The "Weeping and gnashing of teeth" is not some mystical prophesy that is still way off in the future somewhere...  it seems to be happening right now!

In my most serene moments where I have been slowly finding more and more pity for the lukewarm in understanding what is really happening to them Spiritually (and confirmed Scripturally as you'll see below) in recent years, I have at the same time been cautious as to openly describing this occurrence taking place in the direction of the average individual, for fear of chasing any lukewarm or heathen away as if I were some kind of nut or something, but at this point this morning, I suppose I can no longer justify holding these deeper evidences within, and must write the basics of this down for those who might otherwise listen, knowing that the hecklers will always be there anyway just as they were always there for the apostles, the reformers and Yeshua Himself, heckling the Savior so bad, that their "voice of consensus", had even become the poisoned arrow that had Him crucified.   Am I any better than Yeshua to avoid such a label and fate as He received?  Heaven forbid!

Just yesterday, I was told that another previous friend is now calling me even more names to discourage people from listening to me, which is what I am most concerned with--people being sent solidly away from me long before they even meet me or even get a chance to hear what I have to say, not any actual personal offenses that might directly come my way, as I am offended by no one anymore (knowing that I stand with the truth as I do with such confidence; see also Psalm 119:165).  But again, is this not the narrow line we all commit to walk as more serious believers, as to how carefully we reveal what we know, due to the complete opposite philosophies being the "norm" in this utterly satanic world we live in?   Where...  due to the exact opposite of the Father's truths being the "way of the world", we are then hated for our "extreme" or "fanatical" beliefs that look totally upside down to those who don't know that they are still standing on their heads, having been so thoroughly conditioned by their global high priests which are everywhere and anywhere thanks to the Jesuit seminaries,etc.   And not one of these distractfully-trained, academically-convincing Bible experts are likely told about or even care about the passage: "be not many masters" (James 3:1; where such will receive the greater condemnation for preaching things unbiblical).  

Multitudes are still buying into the various lies that keep them from understanding the most basic lie that satan began in the Garden of Eden, where they are still being convinced that "yea, hath God said?" is perhaps still the better message (sent via satan through man's ideals today) that they feel should trump the "thou shalts" and "thou shalt nots" of Father's genuine Scripture today as well.  They therefore obey their lusts and stay in their sin under the consensus-approved lie that says that the Father's Law is not as serious as the Bible makes it out to be, and being under the trance of this lie, they therefore cannot (under Acts 5:32) receive the Holy Spirits's discernment to learn any deeper truths of Father's wisdom (thereby placing themselves in their own self-inflicted catch 22 of spiritual ignorance), and in doing so...    are even losing the little taste that Father once allowed them to hold on to til the last, where they are now falling just as the Psalmist foresaw: "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." (Psalm 91:7).    In other words, these thousands that we see (billions worldwide) are being deprived of their previous small(er) portions of the Holy Spirit.   Fortunately for us however, we will then receive their unwanted (or unused) portions just as the story of the talents so clearly explains (also detailed in our book Last Call, pages 19-21) to where we will then have the Holy Spirit in abundance!  Which is what seems to be driving those like myself with a joy ready to burst forth with energy like an over-stoked steam locomotive lately, eh?

But this is not a physical "falling" that is spoken of above, but an account of the spiritual "falling away" that was prophesied by Paul when he said, "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed [which is also happening like never before; see 8-minute video "the deadly wound" here]" (2Thess. 2:3)

But as a result of my feeling that the time has come to start sharing this with even more than just my own small circle, I'd like to show in better detail what I have been previously preaching in somewhat vague terms for about three years now, where I am convinced that the world has been sent into a "last chance" time of final harvest or last days "separation", where the wheat is being separated and stored up in garners (Matt 3:12; Luke 3:17; and "hid" per Zeph 2:3) as the chaff is being bundled and made ready for the lake of fire.    In the wording of biblical phraseology, this is the time where the sheep are being separated from the goats, or the elect are being refined (Daniel 12:10; Zechariah 3:9), and the slothful and rebellious are being tentatively cast into outer darkness (spiritual darkness) where they are now beginning to show all the signs of this "weeping and gnashing their teeth" that is warned about in Matt.8:12; 22:13; 24:51; 25:30, Luke 13:28, and more.

