ministry updates

To my more respectful brethren,

Let me first say, that the reason for this page that is to help explain our ministry metamorphosis (not sure what to even call it at this point), is because I have been taken into an extremely higher level of understanding of the love and respect that I have for my Father, and without knowing the proper wording to describe it, let me just say that it's taken me to a new realm of perception that is far more than I have ever loved and revered Him before (and even far more than just less than a year ago), where it almost feels as though I have perhaps reached an innermost part of YHWH's amazingly warm heart where, without knowing the actual metaphysical explanation of how this works, feel as if am perhaps being recompensed in the heart for the many years of having been as similarly recieved as the servants sent of the vineyard owner in the Parable in Matthew 21:33 and Luke 20:9!   But this apparent reward that I feel in my heart in these exciting times seem like not much more than as if to say that I feel that my part of all of this is still as a lowly as say, the exhaust pipe on a heaven-built Rolls Royce, when compared to the glory I am better seeing in Scripture for Father's soon coming kingdom!

These new ways of seeing Father's deeper intimacies of personal character are amazing me so much that I am literally frustrated that I can't just start sharing it with all of you at this very moment!   I can tell you however, my more serious friends, that every reform we had attacked and conquered here that had brought us to these points of purity with our  Father, will now be even more intensely focused on this new heightened understanding of His love from this point forward, and again, built on a level of understanding and admiration of that love (a love both "of" and "from" Him, mind you) that I had previsously never before thought possible, which also took this lowly old preacher far above the levels I had already loved and respected Him in.  ...and all because I trusted Him and refused to compromise with those who tried to discredit this ministry's seriousness.

Well...???    Should I come back to earth now before I scare all of you away?  LOL ! 

All of this being said, please keep in mind then, that when the slightest question should come up in any of your minds as to why I might be writing or saying anything in upcoming presentations here, please allow me to suggest that we then think back to this day for us, as it is the turning point, being a new "set-apart" foundation stone on which this ministry is beginning to rise to greater heights of discernment of Scripture than ever before!  I hope to soon explain some fascinating new things that have been brought to better light for us in Scripture that help to show us His actual innermost character that the churhces have not taught for centuries!

When the Messiah said in Revelation 22 speaking of His final arrival, "my reward is with me" and we know from our deeper studies here just how close that moment is, it makes all of what is coming to light all that much more exciting for those of us who are comfortably standing in great distances from Father's enemies.  I myself am "pumped"! put it mildly, in all that I am seeing here in recent weeks!  

...and please know that I certainly do not speak so illustriously and boastfully of all of these great things that it should in any way be seen as delivered for this old preacher's glory (Heaven forbid!), but I boast of the fresh and wondrous things we are starting to see unfold in the Father's Scriptures, doing so solely for the Father's ultimate glory and the coming instant worldwide respect that we see for His true Son, the Son that will not allow the sinful and untrusting into our next Kingdom!  But I tell you now of these new hopes, my gleefully disciplining and unashamed purist brethren, that when Yeshua arrives standing once and for all as Father's eternal Ambassador of justice and peace with us, that even if but a few, we will be fully ready to not just welcome Him as the blemishless remnant that we are being called to be for Him, but to even now understand many of the reasons "why" we've earned the better discernment for His Word in these trying times, where the reasons we will soon study upon and reveal together here will, in and of themselves, cause whatever heartaches, pains and fears that might yet be left in any of you, to simply be forgotten, because yes my friends, these new hopes that I am about to share in the near future are that wonderful!    

I will do my utmost to expound on the miraculous insights that have come along with this great new elevated awareness of my Father's perfection soon (Father willing), doing so for those of you who I find serious enough to truly appreciate these deeper things, but in the meantime (as I hope to hear from and thereby speak to many of you here and there and offer my hand in righteous friendship to the more achieved purists of you) I will present a few appetizers of thought as an introduction to the smaller parts of what has awakened me to recognize this new plateau of His love in the first place.  The upcoming weeks and months (and perhaps years, if necessary) of expected releases are already giving me great new hope that it will help transition our thoughts into the more profound things I am hoping to yet share with those of you, my closer friends. 

I thought that the "come out from among them" message (being one of the end times four angels  [final] warnings of Revelation) was perhaps the last thing I would have to expect to preach about before Messiah arrived, but it seems that this very "touchy" topic, being so difficult to preach to a world who hated such a message, had to be thoroughly preached first, and in solid, inexcusable ways that would unmistakably and lawfully convict all who had been unable to trust their Creator as "God" to reign over them.  This had to be done first (and the hard part is yet to come for them, I'm afraid) that they might now tremble as they remain terrified and somewhat frozen in those opposing positions and jurisdictions awaiting their judgment.  They had to be dealt with first, being "put in ward" (so to speak), while we are being refined, in order to give us the finishing touches of our disciplinary training, and pave the way for the brighter happier surprises awaiting those of us, who had not rejected Father's authority and disciplines, and had not murmured against those trying to discipline us, but had humbly and dutifully obeyed those gracious warnings of trusting Him and living by His laws of love, and are (again, Father willing) soon to find reason to rejoice like they've never rejoiced before, and singing out praises to this God for His wonderful laws of liberty and love like they had angelic voices!

But first, this opening section has quite a bit of speech that is not often heard in the churchianity machinery today, and therefore may sound unusual to the average professing "Christian", and perhaps may even sound cruel for some of you who are not yet familiar with the Father's perfectly judicious and uncontestibly fair character (especially when coming from a preacher who is not willing to be politically correct or appeasingly diplomatic) so I'll just come right out and say it:  
     I have spent far too many years begging people nicely to study the facts we've learned that so clearly shows the way they've been gullibly tricked into being (effectually and lawfully) "baptised" into satan's global system of greed, myself begging many of these folks through many years and hundreds of verses that prove all of this, to cast away their "beast membership cards" to thereby quit helping today's Caesars persecute and oppress their neighbors.  

