deep end times reflections

The following are short thoughts that I have had over the years that have given me many new ways to help those that I've spoken to, largely in my street ministry, understand things that were in Scripture, hoping to better explain biblical concepts and how they fit in with the everyday life that we are struggling to understand today.

Being far too short to stand alone as sermons or Bible study messages, I never had the cause to publish these little tid bits before.  Nonetheless, many of the thoughts that I had jotted down over the years have been invaluable to me in many circumstances, and this is just one of the many things that I wanted to make time for in my latest reclusive state, wanting to put these on the web for those of you who do not live in my local area to hear these from me, even in person.

Some of them have the dates marked, having been written down, drawn from older publications, etc, while a good many do not have dates for them, often due to my having written them down on the fly while on the street on napkins, burger wrappers, etc, jotting the note down so I at least wouldn;t forget it, then later forgetting when I had actually written them once I sorted through all the papers in my pocket, bag, or desk, sometimes even years later.

They are in no particular order, but I hope that they will offer some new ways to share Father's heart to those who may appreciate how some of our more recent issues are brought to light under our more accurately unfolding biblical foundations in these last days.

I pray that they will bring you a similar reassuring confidence in your own walk when hearing their many diverse topics, as it has helped quite a few others that I had shared them with over the years.

"The more one understands the Bible, the more one understands that the Bible is all he needs to understand."

"We Christians are given a difficult task, We are born with a gullibility that's prone to buy the lies of satan, but at the same time are called to be convincing  salesmen of truth." 
-dwaine 4-18-09

This one's not mine, but I had to include it here, because it was so short and perfectly worded:
"Programs like social security never work because such plans always run out of other people's money."  
-author unknown
I later found that this was orignally a quote from Marageret Thatcher, but was on "socialism" not "social security", but it still fits nicey.  -dwaine

"Father provides grace for the sins that we are brought to tears trying to curb, knowing that these are the sins that Yeshua had to sadly die for,
But He does not provide grace for the sins that we arrogantly pass off to Him everyday that bring Him to tears, knowing that these are the sins that we must sadly die for."
-dwaine 4-18-09

"A genuine love of the Father is where the comfort and security of others is more to us than our own."

"Are we doing our duties before praying for His help?  
You can't wait on Him if He's waiting on you."

A twist on an old saying:
"Those who are too fearful or lazy to study their history are asking the wicked to repeat it on them."
-dwaine 10-3-10

"Today's churchianity-spread doctrine of "unconditional forgiveness" takes the whole of Father's lawful authority of liberty and love and makes it null and void in endless ways.  
Just one deep example: In a court of law, a judge cares not how politely one might have thrown a retaliating fourth or fifth punch in a fight case (trying to show "some" forgiveness), but who threw the first punch and why."

"If you let satan control your mind, he will gradually control your heart.  If he leads you by that heart where a resultant uncontrolled emotionalism then feeds "self", he then has your conscience.  If you then never re-awaken that conscience in full repentance to the Father to take back control, satan then has your very soul without you ever even knowing it."

Satan says, "Be fearful."  YHWH says, "Be faithful."
"You stay with the beast in your fear, and I'll stay with the Father in my faith."

They say, "I can't come out from among that!  Its too scary!   ...and besides, God knows my heart!"
I simply say, "You're right. That's my point, He knows you're too afraid to trust Him."


"Fear, is the outward evidence of who's power you respect the most."

"How much do you love YHWH?
The more you love His concepts, the better we'll get along.
The more reservations you have about His ways, the more that we may even sadly end up enemies."
-dwaine 9-4-10

"If you truly have the heart of YHWH, He'll protect you even from your own created fears."
-dwaine 3-16-10

"The approach to peace is to be the first to approach it with peace."
-dwaine 5-4-12

Nobody wants the tedious burdon of studying.
Everyone prefers to just put on a blindfold and play "pin the tail on the donkey" in looking for a church.  Is that a good way to choose a church?  No, but it sure is a lot more fun than studying!, they'll all say!"    (...Well, till judgment day, that is!)

"Does your fear outweigh your hunger for Father's love?  If so, then your fear becomes your own jailer, I repeat...   your own jailer! your own self-chosen fears will then keep you separated from that love of the Father for all eternity."