Now, I have written and spoken on air about this spiritual phenomenon many times in generalities, but here today I am presenting some deeper aspects that not only will show the more serious believer why I see all this as clearly as I do, where I now feel that there is also an urgent need to try and "catch" as many slipping-away "lukewarm" as we can before they too, are gone forever, as the finish of this "closing of the modern-day ark door" seems nearly complete at the time of this writing.

It was due to some recent "heckling" that I had received , where I was reflecting on it in my prayers this morning, where I am in the deepest sorrow I have probably ever felt for those who have been (basically) seeming to want to do nothing but cry out "crucify him" in my direction lately, as I know that they seriously "know not what they do", and I then feel so sorry for them anymore that I want to reach out to them with even more and more evidences and tenderness with each time they lash out at me, hoping to try and calm them (with the last hope that they will suddenly awaken to this truth that they lack), but I know that they can't grasp such sincerity and I've learned the hard way that too much of such things only make our true loving hearts look weak and pathetic to the worldly 501c3-raised "survivalist" mind of today, and I therefore have learned to do my best to make my point and move on to the next heart.   I'm slowly learning to just follow the Scriptures which seemed to foresee this apostate condition perfectly as if an incurable self-willed disease of hopeless rebellion against God where the Scriptures then tell us to dust off our sandals as a testimony to them.  There's also Titus 3:9 & 10 that tell us "after the first or second admonition [we are to] reject them, for they that are such are subverted and condemned of themselves".  But that doesn't make it any easier on those like myself who are yearning so deeply in our hearts to share these things with these poor lost people that we so care about.   I suppose that even the serious believer must somewhat develop a callous heart in some ways, knowing that these people have internally "shut themselves off" from any such communications regarding YHWH's truth themselves, having hated the thought that YHWH should reign over them, and therefore they have no way to understand, because "what little they seemeth to have" (Luke 8:18) has been taken away from them, and they now therefore haven't the Holy Spirit discernment to even remotely understand what you and I are saying to them in many cases.  They then are completely oblivious to the love that truly drives us in trying to reach them with YHWH's message of hope, let alone where they might even want to receive any of it with gladness, as they truly are, without the Holy Spirit now, weeping and gnashing their teeth.   They've lost even just what little they seemed to have before the decree went forth to remove what little there was from each of our age's lukewarm and unsaved, per Ezekiel 9:4-6.

Those who have read our book "Last Call" already understand the basics of this, and if you haven't read this, you might want to see the passages and how they all fit together in that small book to see how the reformers and early American Puritans saw things, to then also understand how we here are returned to such historicist views of obedience and reverence for the Father, and now see things much more clearly ourselves in our modest remnant of friends.

Also, on the "Book of Revelation Chart" here, one can see the point at which the wheat is getting separated from the chaff, and one group is headed up, the other down.  Look at the smaller print in those separating roads of direction, and you'll see that the refined are already being chosen to go to higher places with the first resurrection, while those who "would not that Christ should reign over them" (see story behind Luke 19:12-27) are being (by default) sent into outer darkness where there is "weeping and gnashing of teeth", condemned to be slain in "the day of the great slaughter" (Isaiah 30:25) which is soon to come to its apex.  see chart here.   