And although a better awareness of this situation of global deception is yet spreading among all of the English speaking folks I know, and more and more are respecting me that my evidences are factual, there are only a rare few of the multiple thousands that I have met over time, that seem to truly understand just how serious this is for their lives.  Their awareness is often so well informed of the evils coming against us, that it sometimes equals or even surpasses what I have learned over all these years regarding the detils of how badly the elite satanists are destroying us, yet that learning has not led more than an occasional believer here or there to want to then recognize their own sins in this life and remorsefully apologize to their Heavenly Father for their part in this modern-day Nazi machinery.   They often only resent my reminding them that they are Children of a Holy God who is expecting us to be wholesome ambassadors for Him in jointly combatting this evil.   

The numbers of people that I have categorized as being under (new word of mine here, please take note...) "mental captivity", are people that I have therefore been increasingly troubled to find irreversibly mesmerized and yet, almost always angry towards the ones who are trying to help them break free of this condition, had recently come to a cresendo of spiritual disharmonies that got so bad, that with tears, I have been desperately asking my Father if there is anything more that I could do for these people. 

My several months of seeking these answers has led me to a crossroads that I, at first, didn't want to face:  Many are NOT going to come back out of this "hypnosis" because their hearts are not seeking the right things, and we are to accept that we are (as I have taught, but had hoped would not so seriously come to this...) literally in times very much like what is described in Joshua 5:6.   -many must be "consumed away" (being damned) before this painful time is over for us.

After the Tablets were cast in stone and Father's law was again insisted upon under Moses in an escaping Israelite nation, many had to be "comsumed away" before the faithful were then led across the Jordan and into the promised land.  ...and this is where a lot of the new insight into our upcoming joys are unfolding for me recently, but for now, the rebellious and impenitent among us must be left to make way for a generation that will follow the Father's laws of love.

Therefore, I have had to make and end of this time of "probation" that the Father had so graciously otherwise given all of us to re-think our positions (since the 7th trumpet, which was the "warning" from Him that we today call 9/11), myself looking the other way for many of them regarding their ties with the beast, but only til now because their endless train of excuses to not leave their other lover also shows their otherwise unseen inner disrespect (and maybe even hidden outright hatred(?) towards their God and Creator, where its time to stop begging the Father to hold off in sparing the rod on "the children of disobedience" as the rest of us must put our hands to the plow and move on with those who truly do love Him as we do.  And this, in a very over-arching way, over not just this ministry but the entire world, not favoring a single individual over any others from here on out, because we are being called to choose sides right now, my brethren.

I must acept the reality that the Father has given us all the opportunity and warnings one could ever ask for, where (if we truly cared about Him of course) millions of so-called "Christians" should have fully repented of these things they have had such great opportunity to learn, and could have responsibly helped spread these truths that we had all found ourselves guilty of, and should have energetically joined together by now returning in droves to Father's side in complete respect of His instructions of brotherly love.  And not just millions, but billions of us should have, by now, been fully cleansed and waiting on the edge of our seats for His next set of instructions for us.   ...but no, instead, "all the world [still] wonders after the beast"   ... just as prophecied.

Therefore, my heart has been shifting from a sympathy of many who I once believed to have been "good Christians" (thinking them perhaps just innocently ignorant of the truth), to a point here recently where I now see with more evidences every day, that almost every one of them are more accurately just being willfully ignorant and/or stubborn.  They are excusing one another by consensus, as they continue blindly looking for whatever loop holes they can find to keep their "hands in the cookie jar", having themselves heard more than enough evidences that they are yes, by lawfully binding association (the mark of the beast) simply joint-tyrants with the Caesars in oppressing their neighbors. 

I'm not talking about the heathen here when speaking about such a wilfull ignorance as this.  And although I had some of the atheists and heathen wake up with much more honesty than some of the believers I've known, I had written the bulk of them off long ago, who also didn't care to hear about a biblical God that Created them.  I'm referring to people who are regularly (and often resentfully) defending their status when saying "I'm born again" or who "I have an indwelling of the Holy Spirit in me!" or, "I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!"  These are all catch phrases that I have heard endlessly over the years, that meann no more than having the name "Levis" branded on one's jeans, because the next day the Jeans might say, "K-mart", when they want to be disloyal to their "branding".   

Huge numbers of those folks are the ones who are being the most "uncooperative(?; to say it nicely)" when it comes to explaining that their ties to the beast are hurting others, thereby sadly only responding as if they are merely annoyed "know-it-alls" rather than compassionate Christians, and doing so in ample awareness of not just the facts that show their ties that literally aid this beast in its tyranny against mankind, but even against their conscience's calling by this amazingly patient Creator that, in my opinion, has given these people every single chance imaginable to repent of their evil support of this satanic beast system.  It's all the more painful for me, when I once trusted these people thinking that they truly cared about their friends and brethren, knowing with increased certainty after all these years now, that they had also fully understood how this system so clearly and openly opposes everything about Father's lovingkindness in every way imaginable.  

It destroys my heart that I have to say this about so many thousands that I have met, including some of my own once trusted closer brethren, but I have to speak the truth in love, where an entire world has become absolutely beligerant towards my Father and His loving warnings all these years, Himself so patiently calling even the most stubborn and rebellious to change their hearts and follow in a purity apart from the oppressors.  Try as I had, I myself have been unable to find any biblical loopholes for any of them that will hold any water, even if hoping just to say to their credit that some here and there may have done some growing towards respecting these warnings to "come out from the beast", because I can't.  I simply cannot say that they have done any growing, as very few have done anything but continue to offer their "reasons" for why they should be exempted from such calls to purity, and so forth.   

