Was the Law done away with?

The Father had even warned us ahead of time to keep the Law after His Son had come, and...  in several places.  Those who have never seen these prophecies looking forward from the Old Testament to warn us of this should look at this flyer:

This is a very good several-page PDF compilation of passages that show what importance the Law plays in many aspects of our lives:

True Grace Instructs

Is the Law Dead?
This one is unique and has a very hard-to-argue way of understanding that the Father is still in charge, on the throne, and expecting us to respect His system of law.

How about the way our friend Walter Veith says it?...  (32 minutes)

Grace and Law

(If you'd like to download this video to keep, use this link):

Lastly, consider what our God would be like without His laws. Would He still be a God?  Take a listen to our audio that has turned some heads:

What about folks who like some parts of the Father's system of law, but not all of it?  What then?   This 23 minute audio should help clear things up in this regard:

Not sure of the rest of this fellow's teachings, but I like the way he lists the points he brings up here about the early believers and how the Scriptures proove that they all still kept the Torah (the Father's law) 30 years after the Messiah was crucified: