What is "repentance"?

Before I begin please know that I don’t care for 
man’s variously streamlined definitions of the word
‘repentance’, and would much prefer that the 
Father Himself would precisely define this for us, 
but in lieu of that, here’s my humble offering on 
‘repentance’ from my own heart’s experience:
Repentance is the heart’s greatest way of saying, “I 
am sorry”.  It is an “I am sorry” that would be said 
with the utmost solemnity, “I am sorry that I had 
not to this point recognized the selfish ways that I 
was sinning against you my Creator, and you my 
fellow man”.    Such a repentance is come of one’s 
deepest conscience in finally recognizing the moral
absolutes of biblical truth, and is the most crowning 
achievement of maturity in any soul when realizing 
a true humble love for their Creator and brethren. 

True godly repentance therefore is the heart’s most
sincere form of saying that one now all the more
wants to go on living, but only if in a way that also 
does not in any way harm or offend the life of 
others according to the laws of that life’s Creator. 

In the Greek, repentance is  µετάνοια or metanoia
(pronounced  met-an'-oy-ah)   

It means a complete reversal from one’s previous 
directions, not a partial or slowing of them.  It 
means to turn around 180 degrees, not 40°,  90° or 
even 170 degrees, but the full 180°, and from all of 
the evil ways we were previously traveling.   Why?

Repentance unto salvation says that we have finally
achieved a milestone of maturity in life where we 
recognize and submit to the ‘harmony of humility’ 
that was built into our world’s plan.  It says that we 
are finally able to respect the responsible part that 
we ourselves must play in order to live and work 
alongside those who have also sought and found 
this level of maturity which allows for the 
Creator’s, “perfect law of liberty”, selflessly and 
endlessly giving one’s self in a then yearned-for 
societal accord where all then obey our Creator’s 
perfectly established laws against anything that 
would disrupt that harmony.  It is a repentance that 
could only come from the deepest remorse.  A 
remorse awakened by the sudden understanding of 
the wisdom in simply accepting an irreversible 
respect for one’s Creator and fellow man. 

I’m speaking of course of the “godly sorrow” that 
Paul spoke of in 2 Corinthians 7:10, that “worketh 
repentance to salvation”, not the “sorrow of the 
world that worketh death” (being merely sorry that 
one “got caught”, etc).  True repentance therefore 
is a repentance that once attained, is never repented 
of, or never changed back again.  It is a permanent 
step of brotherly maturity that is found in the heart 
of those who never want to go back to the selfish 
ways of their past.  Thus, they are “born again” into 
a new life through Christ, never wanting to be seen as 
“evil” by one's God or brethren ever again.  

Why then do people fear that step of repentance 
unto a full conversion to the Creator’s Will?  Could 
it be that they have not yet learned the importance
of their own existence?  An existence that would be
far and above their otherwise certain demise in hell 
if they don’t wake up, mature, and repent?   True 
biblical repentance therefore, is the ultimate way of 
saying “I love you, and so much so that I never 
again, ever want to hurt you”, saying this to both 
your Creator who has designed this perfected 
harmony for you, and also to your fellow man (who 
has also learned to embrace this perfected harmony,
to live without hurting you, and wouldn’t that be a 
nice change of pace?), and all this felt to such a 
level of self-submission that it would never return to 
its old nature of self-centeredness.   It is now 
YHWH-centered which humbly now, allows all 
other life within that design, to also live in peace 
along with them in that same final blend of perfect
submission.  It is a repentance that achieves that 
first stage of maturity that the Creator expects of
His children before they can be properly admitted 
into such a perfect kingdom, to then infinitely grow 
in greater maturity from that point forward.  We 
have, by this repentance, agreed to His covenant, a
covenant offered under the conditions of His perfect 
love, to be His people, and thereby students of His
ways of peace, leaving our own childish ways 
behind, having responsibly…   “grown up”. 

—Dwaine Moore 
Biblical Correctness Ministries

Feb 17, 2013, 7:35 AM