So after many years and many dozens of ways in being shown that they are doing nothing about remaining in such serious sin, are likely stagnantly pushing the Father's patience to a point where they are simply in need of Father's rod.  And so it is folks.  That's what's coming soon:  Father's wrath for them, and a glorious protection for us.  A wrath for them, the huge multitudes, which is going to be the biggest rebuke this world has ever seen, a punishment on mankind (and violently beginning with those claiming to be called by His name) that will equal (or more likely) exceed the punishment sent upon those of Noah's day, Sodom and Gomorrah, and maybe even Jeremiah's time all put together.  These many years of trying to encourage these people to come out of their sin has done near nothing in bringing them out of their sin (and again, even when they all admitted that all the facts looked to verify all of this!), and is justifyingly showing a Holy God, no matter how hard I and a few remaining others had tried to get them to humble themselves and comply with Father's gracious request, that these people are literally asking for it.

So there.  I've said it.  Some lukewarm soul who may unexpectedly happen upon this page will now surely hate me all the more, while those who understand the Father's character of hesed (lovingkindness) will know that I am in Father's corner all the way now, because I tell you my dear brethren, that I can no longer find Scriptural reason to defend these stiff-necked people who yet snub Him and His laws for so long, especially in such times as these, when they even know that Father has to be getting extremely furious at this point.

Had I been Moses, I would have likely been just as angry with those indignant, disrespectful spiritual whoremongers at the base of that mountain, and would have done pretty much the same as Moses I suppose, in wanting to basically pastorally spank everyone as if they were all uncontrollable whining toddlers, because that's all we seem to similarly have among us today as well.

It is therefore with great satisfaction and joy in my heart for the rare remaining faithful of you, that I now write this notice of intentional change in this ministry, where I dare say, that I've simply had enough of our time's rebellious attitudes and what their overall temper tantrum against Father's disciplines and purity is doing to my unbelievably loving and heartbroken Father, but unlike Moses, I will not be breaking the Father's Holy Tablets as he had so understandably done, nor do I plan to allow any of my own emotions to have the slightest part in what is so understandably needed here in the ways of chastisement of the adequately warned lukewarm masses.  Having learned from Moses, and having the precious gift of being able to see the Father's true heart with such clarity in these times, I plan to take that energy that I now feel within me (in wanting so badly to just put a sudden end to the way these people are being so disrespectful to Father's authority), to instead calmly and wisely further distance myself from all who are "sitting on their lees in their other lover's bedchamber" and use my remaining energies now, to instead amplify the new knowledge that the Father is giving me, hoping to more carefully comfort those small but growing numbers who have respectfully ended their support of satan's death machine.  I hope to now take some of the new gifts that Father is gracing me with and more directly concentrate my focus on helping just those respectful few who are faithfully standing with the Father in complete blameless purity apart from the beast heathen world.  This, knowing that even if we are but a small number, we will be bold and courageous just as Gideon's men whose numbers were also kept very small by the Father, designed to both shame all who would fearfully see such a spectacle from their hiding places, and (with Father's glory not manpower; see Judges ch. 7) defeat today's Medionites, where I am confident how we too will then similarly glorify my Heavenly King, where this time my Father will shame, not just a small encampment, but an entire world who had chosen to stay with His enemies.

And just as Father gave clever instruction to Gideon on how to separate the men from the boys at the water pool, I am now prepared to obediently help my loving Father separate those who love Him, from those who live only for the things of this world and "self", having already found in myself over the years that I will not compromise my love and trust of this amazing Father of mine for anyone who is not willing to grow in His purity.  

In spending a huge amount of time in deep prayer and reflection in recent months, I have concluded many things, but one of them is that I am not getting any younger, and in seeing that only a small few in this world actually want to end this tyranny peacefully by simply "rising up, leaving all, and following Him" (Luke 5:28) along with us, I am becoming more determined to do the job I have been called to do and see this thing through before I am gone, where I am weary of all the bickering, the discontent, the murmerings, the quarrelling, the bellyaching, and especially, the disrespect for the perfectly gracious Father I love so dearly now, whose impeccable laws could have by now schooled these ungrateful masses to instead love one another and bring world peace.  But none would discipline themselves to the truth or to any sympathetic deeper thought about what they were all doing to one another.  They have simply refused and rejected Father's disciplines, just as Scripture said would be the case in these last days (2 Tim 4:2-4, et al). 

It will probably only be the very rare few of you for now who will agree with these observations and want to then move forward with us, so you might find this page not just helpful, but perhaps even refreshingly in concert with what your own heart has been telling you for a long time--which is that some of us are not just called, but perhaps even called because He knew that we would be in total acceptance and readiness of heart in that calling, and... perhaps even called not unlike how the twelve disciples were called by Yeshua in their day as well.  --the larger multitudes are proving that they are not just lacking in this "readiness of heart", but even acting out in an opposing "rebellion of the heart" shown by their words and actions, in how they clearly want to somehow discredit (putting it mildly on their behalf) those of us who are otherwise unafraid of their beast god and thus proudly standing with the Father.  I think of the old Hymn here: "Onward Christian Soldiers" and am afraid for the souls of those who sadly won't even accept that this struggle we're in is a literal war.  Massive numbers of people who call themselves believers are trying to yet straddle between the two spiritual sides, dodging bullets from both directions.  Tearfully, and against all of my attempts to change it for many of them, they are prophetically (and surely) going to be the first casualties (Ezekiel 9:1-6; 1 Peter 4:17, etc.).