If you can't find the love to stand ready to die for the honor of your Savior and the defense of your brothers, you'll also not comfortably have any true peace to then stand with any honor for yourself on judgment day."
-dwaine 8-17-2012

Many today have been trained to worship "the church of the most holy trinity", a church  that comes in thousands of shapes, sizes, and denominations these days...   
         ...I'm referring here to the world's fastest-growing church--a church that unanimously worships the three personhood divinity of "Me, Myself, and I".

"They praise YHWH's laws of physics to justify their church's stance on His creation, while out of the other side of their mouths denying the laws of His morals in order to justify their sin in that very same church."
-dwaine 2-27-06

"Give man the free will and ability to create, and the first thing he will create is a god that is more to his liking.  The second thing he will create is an entire society and excuse system where he can worship that god while pillaging his neighbor."

"A humble man's experienced trust in YHWH can make the tallest mountain of the finest pure gold seem as insignificant to his survival as a dung hill!"

"Political correctness is the clown costume of those who do not want you to see their naked hatred for God underneath." 
-dwaine 3-17-06

"Everybody's getting more and more nervous about what they know is coming in the world. Its like a group of high schoolers who never even tried to get their homework done and now the class bell is ringing and they feel its far too late to even know who to copy off of."

"How do you praise a god that isn't a god?  If he is not respected by you as having all authority over you, how is he even a god?"

I say,"people don't like the truth."
They say, "How do you know?"
I say, "I can prove it to you, let me show you in the Bible."
They say without hesitation, "I don't want to hear your religious views," as soon as they hear how it steers to God and not humanism, which is never a source of truth, as by its very nature it was created to be a religion in opposition to biblical theology in the first place (humanism an official "religion"; by our own supreme court ruling; 1961), where...
I then simply say, "See?  you've already proven my point."

"If you're not willing or anxious in your heart to seek truth, you may be the greatest hindrance to the effectiveness of those last rare few who are bravely willing to teach it to others."
-dwaine 2-8-06

"How ironic is it, that those who profess to have a faith in the most loving, fair, and intelligent God, will deny/delete/ignore His perfect written word in exchange for the most attrocious laws ever written by the most deplorable men on earth.  Why?  Because those nice, understanding men will let them keep sinning, when that cruel, unfair, stupid God and His laws will not.  Has something been terribly turned upside down in these people my friends?"

"Government is essentially group restraint for the morally immature.  The more immature we then become, the more government that will be needed and begrudgingly tolerated.  The more we let such powers grow, the less we will mature, by the very absense of the freedoms to exercise them responsibly."
-dwaine 3-30-06

"How can one pray for something if we don't really want it?  We are taught to pray, "Thy will be done, thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven."  If we don't really like the thought of Him reigning over us, how can we truly pray this prayer in our churches?
On the other hand, if we have learned through painful, unexpected tyrannical oppressions pushed on us, to then better appreciate the Father's gentler laws, we would not only pray for that law of the Father's to come, but even do all we can to help that kingdom actually get started in place of that tyranny, just as that prayer suggests!"

"Those "born again Christians" who carry social security cards when witnessing about how they "trust in God with all their hearts", could perhaps be compared to a promotional rep for United Airlines, who quietly uses TWA to fly him from city to city in peddling his beloved United Airlines."

"Perhaps the clock is ticking much louder in your conscience than it is in mine."
-dwaine 4-16-06

"You say you have the Holy Spirit?   Well, my Holy Spirit convicted me of watching t.v., oppressing my neighbors, supporting 501c3 churches, smoking, following a man-made calendar, and tons of other sinful things I had to change.  ...why isn't YOUR Holy Spirit doing things like that?"

"The Savior's sword is a two-edged sword.    ...a sword of division and conviction.    ...separating the conscience striken, from the conscience impaired."

Christians should not be so alarmed that their 501c3 church is marrying homosexuals, because according to the legal papers they signed, it is technically a satanic church anyway (when you understand how a tax-exempt church like that is set up) where sodomy has simply been a part of disguised satanic churches for thousands of years.  These Christians should however, be alarmed (and more so alarmed...)  that they are stupidly still in such a church."

In light of those churches who refuse to preach the authority of God's law:
"You can't fight evil by encouraging immoral people to stay that way."
-dwaine 6-16-06

"If the lukewarm of you don't want us preaching a tough message in your direction, then feel free to switch sides and help us preach that tough message to the remaining unsaved."