In your own viewing of the chart just above, you may then easily see why it is only in the past three years or so that I and a few others have been discovering (and are now convinced) that the time of "being cast into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth" is happening in our very day (during roughly the second 7-year period or so on the same chart above, but don't look at our numbers as if literal prophecy, but just as our educated estimation at this point), as the time of the last warnings and falling plagues of "strong delusion" are evident everywhere as well, where the greatest day of apostasy is alive and well in a time where the exact opposite should be taking place, where the terror and fear that is being felt by the world should be sending people to the doors of preachers like myself in lines miles long hoping to hear how to be saved from all of this, but instead, and just as in the days of Christ, they are condemning preachers like myself, obsessively preferring man-made solutions and hopes, as the numbers slowly dwindle even lower and lower of them that have even the slightest interest in correcting themselves and "coming out from among" their man-made fables of belief.  They trust in their human gods, humanist contracts, human provisions, common sense, political correctness (you name it) "worshiping the creature not the Creator", and that's where they are staying, as they now have no Holy Spirit and thereby no Spiritual discipline pulling them anywhere back to the direction of their Creator's heart, although if they truly wanted to change that, it is still a possibility yet, as I will explain in a moment.

So they are left without true comfort (aka "the great comforter") and without hope, spiritual truth, and above all, any joy that they genuinely are going in the right direction which is the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit, as it reassures us not only of our salvation, but that yes, we see everything according to the One who is rewarding us for our faith through this gift, which "guides us into all truth", thus giving us that "peace that passeth all understanding" that people then see in us and seem to more and more resent, as this era of man's judgment progresses.

They therefore presently have no internal compass or spiritual guidance system of any kind (as they only have man's consensus to go by in their everyday lives) and are left feeling emptier than ever.   This terrifying emptiness is amplifying their fears and causing them to cry or "weep" inside, where this pent up frustration that they feel causes them to grit or "gnash" their teeth in anger and take it all out on those like ourselves who are perhaps only calmly confident in our loyalties and contentedly serious with the Father and His Word, simply trying to share it with them in the way that we had found it--through obedience and faith.

But they don't want to find inner peace that way, and you are only angering them telling them that their man-preferred way is not going to be agreeable to their imagined or "adjusted" god, and so instead of reflecting on the possibility that perhaps their emptiness truly is due to their rebellion against their Creator (and His genuine Spirit), they prefer to continue weeping and gnashing their teeth in the most fatal outer darkness they've ever felt, where they've lost "what little they seemeth to have" but are not at the same time fearful and hurting enough to do something like repent, as that might hurt their self-esteem.   They are therefore afraid to repent where they could be spared this agony if they were to just humbly reach out to the very same biblical truth that we have found and simply "tabernacle" with the Savior and ourselves, rather than mock and curse us all.

You see, the Bible then seems to talk about a slim window or final chance after this plague of "strong delusion" or "hardening of the hearts" is sent out, where those "that are left" of them, that might wisely "come up to the feast of tabernacles" (code for living in the wisdom and knowledge of Him that dwells among us) could be spared this fate as a last chance resort for them, not unlike what the thief on the cross had found at the last.     ...but their pride is always in the way in the vast majority of these people that I meet, which again is just like the very same original sin from the Garden, where in our pride, we wanted to be our own gods and make our own rules, is it not?  Some then mature to accept the authority of YHWH's ways, and others do not, with most of them today believing "the god of consensus" (who they endlessly worship among one another) that YHWH's ways are no longer valid, not unlike how the flat earth society might unanimously agree that the earth is not round and then turn around and call us kooks who then say the earth is truly spherical.  Does gravity disappear if everyone in your group decrees that it is no longer active?   YHWH's Laws are not only still active my friends, but He's actually quite angry that they are so badly being ignored and disrespected, thus the punishment is going to be very severe for those still snubbing their noses at Him and His true preachers in these very otherwise obvious serious times of alarm and warning coming from Him.