But for now, and for those of you who dig deep, and who already know that we have announced that we were going to get a little more serious, please know that this is (and again for now at least) expected to be the only page that we plan to add new items to that will go any deeper than the issues we've already angered the unsaved and lukewarm with.  Only those of you who remain diligently seeking the Father's latest messages of graduating purity for us will really need to know about this page, as it seems wise to not put these deeper things out in the open so much, where it might be best to only share these deeper things with those who have been truly working with us in a respectful admiration for Father's heirarchical order of law and justice.  Only those who continue to graduate upwards to the higher and higher levels of accepting and respecting Father's true character of love, will understand these things.   This is the fulfillment of verses like Zech 13:9 and Daniel 12:10, where we are to be refined in these times and "the wicked shall not understand, but the wise shall understand," and where the lukewarm are getting impatient and resentful with those of us who have been "gaining talents" (Father's wisdom and blessings on insight; as we showed the parable of the talents now being literally fulfilled in these times, as we wrote years ago in our book "Last Call").  But most of you who follow us already understand these more basic pictures of prophecy fulmillments in our time, so allow me to explain further:

This page is therefore the quiet little spot that most who are not serious about their Creator as an athority over them will likely never find, nor will they want to find it (themselves running from this site as fast as their feet can carry them upon seeing the "fanaticism" of the initial pages such as the home page), and therefore will not be exposed to nor offended by the yet deeper things that we hope to now be posting here. 

Presently, I have but one thought that I would like to pass on to those of you who are more loyal to Father's ways of discipline and love, which is that it is becoming harder and harder to ignore passages like what was told Jeremiah in very similar days in which he was also so lovingly trying to warn his own generation (of the same precise things, by the way : slavery and idolatry), where they all only beat Jeremiah, imprisoned him, humiliated him, and treated him like a traitor, not to mention leaving him for dead as well. The Father then told Jeremiah pretty conclusively:

"Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee."  
-Jeremiah 7:16

"Therefore thus saith YHWH, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them."   
-Jeremiah 11:11

"Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up a cry or prayer for them: for I will not hear them in the time that they cry unto me for their trouble."   
-Jeremiah 11:14

The millions of card-carrying beast members want to hold on to their warm and fuzzy pipe-dreams with a death grip wherein they want to continue selling their brethren into slavery as Joseph's brothers did to him, will surely still rely on their own land of make-believe (their beast church/state system) that they are still Christians at the same time.

I have also had many people over recent years who wanted to join us an then treat this assembly of ours as if it was just another one of the world's social club churches, as if there were no rules to follow in keeping order and peace as insisted on by the Father.  Untold millions worldwide all want to stay in their sin and irresponsibilities even after being gently encouraged many times to at least admit that they need to change, where they then instead ridicule and mock such serious calls to discpline, often leaving in unfriendly ways, then years later when some can no longer find any other serious preachers, they want to return as if they had done no wrong.  That is not the lesson of the parable of the prodigal son.  Repentance is a HUGE part of the discipline of love my brethren, HUGE.   This is because it shows that the pride has been subdued and has been replaced with at least some level of remorse for the transgression that had been done towards another.  Remember my friends; Peter included repentance as if it were a massively key factor in the qualifiers for one's salvation when he said, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you for the remission of sins."  Peter was the one who denied His Savior three times when abducted, and then when the cock crew, had cried miserably upon recognizing the consequences of his own disloyalty, so he was surely qualified to understand and thereby insist upon repentance for us in Scripture, agreed?   

I think we could safely say, that the wrath we see hovering over our nation and world is Father feeling that such folks have not learned their lesson well enough yet.  Perhaps they have not proverbially eaten their lot with the swine as the prodigal son was left to suffer.  And remember, even the prodigal son did not leave his father in bitterness, burning bridges with unkind words of degradation, etc., as many folks do towards the last few remaining serious preachers today.  With all of the criticism, thanklessness, and abuse we see towards the more serious preachers who, out of love for their friends, are merely trying to show how the criminal element has been lying about these things, can we not then see why there are so few men who want to take this job today?  And although this is certainly not just a hard message to preach, but also a very hard message to hear as well, it is still not excusable.

Can I stop feeling sorry for them?  No.  It's impossible.  Believe me, I have tried to block it out for years.  I cry for them endlessly, but they have even attacked me for crying for them as well, saying it was a sign of weakness in me.  How sad that they have been so heartlessly taught, to think that crying for friends you love is a "weakness", as no, Yeshua wept for several friends.  Their claim is directly out of the playbook of the satanist's theology of the world, of Hitler, of Stalin, and even of many a heartless military leaders, not of the Father.  I cry for these people even in my dreams, and then all the more when they say such things.  But I can't at the same time justify favoring the indignant of them when others are more needful of this ministry's time and/or who are being much more respectful of Father's instruction where the Bible says that all things be done decently and in order (1 Cor 14:40), which as we can even see in the youngest classrooms of school children, such order among gatherings keeps the fighting down and thereby nurtures love in all who cooperate and train themselves to maintain such disciplines for the benefit of "others".