"I'm not instructed to win any "Mr. Congeniality" contests, I'm called to win souls to a repentance of their sins against a Holy God."

"Love can not be guided or nurtured to greater heights without truth."

"It almost never fails:  When I tell people the deeper truths and all the things they've been lied to about, and how they've all been deceived and are in trouble with an angry God for being tied to the beast, they want to cover their eyes and ears and hide from the reality of what they are hearing.  Adam and Eve did the same thing when found out, and today people hear God's footsteps coming for all of us and they clearly know that they can't really hide from Him, but keep frantically trying to do so anyway like a herd of terrified elephants thinking they can hide behind a smiley-face mask hoping to escape a vicious lion !"

"If you don't want the truth I can't help you.  You can't produce truth by sugar-coating lies."
-dwaine 2003

"Many have been trained and brainwashed to fear government so successfully that their "programming" has now even over-ridden their once automatic, God-given mechanisms to look through these illusions for realistic ways to simply ignore these programmed fears to survive."

"Coming only halfway out, shows one's dissatisfaction with only half of satan's evils, being content to continue enjoying and thereby worshiping the other half, selfishly wanting the best of both worlds, in trying to yes, serve two masters."
-dwaine 2016

"For those of you who have spent many months or even many years trying to decide to come out from among the system...   
   ...did it take you that long to decide to sign up for all those things?   hmmmm...
What would the Father think of an individual's time differences in decision-making between His kingdom and satan's?"

"Tis better to be seen as a legalist in YHWH's sytem, than a legalist in their beast system!"

"If you won't stand for what you believe...   then you don't."
-dwaine 1-28-07

"The choice is to either live by faith according to truth, or live by fear according to lies."

Contrary to the Norman Vincent Peale flavor of today's churchianity falasies:
"Reforming our lives to the disciplines of purity and brotherly love that the Bible calls us to is "positive". Sitting around looking for excuses NOT to do so, is what is actually "negative" my friends.  Be ye not deceived!"

"Without a God-fearing heart, one cannot connect knowledge with intelligence and produce wisdom."
-dwaine 4-16-07

"If you fear the government more than you trust your God, then you don't fear Him, believe Him, nor love Him."

"Most people are blocking out their sense of logic to allow their daily emotions to be at comfort in their imaginations. Unlike them however, I have disciplined myself to better block out such irrelevant emotions and dreaming so I can properly use my logic to obey the Father's greater given wisdom in how to be of better care and service to "others", and all this, because I simply like to be able to sleep at night, where then at peace in my heart, my wholesome dreams are free to use all the emotion and imagination they want!"

"How can ye escape the damnation of hell by making so many compromising, publicly-documented deals with satan's beast system and its many demonic agents?"

"Saying, "I'm a Christian, but I don't trust God to provide for me", is like saying, "I'm a skydiver, but well...   I'm waiting till they design safer, more perfectly proven airplanes to then feel I can get on one some day."

"Imagine what a beautiful world this could have been had man not imagined himself as God at the same time!"

"You could either win the government's heart by kicking Christ out as the moral authority over your life, or you could win Christ's heart by kicking an evil government out as the moral authority in your life."
-dwaine 6-26-09

"I believe that men and women were designed ("wired") just a little differently from one another: 
Men seem to use their logic to control their emotions, while women seem to more so use their emotions to control their logic."

"Fear of man is a worship of satan."

"Television should be seen as a deception amplifier for satan. He uses it to more convincingly train the viewing mind to live by its emotions and utopian dreams (ye shall be as gods) and suppress all otherwise logical instinctive wisdom to shut it off and get back to our responsibilities of accepting the world that we have with the realistic focus of a wholesome conscience for others, knowing who the real God is."

"How did the theory of evolution begin?  It came out of the "creation" of someone's mind."
-dwaine 12-24-02

"Take enough taxes off of the 99% so that you can very comfortably pay the 1% to convince the 99% that it is necessary."

"Yeshua said that, "it is better to give than to receive."  But today's Church, teaching its people to oppress its neighbors for Casear says, "It is better to live-it-up than to believe."

Our Savior said, "Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the LORD."  But...
Many seem to have misunderstood it to say, "Go ye in among them and be ye desperate, saith the LORD."