This "last chance" or "Last Call" that we see being offered, where the unsaved and  lukewarm are being held in somewhat of a sort of spiritual state of suspended animation where they have been excommunicated from any previous closeness they may have had with their Creator, is also a modern-day parallel to the way Nebuchadnezzar was brought to his knees and made to be disconnected and frozen in a beast-like state for seven years "til he knew that Elohim ruled over all kingdoms of men" (Daniel 5:21), where the very same situation is apparently brilliantly being executed again, but to the whole world's rebellious this time, and where everyone on earth (who also prefers to instead "wonder after the beast"), are being made to be a frozen and eerily doomed part of that beast system...  til they repent of their various rebellious ways of which they are still holding on to (and thereby worshiping) this beast system, that in some way or another then supports or compliments their preferred lifestyle built upon man's many issues of pride.  

This is also (coincidentally) amazingly similar to how animals (beasts) act, only looking out for their own immediate needs, and not very often the needs of their entire group as a whole.   Beasts only seem to care about the here and now, the food directly in front of them being taken from them, etc.  Is this not the selfishness of so many today who could care less that they are not pitching in to help spread the truth and the Father's gospel?  Is it not ironic therefore that the Father would "freeze" people this way to amplify their immaturity so that all the world could then see how "stale" and disinterested they are compared to those of us who are risking our all and putting everything we have into trying to spread the truth of this end times message?  It also explains why the Bible tells us that they will be crying out for the rocks and mountains to fall on them, as they suddenly perhaps have no awareness of even how to repent.   (???)   They are seeking carnal protections, where mountains are also emblematic of nations or governments, fitting exactly the reality of how these people are endlessly insisting that their government or government documents can save them if they can somehow fix such things, and so forth.  They are then guaranteeing themselves certain doom by so obsessively pushing the Bible and its instruction so completely aside in so many ways, to then run and bang their heads against the walls in their already overcrowded factories of man-made solutions till their heads hurt.  The definition of insanity they say, is banging your head against the wall doing the same thing day in and day out, expecting something to somehow change.  They are thereby losing every last opportunity for Father's last chance, by being so "beast-like" in their frozen man-centered ways.

But this "last chance" door will soon be closing, as sadly, many of these people seem to be falling further and further away, due to how they (for some reason) prefer to be in the misery of this oppression (see Isaiah 30:12) and gnash their teeth at us rather than bow their knee, and confess that YHWH rules over all kingdoms of men.   The world is polarizing into two camps, the larger of which is subdivided into two groups that the Father says are to be "set apart to die" (Zechariah 3:8).   We are therefore slowly being divided into two basic camps of  "good vs. evil" (and this according to Father's Laws, not man's), where very very few are choosing Father's side wherein many of these lost and lukewarm could otherwise be praying and working towards His will to be done on earth as in heaven as we are.  But no, they want the idolatry of Obama or another Ron Paul, or a greater or resurrected man-made Constitution, stockpiles of survivalist materials, silver, MRE's, ammo, etc, etc.    They "would not that Elohim should reign over them" (again the story behind Luke 19:12-27), and thus they will be fatally condemned to be slain when this last chance offer is finally sealed shut here very soon and the "day of the great slaughter" is then tragically fulfilled while the more faithful will likely be expected to watch the Father's punishment for sin as Noah and many others have had to do in the past.  But as also with Noah and the others like Lot, we will also be "hid" by the Father at a safe distance along the sidelines with the Messiah.

I have seen a very small number (and I stress small number) manage to awaken and pull themselves to facing their sin where they then have been working diligently (and showing great promise via their fruits by the way) to show a much more serious walk of respect to the Father and have somewhat "snapped out of it" so to speak as if it were somewhat of a 'trance state' they were in, not being able to receive any new wisdom from the Father's Spirit.   I have been telling folks that they might imagine this Holy Spirit being removed slowly from them, perhaps as a loving Father might threateningly back out of a room when a small child is being disobedient but yet desperately wants the father to stay, and not wanting to be left in a scary room alone, etc.    The child won't stop  crying over something else he is stubbornly perhaps wanting to play with, but still immaturely expects the father to simply pamper and comfort him at the same time.  We all need to spiritually "grow up" (see article on repentance), and some need a little more of the rod and staff than others before they submit, while some never do submit.   The Father is perhaps presently removing "what little they seemeth to have" in steps or stages to do the same with the bulk of the world who are rebelling, hoping that they will recognize how they miss His warmth and presence in their hearts where some might begin to reconcile to Him and He can show them some mercy in this light.   One might then also look at this disappearing Holy Spirit somewhat as perhaps a plant in their heart that needs regular watering and nourishment, tender loving care everyday etc, where perhaps they could nurture their own presently "wilting", near dead, Spirit back to health by seeking the Father's heart with a repentant remorse that they had never shown Him before, and on a diligent basis, not just in a 30-second salvation prayer and go back to their sinful lives (like the Jesuit preachers are so fond of cruelly teaching the world).   