Yet all in all, and unlike the class of well-disciplined toddlers at school, the atmosphere around the world is that of a rapidly unfolding perfect prophecy picture where the heathen and lukewarm are all fitting the biblical verses of coming chaos like never before, with all the world wondering (and see PDF posting [also below] for the also amazing discoveries we found in the definitions for the Greek word "wonder") after the beast, and all having found themselves weeping and gnashing their teeth.  Yet it comes in a most surprising, incomprehensible, and even jaw-dropping way, where we find that they don't seem anywhere near as angry at the tyrants that YHWH has given them as a punishment for their evils, oh no!   ...  but they're often instead much more angry and vengeful towards those of us who had loved them enough to tell them the truth in love, that its our sinful ways that brought all of this upon us in the first place!  They want to shoot us rather than their cruel overlord murderers, just for mentioning that if we would have come out from those sins we would not have had to suffer the plagues!  So yes, its now the loving preachers that are despised and hated, not the tyrants that are murdering them and their children with endless depopulation poisons and programs!  No matter how much I feel sorry for them, the Father's character does not reward willfull ignorance or stubbornly irresponsible hearts, and we're told that we shouldn't do so either. 

No, the Scriptures (Luke 17:3,4, for more detail, see this pagesay that they must repent of such disrespect against His laws.  They must show remorse for their lack of reverence for the clear black and white disciplines of order for the church as well, and if folks can't even respect even these simplest of the Father's biblical laws and courtesies to show any respect or admiration (let alone love) for their Creator and brethren in their own congregation of friends, then I, in my greater love for both the Father and the poor who are otherwise suffering persecutions that are literally encouraged by the ties these people have with Caesar, feel less and less sympathetic for them every year.  Their otherwise impecably disciplined commitment to self, feeds their own ever-demanding pride as if that pride were not such a monstrous soul-devouring carnivour, but to them, more like their long-loved precious house pet.  Christ said that we are to humble ourselves and alternately the Bible clearly shows in many ways that we are to rebuke such prideful brethren, but satan's churches say, "Not today!"  So, should you step on their pride in any way that they've been trained to defend their pride via political correctness...?  Oh oh, my friend!'ve just declared war!  

Pride is a very huge and swelling issue for the true preacher to combat today (Have we not noticed the huge escalation of folks taking "selfies" and posting their own pictures all over the net?)  Pride cometh before the fall, brethren.  Pride is the result of having swallowed satan's lies of how ye shall be as gods, or put another way  ... "self" ...over-rules YHWH".

My recent audio, "Into His Ark, Into His Arms", addresses this need to humble one's self to properly repent to one's old fellowship of friends (hopefully feeling true remorse for their disrespect towards their Father), and there it is even only expressed in a meek "oh and by the way" fashion in that audio, but the issue of respect in an assembly of YHWH is not so light at all.  Not by any means.  It is extremely imperative that the lukewarm wake up to just how serious a time of wrath this is.  Ours is a time very much like that of the time of Noah, and yet even with supposed believers saying that they agree with this, they still run around eating, drinking, building, planting, sinning, as if nothing is out of the ordinary except that the world is falling apart.  ooops!   hmmm(?).  The WORLD IS FALLING APART???   And yes, even with their admitted knowledge that this world is about to collapse into smithereens somehow and their lives are about to end, they still treat the seriousness of the Father and His need to be respected (in and out of His congregation), as if it were just something they could ignore, as if they were back in grade school and were only rebelling against a substitute teacher or school crossing guard or something--the disrespect itself a product of the public school system and its "programming" to despise and disregard any authority except authorized "beast" authorities.

Yet Father will not allow the rebellious and impenitent into the ark that is being prepared for the saints today no more than He did in Noah's day, and Scripture says this very clearly: "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be, For as in the days that were before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark.  And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."
Would Yeshua lie to us?  ...telling us that it will be like the days of Noah, meaing that there will be very few as well?  Millions of government churched people today are doing the very same thing, acting like "God would never hurt me, because, well, I'm good buds with God!"  Isn't this the same basic attitude that must have also been prevalent back in Noah's day?

This page is therefore dedicated to those who, along with us, are just the opposite of the above described and are instead diligently respectful to the utmost desires of purity in learning the Father's laws of love, and doing so for Him and His glory, not their own.

Not all of what I am working on is presently planned to be posted, as there are some bigger, long term things that are very amazing in its subject matter and therefore going to take some time to yet finish although I may share parts with my most serious friends here and there.  But Father willing, new entries will be added from time to time here (without announcement to our larger email base, so we suggest to newcomers to either request to be put on our deeper email base for these entry notifications, or just check this page from time to time).   

We're being separated spiritually, so it stands to reason that we must separate ourselves from that other side that does not want to yet choose sides (the lukewarm) knowing that they are soon going to be paying a very heavy price for their complacency and disbelief.

There are two camps: One camp can't understand how we can embrace the Father and His laws so warmly, and our camp can't understand why they can't.  it's not really much more complicated than that if you boil it all down.  

But the residual fact that comes of that, is that the spirits are doing nothing but clashing when two opposing souls come together for anything, and there seems to be no way to break through these people's hearts anymore to calm them into any civil discusions, which is again evidence for the present "weeping and gnashing of teeth", and how we are never going to get very far with these people now, if anywhere.

I was made to realize that I have been putting too much time and energy into trying to carry on civilized debates with folks, trying to return detailed emails to people in order to be fully open and transparent, trying to gently keep in touch with yet others, etc, etc, etc, only to have angers and resentments come back in so many increasing ways from all of these mentioned types that it only further makes me feel very sorry for them, wondering how they can still be so furious at those of us who are trying so hard to find Father's mercies for our nation in such terrifying times.  I then had to conclude that you can't reason with people who refuse to hear "the truth in love", let alone speak it themselves.  So along with the other changes, the wise choice to just keep our better understandings less amplified (if you will), but yet still publicly out in the open for those the Father might yet send to this page, should also open up a lot more free time for those of us here who had been spending a little too much of our time trying to argue with folks who sadly, can't seem to even grasp the simplest of these things we now see.  Where once more, the Father said this would come: "the wicked will not understand, but the wise shall understand".  "Wicked" (by the way) according to Webster's 1828 dictionary means those who are "deviating from the divine law; addicted to vice; sinful".  How is this so hard to ascertain for them, unless they, by denying Father's law are not able to understand, because of my often reminded two verses: John 16:13 and Acts 5:32, where only the obedient are going to understand.

