you one! 

      "Cyber Chains" (1&2)      
Rivetting!  Shows how the slavemasters of today no longer need whips, chains, or even guns or barbed wire to keep us in submission, as they do it today by using deception via psychological slight of hand and digital technology.
It truly is a war for your hearts and minds folks!
Cyber Chains is now on youtube!
Part 1

(part 2 has been banned by youtube, sorry, get the DVD's from us instead then)

Full length 2 hour DVD available, with the theme based on the following youtube clip:
It was written and prouced for those needing help using Scripture with friends who do not understand how their fears are putting them in great danger, and not just with satan, but also with our heavenly Father!

"Fire Tunnels From Hell"
The most recent addition to our library for the serious believer, is this (now) five-volume set which will surely grow in spin-off messages due to the subject matter in the weeks and months to come, but it covers the serious urgency of understanding what is behind the fires raging all over the world, what is causing them, and how it fits biblical prophecy.  This is a must have set for those who know the basics, especially the last volumes produced.

 "Demonism fully invades churchianity"
4 volume DVD set (and growing(?) on Bill Johnson's Bethel church and the literal satanism that is being spread through them in both their home church in Redding California and in tons of associated churches via their music group "Jesus Culture", It also explains in detail how their ties with their local government is helping the global tyranny get their control grid over us, etc.

 "A SIlent Invasion by Rome"
4 volume DVD set on the 7th day adventists and how their church has been infiltrated by the Jesuits and veru serious mind control.  It also shows the way their own SDA hospitals are (unannounced to their parishioners) even performing thousands of elective abortions.  (The clear jesuit and related mind control influences shown in this series are also helpful in understanding how this tactic of getting people away from the seriousness of our Creator is similalry done to almost all churches by the way, so this information is not just for the SDA's but will be very helpful for most large 501c3 denominations)

"That Fearful Knock at Your Door"
A 3-DVD set showing everything from the corrupt historic beginnings of the Jehovah's Witnesses, up to and including many of the modern struggles that the Watchtower organization is today having in desperately trying to keep the truth of the Scriptures (and the truth about their many false prophecies) away from their own people as the truth is being made manifest in these times. 

"Families Will Be Divided"
A single video disc full of excellent testimonies from Pastor Costi Hinn exposing his own uncle Benny, as "truth in love" has here come to the surface in the Benny Hinn empire causing division in their entire family, where young Costi was no longer able to live with his conscience in being with his uncle's many harmful deceptions.

"Be Not Ye Servants [slaves] of Men"
(Could our signature on Caesar's official documents be seen as our act of baptism for satan's kingdom"?)
This single DVD has powerful ways of showing the jurisdictional ways that we, as Americans, have been trapped in "the fowler's snare" of satan's global elite, and in ways that might literally nullify our salvation in a truly lawful (legal) way!

"Preach to Us Smooth Things, Preacher!"
(Are the warm and fuzzy churches the true way to peace with God?)
A single DVD with a few short message videos to help us understand why the beast churches are dangerous deceptions that we must all avoid.

"Romans 13"
(Hitler's Secret Weapon)
This sngle DVDV has many voices to make sure that those who hear the verses of Romans 13, are no longer tricked into worshiping Caesar when YHWH is supposed to be the King of kings!
This one is very powerful and not suggested for weak believers who might be too fearful to go any deeper without friendly guidance as they watch this.

Audio Discs
please note that we have had to let our audio hosting server go, as the costs were getting too high for us, so you will find many links for audio to not open for you, sorry.  We are however, taking some of the more popular and classic audios and making youtubes out of them and will be putting the links here soon, and there are still discs available by mail as some are listed below.  Thank you for your patience.

KING of kings broadcasts
on mp3 audio discs
As this series grows, we have the archived versions ready for those who may want to hear how some are being led to a complete peace in walking in the true jurisdiction of our KING of kings!
This 10-part series is also now on youtube and in DVD and DVD-ROM formats for the asking.

"A Government Built On LOVE!"
This is our most popular audio disc.  Its an 11-part MP3 Audio series of messages (4 part Government Built On LOVE series, plus the 6-part "The Sky is Blue" series, plus 1 short closing message) that will help the average believer to better understand with much greater clarity than they've ever considered before, how the Puritans in Americ'a early history had it right, themselves knowing that the Bible should always be our law book, and they knew this due to having just freshly (and painfully) come out of Europe's unbiblical tyranny and having understood the Bible for what it really says (meaning without the "beast system approved" interpreters we have in every 501c3 church today)!

"My God is SPECIAL !!"
This 14-track MPS audio disc is jam packed with helpful information that, as usual with our studies,  energizes the truly hungry soul with inspiration and reasoning that the churches will not tell you about.

"Into His ark, Into His arms!"
A 12-track MP3 audio, this disc takes the teachable heart into realms of truth that the lukewarm fear.  It takes you to levels where the rewards of the Father are likely never going to be seen by those who refuse to hear these things!

"Unexpected Assassins"
a short but powerful 3-track MP3 audio disc that focuses on the topic of abortion and the people who support it.  It has a surprise theme that will awaken even the most skeptical of the so-called confused "pro-choice Christians" that still want to call themselves believers at the same time.  This set is a must for the active pro-lifer to understand, as it will arm them with much more Scriptural weaponry before engaging in any debates with the pro-choice circuit people of any belief.

Other available DVDs:   

How many folks do you know who are uncontrollably mesmerized by their television sets, and so much so, that you can't help but wonder why they are so attracted to it?Well, there's serious reasons that they are addicted--there is a dark side to television that the elite don't want you to know about. This film explains why television was so eagerly given us by the powers to be. Our two-hour presentation was a long time coming, but we finally got it produced, burned to disc, and uploaded for you. At the right is the youtube upload vesion.  It is also available as a free DVD for those who would like to email us for a free copy (see bottom of this page).
May it help some of the "addicts" in your own home.

"The Bible vs. The U.S. Constitution" is a joint effort between our ministry and the work of 
our good friend Ted Weiland.  The disc itself is an assembled series of mini videos on the 4 main  introductory points of Ted's Bible versus Constitution research and a disc that is sure to set the world aflame in renewed hope among the Father's serious reformers of our age!  It is essentially a DVD version (higher quality
 DVD formatting) of the 4 youtube videos found here that we released  recently.  It also now contains the full length version of the interview we did with Ted just recently (as youtube videos here in three parts).  It is available for the asking to anyone who simply writes or emails us with a physical mailing address to send one to.

There's also a new DVD ROM that includes not just these above videos plus some of our own videos that relate to the governance and infiltration of America, etc, as well for those who prefer to make copies of these videos right onto their computer systems, etc.

As long as Father continues to provide for us, reasonable quantities of all of our discs/books can also be sent without charge to those who cannot afford to donate so long as one simply emails or writes us with a request of what items you would like, along with a mailing address.  We do not "charge" for any of our materials or work, although donations to help us cover our printing and shipping costs are understandably welcome.

More listed as they are completed