But the best analogy is the Father's of course (or Yeshua's, being that He was the one who actually spoke this) where in Matthew 25:1-13 the story of the ten virgins is offered to us, and in understanding this picture in our minds, it is easy to see that the Messiah is the Groom, and the virgins represent those who are in some way hopeful to be married to the Groom.  But five are diligent and disciplined, and five are not, where the story needs little explanation to those of us who know Him, but for those who have been lukewarm, they are now in trouble, as their lamps are going out.  Keep in mind that this story is mentioned just before the story of the talents in that same chapter, and just as my book "Last Call" also happily shows as well, both stories come just before the very next passage that says, "When the Son of man shall shall come in his glory, and the holy angels with him..." (v. 31), that sure sounds like we are right at that door my friends!  Can there be hope for those whose lamps are going out?  perhaps not once it goes out altogether from the Father's vantage point but perhaps they might do as the story says and "buy" this oil, which is the Holy Spirit.  And how would one "buy" such oil?  Through their repentance via faith and obedience, etc, (complete submission, and again Acts 5:32) and that is, if they are truly considered by the Father to be worthy of such a gift and 'saved' to begin with, not just someone going through the academic "motions" (as it seems so many today fall into the category of).   In Revelation one might also see more that ties in with this as well, where we are "counselled" (given advice by Yeshua) to 'buy' of Him, gold tried in the  furnace, white raiment, and eye salve of which the breakdown of that (for those not aware) can get pretty deep in the way that the more serious of us view it, so it will be saved for another writing as it might be overkill to add to this article. 

It is certain and I confess that I have little understanding of the actual science and metaphysics of how the Father is doing all of this, but I do know that, since it became apparent to me that something serious had changed when this all began a few years back (and following some of the time it took for me to recognize what I was seeing), I can now say that I certainly feel and see all of this with clarity and can relate to the passage in Jeremiah 23 that says "In the latter days ye shall [discern] it perfectly", where I see this so clearly now that it is as if I were myself perched in a tall lookout tower far above all the clutter where everyone else is still yet stubbornly down below trying to fit error after error into their infinite varieties of confusing man-made spiritual puzzles.

So they weep and gnash their teeth in every direction, even as they are losing their very last chance to be saved from their own stubborn pride, and they lash out at every single opportunity against those like myself who love them and who are only tearfully trying to save them, just as I am sure that the multitudes of unsaved did to Noah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and so forth.

I will hopefully find the time here soon to write about this in more detail, but for now, please start chewing on this in regards of your similarly "spiritually catatonic" (for lack of a better description?) loved ones (as most of us yet have such loved ones), and know that those who are yet refusing to hear these deeper truths of being lovingly serious, obedient and faithful to the One and only that Created them, are only worshiping the god of their pride, and not the God of the Bible.  

And yes, its that simple.  You either love and embrace the complete wisdom of the One who created you and follow its wisdom and instruction for your life...  or you don't.   There's no such thing as a "neutral zone" for the lukewarm to hide in (and most know this deep down).  But the unsaved who won't listen to our message of repentance are facing a tragic end, as they blindly continue to "love their [carnal] lives unto death".

more soon, Father willing.    -dwaine

Oct 27, 2015, 10:14 AM