But again, we know why they're becoming so furious, as the Bible tells us that their own choice of gods and lack of respect for Father's law will  leave them cast  into outer darkness (no light of the truth) where again, there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and the serious preachers like some of us must do as Yeshua and the apostles did I suppose, and start dodging some of these people, preserving what energies we have left for those "few there be that find it" who are yet respectful to Father's system of law and order, and thereby dutifully eager to continue hearing what the few of us are still overjoyed to be learning and striving to achieve for the Father next. 

In an illustration to summarize my recent inward convictions to change my focus of this ministry, let me say it as simply as I can this way:

I am somewhat feeling like a preacher standing before the world ready to join bride and groom in Holy Wedlock.  But I have been painfully awakened to the fact that the bride is not truly ready, and not just that but not even outwardly or publicly faithful, and thereby not even showing any fruits that I can defend them on, that such a bride is actually deserving of such a marriage.  I therefore am no longer going to be able to justify any further coddling and prodding of this unfaithful bride-to-be towards any greater commitments of the heart than Father Himself has been patiently waiting for such a bride to properly show, where I will have to, by commandment of He who hath prepared this feast, step aside from "those who had been bidden", and transfer that invitation to the very few among the highways and hedges, being the last remaining ones who are patiently waiting with a much more recognizable humility, respect (and even gratitude), and to them only now, as we know what happens to those who try to come to the wedding banquet now without a proper wedding garment, don't we?  once again, they are cast into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth!

The Messiah is ready for His bride, and I refuse now to soil this happy occassion for Him with those who are only looking to borrow more and more oil for their lamps, not having enough oil (love and trust) of their own for Him.

Therefore, as a faithful steward for this honorable event, I can only look to help prepare the real bride, unable to shower any sympathies upon those especially who knew of all these things we've been learning, but had not filled their lamps with oil before this day (again ourselves obeying the verses above, given to Jeremiah for rebels identical to ours today). It hurts to see so many of our tender loved ones fall into such dug-in stubborness where Father is perhaps writing these people off forever, but it is not my place or yours to force (or even harass) others to embrace Father's character against their will, a free will that is now so immovably taking them down the road to perdition, nor is it my place to reward such impenitence, nor can I in any way compromise for them as if able to forgive their sin, otherwise I would be no better than such "children of disobedience" myself, should I cater to those who are refusing to follow the Father's instructions of marital bliss for the whole "marriage supper of the lamb" event in the first place.

The more I see them digging-in to protect their pride and self esteem, the more I wish I could just find a way to hide from all of this, knowing where this blindness is taking these people.  But then I also see the lust of the flesh in others and the coveteousness of the materialistically addicted, where so many today think that the God of the Bible is just there to "bless them" with "things".  They have been hypnotically trained by the television commercials, their "name it and claim it" televangelists, and endless other ways, that if they want to be happy they have to work endlessly like worker bees in a bee hive till they die.   Others merely see Him as a giant genie in the sky of some kind.   Its all about material gain one way or another for untold millions, perhps billions.  For these types of folks, they'd see the purity issue the other way around, where the thought of giving up all their Caesar work documents would be what would constitute blasphemy in their eyes, not having them against the wishes of a Holy God of love!   But my dear friends, I have been saddened beyond description by what these people have turned my God into.  My Father is not to be degraded and humiliated as a mere gift-giving machine.  He is not like one of the coin-operated claw-machines at the stores and amusement parks that drop wonderful toys to us from out of the sky (should we stand there long enough pouting, expecting someone else to feed it coins; read: "trained oppressors" again), He has a heart too, just like we have, and I for one, can sadly no longer justify trying to share the deeper things of Father's character (analogously meaning His intimate, innermost secrets of love) with those who won't even school themselves on the least elementary layers of His truth and love.  

I just cannot do this to my loving King of kings anymore, letting these ungrateful so-called "born again" people make a mockery of Him via such disrespect for His rightful and perfect authority over His creation, especially after all the purity and grace that He has so painstakingly offered to every single one of these insensitive people, having even paid for their sins with His own precious Son's blood.  So thus is how I now face the picture of the times we are living in, the way I see the people who are so repeatedly denying the majesty of my great God and King, and now the new, more sternly focused direction of this ministry in the light of this apostate world.    ...and thus I give you the new heart that I have for my Father and Savior, which is one of total compassion for Him now, a heart that will no longer allow those who are mocking the authority of my Father, to then "dis Him" (as they say in my poor neighborhood here), where I will no longer turn the other cheek when people are refusing to take His commands and instructions for our lives with the reverence that He so rightly deserves.  

The times we are in demand that I do as Jeremiah was told, and stop praying for those who refuse to relinquish "self" for the greater authority and Lordship of the One who created them.

Does this help to explain my heart here?  I am left to do what we are called to do if we really love Him.  I'm not to adjust His written Word to agree with what the undisciplined want to hear, even if they are the closest of close to me.   I must do as I am commanded.  For just as Abraham was ready to follow the instructions of this same loving God and give up His own son, the Father then, in unmatchable mercy, had found grace for Abraham's obedience and provided Abraham another sacrifice caught in the thicket, symbolizing how He would fulfill this exact same sacrifice Himself using His own Begotten Son, doing so without flinching or hesitation.  He poured out His Son's blood on that cross for all of us, where we who are the last few, should also be fully ready to let our own loved ones go where they will, but moving forward to the commands that we were called to, being called to a service of preaching the gospel of eternal life for those who would also embrace His law and His ways of purity in a time where we can't wait for impenitent loved ones and friends, where we must all prepare our hearts for the day that we may be expected to enter the bride chamber without them.