"In Zephaniah it says, "I will leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people who shall trust in the name of YHWH."
Yet many today act as if it says, "I will leave in the midst of thee an addicted and whorish people who shall trust in the shame of their social security."

"Genuine love does not just "happen" without  great changes of the heart.  You can't have true love without a growing discipline to match.     ...because if you truly love someone, you'll earnestly discipline yourself to increasing levels of responsibility in order to better do all that you can for that love, and all the more, the more souls you love!"

"There are only two types of people:
 1) Those who are eagerly seeking the truth, and...
 2) Those who are eagerly seeking justification to hide from the truth.
         ....and there's no in-between.
-dwaine 10-4-04
an updated thought to the above:
"We're polarizing under passages like Luke 8:18, et al, where, as times grow more fearful, people then either:
 1) Search harder,    or...
 2) Hide harder. 
-dwaine 11-19-10

"I'd rather be one of the persecuted, than one of the persecutors, one of the oppressed than one of the oppressors, and hated by this evil world, than considered one of them!"

"Why is it that the T.V. worshiping brainwashed woud rather watch the scary fake news, than the less scary truth?"

"Don't build the church around you like a fort for your protection, but build the truth of Christ within you, making yourself the first line of defense against lies, selfishness, deception, and trials for your church!"
-dwaine 12-20-05

"An evil society is the automatic result of natural man being allowed to run his course unchecked.  A society of love on the other hand, can only replace such evil in a society if members are ready to be living examples of how true love responsibly rebukes evil from one's society, dutifully correcting and shaming offenders according to the Bible, speaking truth in love."

The Bible separates mankind into saints and sinners.  Momentarily though, I also see a massive multitude who are dug-in to remain lukewarm and thereby desperately want to "burn those fanatics" so they themselves won't look so sinful as sinners, where the faithful will endure the terror, hoping in a most admirable forgiving love that it might strengthen the faith of the weak.  So in a way, the division could be seen as "heroes and Neros".

"If you refuse to see the error in your church, then I don't know that I'd want you in mine."
-dwaine 1-02-06

"Satan can only torment and hurt you, filling your mind with fear, once you have placed even just the slightest toe in his lawful jurisdiction where you're then fair game."

"People who are yet unable to agree to a full embracing of Father's set-apart lifestyle, trusts, disciplines, and laws, have yet to be punished enough by the beast tyrannies, but that day is not far away for them."

"If you're not being persecuted (as the Bible tells us that all believers shall be persecuted) then might I suggest that perhaps you are not actually doing your job.  (?)"

"Psychology is satan's way of keeping your mind occupied while he removes God from your heart."
-dwaine 3-17-06

The Bible does not say that we're to be filthy stinkin' rich in our struggle to convince people that we're "born again" and blessed by God, it instead tells us in many ways that we're here to learn how to deal with hardships when men all around us (especially Christians these days), all want to to be the ones who are ... filthy stinkin' rich!"

"Why is it that, thoughout all of Biblical history, men and women have always endlessly cried out to the God above for love and truth, but when rare men come along who truly love them, and love them enough to tell them the whole of the truth that could even save them in times of terrible tribulation, they quickly scorn him, hate him, beat him, and even crucify him as if he were the devil himself?"

"The able-bodied who are unwilling to join us on the front lines, help study and teach our cause, or at least work at filling the flanks in a secondary wave of support and reinforcement, should not be expecting me to stop fighting as if my time was more important that I return to keep patting them on the back for watching from a distance.  Bystanders are bystanders, not brethren and "Faith without works is dead."

"People have been trained and conditioned...  even outright brainwashed, to "follow the crowd" in order to better suit the needs of the slavemasters.   So it is the duty of every card carrying member of the beast to then attend their favorite corporate church once or twice a week, in order that you might be comforted that every one of you is special     (...just like everybody else.)"

"Truth is not the product of consensus."

"Those who can't stand being disciplined by YHWH and His people in our world, will ultimately be disciplined by satan and his people."

These are just a portion of the "compact" thoughts I've had over the years.  There are many many more to come as I get the time to go through all the old boxes full of them and enter them here and there!

All glory to the Father, as these have always been like fun "brain sharpeners" for us here!

Hope you enjoyed them so far!

(Notes of this color text added 3-13-2018)