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Please bear with us in this section, as we just got some much needed storage space for this audio section and haven't yet perfected the uploading of the larger audio files as of yet, trying to do so on a poor preacher's budget.  In other words, some files may be slow to start/load (depending on your system), but worth the wait.  Thanks for your patience!

This one is a show we did with our good friend and brother "Rusty" who has been researching the deeper recesses behind the Islamic faith for a large part of his life.  His insights that show who really created and run Isalm are invaluable to those who are in the least bit fearful of this global religion, as there is actually littel to fear once one knows what is really behind it, being yet just another part of the satanic global deception to steer us away form YHWH's Bible.

A Classic...   The Reformer's Final Stand
This is an enduring "break the ice for your friends" audio tape.  Its one of the best general audios for those of your "churchianity" friends who still watch the talking heads on television and therefore still think that those who are telling the truth about all of today's unbiblical evils are "Conspiracy Theorists" to be avoided and thereby perhaps nothing but nutjobs.  We then simply ask you...  Were the reformers all nutjobs in trying to reveal the truth of their time's corrupt church/state system?
Quality audio file (50 minutes;  71MB), loading time may be longer.  

Segment from June 2011 on the Sabbath and calendar change.  Explains the basics to beginners as to why and how the world's entire calendar system was changed back before the times of Yeshua (Christ) and why we need to seriously understand the implications of the lost blessings of not following this newly-offered information from the Father as a "cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night" that is paralleling the Exodus out of captivity from Egypt.  some of us will continue worshipping their golden calf, as we will "follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth" in hoping to avoid our own "Red Sea" demise and thereby join the more faithful of us out of our present captivity.

Are we sure that the John Birch Society is legit?
Learn how J.B.S. mysteriously 'dissappeared' several hard copies of the "Franklin Cover Up" that were sent in the 1990's to their headquarters as a warning about satanic influences in the American elitist societies, etc.  The information would have much earlier exposed the truth about things like satanic ritual sacrifices of children in America, and many other serious issues we are facing in much greater seriousness today, but was curiously being suppressed.  Why?  Hear how investigator Doug Millar had found that many Freemasons were sitting on the board of J.B.S. as actual members of their highest national council, and apparently still do today!
(1hour 26 minutes;  7MB)

A "Walls in our Minds" audio recording on the deeper realities of "Christian Zionism" and how it was intentionally created (not much more than a hundred years ago) to be somewhat as the diametrically-opposed counter-effect to  the Vatican-created Islam.  Islam being "thesis" and today's Zionist Evangelicals being "antithesis" to bring about the Jesuit hegelian dialectic of a "synthesis" of the "One World Religion" of a kabbalist-approved Roman Catholicism or "universal" church.   (see also this diagram from our "Charts, Diagrams & Timelines" page.)

This is a life-changing clip that will show the listener that we are not the only ones who are seeing yet another layer of deceit, where this audio is becoming an inspiration for the deeper thinking believers who are wondering why the Elite are not honoring our Constitution.  We are presently trying to line this particular fellow up for a show.  In the meantime listen to what he is saying here with your biblical thinking caps on. 

in the passages of 1st Samuel 5:1-5, we find the humorous tale of "the fall of Dagon" (literally).  This clip is a very short (2.5 minutes) but hard-to-brush-aside way of looking at our own nation's falling false god system, nad how we can explain it to other biblically-familiar brethren.

As we learn that the power of authority is not derived from what is simply written on paper, but what literal physical force can be asserted behind such papers, we are waking up and learning more and more everyday as to why "they" are only laughing at even our very best efforts to get them to obey our "Dagon piece of paper".  This 3 minute clip gives us a great way to explain why they are now simply ignoring us, put in its simplest form.

This 8-minute track is most appreciated by the ladies among us, but all will relate to it in how it reveals the more intimate way that the Father sees the obedience of His children with joy in His heart as opposed to those who refuse to seek Him.

The Gullible American
about 7 years old now, it was at the height of the time when only a very few were just beginning to find the courage to try and wake the neo-con or couch potato churches to things like 9/11.  This satire is just for fun and is in two different versions:

(the above and a few other short audios are also mixed-in with the files below for downloading):
1st Samuel 5-1-5... that Dagon Constitution
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The Criminal Has the Gun MP3
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