You see, the bridesmaids that asked of the other brides to lend them of their own oil, were expecting to ride on the coat-tails of the responsible.  This is not possible, even if we wanted to offer them some (as the wise bridesmaids in the verse even say, "not so!", meaning that this is not even possible).  They must attain their own oil, and through the proper means as well, otherwise they are trying to "climb up some other way", being a thief and a robber.

..and thieves are on the other side, where there is no neutral ground.  And just as the wicked rich had planned for so long to remove the middle class, the Father has turned the tables on them and is instead removing their imaginary neutral ground between good and evil.  Billions all over the world are being forced out of this long pretended neutral zone, forced to choose sides.  It is now I'm afraid, becoming a full blown spiritual war between them and us, my brethren, where instead of brother against brother in a civil war as we had in 1860's America, it is going to be brother against brother, with those who lovingly respect Father's laws, against those who have been refused a position on our side, again, not unlike how the numbers of Gideon's men were reduced to near nothing by the Father.  We have our lamps full, safely tucked away until He gives us further signal, which is short coming.

I therefore, can no longer justify continuing in any favoring of those who are yet siding and sympathizing with satan's beast system and that kingdom's jurisdictionally lawful subjects.  I must withhold my higher levels of patience and tenderness from those who refuse to repent and who thereby will not stop persecuting others.  I can no longer "offer aid and comfort to the enemy", an enemy who is blatantly now the full blown adversary of both my wonderful Heavenly Father and His genuine saints among the poor and afflicted who, thanks to these complacent people who refuse to reform to Father's laws of purity once more, no longer have a voice in any of their previous Christian churches anymore.  And yes, and just in the event that someone may be misinterpreting certain verses, we are to do good to our enemies (when we have proper opportunity), but we're never to help the enemies of Father, His kingdom, or it's loyal subjects--there's a line of clear distinction there.

But as I retreat into a full defensive mode for the glory of my Father and to now aid and comfort only those who truly respect and side with Him on our side, I have to also back away from the public soapbox of final warning, because with this war readying to burst forth as we are fully warned in Isaiah 30: 13 and others, I must take a new position, having delivered the message that would convict souls to taking one side or the other, where the Messiah and His sword of Luke 19:27 will now take over, taking His ready, respectfully conforming bride safely on His right hand, while slaying those who would not that He should reign over them on the left (Matthew 25:32,33).  

" the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn."  (Matt. 13:30)

Knowing that the word "first" refers to "Judgment begins first at the house of the Lord" (Father's professing church)", and how in Ezekiel 9:6 the men with desroying weapons were to "begin at my sanctuary" (also His professing church), then sadly for those who are yet in rebellion, this verse again, also fits the Scriptural warnings with terrifying precision.   This clearly shows how many will be "bound", both by law due to their publicly confessed ties, and locked in intellectually, trapped by satan's modern mind control deceptions of our time.  And as I said before, forget the heathen in this mix, they are far down the road in line for this fire.  This moment in time is sent us in many chapter & verse warnings because it would be the most serious warning for mankind in our last days.  It would be intended of course for the many 501c3 denominations of Rome's control and the many independant lukewarm remnant groups yet trusting in the social security gods, etc, their many various "marks" of such, making them lawfully "bound" to satan and this coming fire in their various "bundles" (congregations).  The more obediently pure and trusting of us are not to be gathered yet, which easily would explain our small visual numbers, but we are to wait on Him, accepting meanwhile, our time's refining of the saints (Daniel 12:10; Zech. 13:9, et al)

In general, my brethren, "He must increase [as the perfect groom], [while those like myself at least, fully accepting my time] must decrease".  

As The Groom readies Himself for His final grand entrance here soon, I know that the better of you don't then want to be found anywhere out and about hoping that you'll luck out in finding someone else's oil, but humbly bowing down at His throne, lamps long filled to the brim with your own oil, waiting patiently for Him!

This next part is just a refresher for those of us who have friends that are yes, sadly gnashing their teeth at us, themselves not aware (or perhaps not caring) that the Father is standing right above them, watching their every move and every choice they make in these times of His building anger:

With Fear and Trembling 
(amplifying a segment of Paul's letter to the Philippians in chapters 2,3; KJV; emphasis, sacred name repairs, commentary, etc. mine -dwaine): 

2:9 Wherefore YHWH also hath highly exalted him (referring to Yeshua here), and given him a name (authority) which is above every name (authority)
2:10 That at the name (authority) of Yeshua every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; 
2:11 And that every tongue should confess that Yeshua ha Messhiach is Kingto the glory of YHWH the Father (meaning that the Son glorifies the Father, which would include all laws, statutes and judgments)
2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling
2:13 For it is YHWH which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure (both His restrictive laws [His Will] and His productive instructions of evangelizing goodwill to all men, comforting them with His truth of purity, societal system of love and justice, benevolence, etc, [His Good Pleasure])
2:14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings
2:15 That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of YHWH, without rebuke (in other words, obeying/respecting the Father's perfect system of societal order without NEED of rebuke), in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world (and this “light” [or shining example] cannot be achieved by appeasing that perverse nation in compromise. He is here reminding them to be separate from the world's perversions, so as to shine much more brightly than those of the dark side)
2:16 Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Yeshua, that I have not run in vain, neither labored in vain (begging them that he might be assured that his many years of fighting for the truth and preaching to them was not a waste of time)
2:17 Yea, and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith (if in the event that he would have been martyred for their sakes), I joy, and rejoice with you all (absent with the body; present with the King)
2:18 For the same cause (noble purpose) also do ye joy, and rejoice with me. 
2:19 But I trust in the King Yeshua to send Timotheus shortly unto you, that I also may be of good comfort, when I know your state. 
2:20 For I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state. 
2:21 For all seek their ownnot the things which are Yeshua's
3:15 Let us therefore, as many as be perfect (in other words, the lukewarm excluded from our number), be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, YHWH shall reveal even this unto you (assuming here, that is, if you truly have the Father's Spirit, whereby their heart of flesh or conscience will then reveal inconsistencies in those who “seek their own”, convicting the sinner in their imperfections of “self”)
3:16 Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule (meaning all subject to YHWH's Laws of conduct, not political correctness or our own “feelings”)let us mind the same thing
3:17 Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample (mark or accept those among you who are likewise as Paul was, as unfearing purists)
3:18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ (they are rebels, witnesses against the sacrifice that Yeshua made on the Cross for them, being yet by fear, subject to the bondage of the things [and thereby gods] of this world)
3:19 Whose end is destruction, whose god (authority) is their belly (self), and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.) 
3:20 For (but; because) our conversation (citizenship) is (not in the things of this world, but...) in heaven (YHWH's Kingdom/government); from whence also we look for the Savior, the King, Yeshua ha Messhiach (Jesus the Christ).

One final word of help for those who might still be genuinely yet trapped in satan's mind control:


They were called "disciples" for a reason. It wasn't just to give them a fancy title, or to make the twelve feel that they were just "lucky" that Messiah had happened to choose them out of the clear blue or something, they were surely chosen for their greater respect in the more conscientious sympathies they may have had, perhaps even lying dormant in their hearts, being hearts that the Messiah knew would not fall away in these men (well, except for one Judas of course, of which Yeshua also well knew would be used for the very alternate reason of showing the evils of a lack of such discipline and love for one another).  But on the disciples and its root word, discipline:

The so-called Christian world has shifted its social standard from one of respecting their teachers that teach Father's perfect love, to one that respects teachers that teach them how to be more comfortable, or ...  how to beter please "self".  ...shifting from Father's teachers, to satan's teachers now.  Discipline is only a dirty word if it does not involve goals of money and glory of "self".  Consider this:

Today's churchianity and the heathen have been "trained up in the way that they should go" by the other side now, themselves completely disciplined by satan and his laws of self, which actually, via psychology, psychiatry, humanism, etc, teaches an actual destruction of one's conscience that would otherwise promote a natural love for others in one who was not tempted by pride and self to rid one's "self" of these "heart of flesh" desires to love others.

So when any thought of discipline should be placed before them in any threatening fashion that might appear harmful to "self" they, according to their church/state/television/etc brainwashing,  they'll shudder and recoil almost exactly like a zombie does in the old movies when shown garlic or a cross.

We who can find comfort in the more deeply guided morals of our more law-embracing assembly, have, by that discipline, overcome the greater conditionings of satan's world of mind control that had hindered us from hearing our hearts of flesh, and have thereby (by Yeshua's strength, not our own) outgrown such selfishness, and now seek to walk the way of the Savior.

And mind control, contrary to the way you've been "programmed to believe", is not impossible to overcome folks.  Its not some scientific force field or esoteric overpowering energy that has you drawn in like a Star Trek tractor beam you cannot break free from, but on the contrary, it can easily be cast far from you.  It is not as kryptonite is to superman, but is actually SO easy to keep away from you, that once you learn the secrets of how the other side is doing this to us, satan can never again penetrate any cracks in your new armour and slip the slightest fear back into you.   

So for those of you who have remained with us to these deeper parts of the rabbit hole, you've surely found by now, and unlike those who now pridefully gnash their teeth our way, that all of our past fears, depressions and anxieties don't just begin to dissappear, but as Scripture puts it, will "flee from you"!!

Once you know the secret of Father's power above that devil and his worldly control freaks (and have embraced its love above the things of this world) their control over you can be completely gone from your life if you want it to be, but only once you accept that a discipline in mind control "debriefing" is necessary to begin that journey, but again, discipline is required, and perhaps lots of it in these times of what might be called "propaganda on hyper-drive".  Your faith is then the first key to chain up that fear that once tormented you, where you'll then begin finding that perfect love and peace will soon take its place--a loving peace that our most generous Father has always had there for you, simply sitting there in black and white, waiting for every single soul that would refuse to listen to the mind control serpents of the world, and through his or her new disciplined faith, stay focused on obeying the simple rules of love come of the Father.

And this is just one of the areas we will be sharing more hopes of, with those of you who love Him and trust Him with the whole of your hearts as we do, patiently enduring all things as we accept that, although the heathen and lukewarm are living in total terror and anger towards one another, while we yes, see these times as very dark times as well, we still rise far above the worldly, knowing with all hope and trust in Him, that we are being refined in His ways of love for one another.

We can't save those who, in their remaining pride do not want to put that pride on a shelf in order to be saved (because without discipline and purity, salvation is not possible, for they are products of faith, and "without faith it is impossible to please Him" Hebrews 11;6), but we can help teach, encourage, and comfort the last few of us who do want to be saved, His way!

Thank you for your time today, brethren!  And if you made it through this page without becoming furious with us, then feel free to drop us a line should you feel that you would fit in with our more serious circle of believers as well, and we can talk about better things to come for those who are hungry to stand in YHWH's hopes of purity for His most faithful of children !  (email address in the column at your left.)

May you all be zealously encouraging this heathen world towards walking in YHWH's purity, and respectfully of one accord with all who share that sense of duty to His glory!


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