A nice short one for a change (transcribed and touched-up excerpt from an earlier broadcast)...

The "Last Resort" (as seen that way by the socially immature and selfish)

How sad is it that "God" is such a "last resort" way of escape for some people, that they'd rather choose death and suffering than even just consider a life of harmony with Him and his fellow man.  He's a "last resort"???   No wonder Father's so hurt that it would make Him this angry.  Remember, we were created in His image, and he has feeling just as we do, as is shown all through out the Scriptures.

All I can honestly say to those out there who feel that they can snub Him this way, is shame on you, if you're listening somewhere.  He created you and gave you the very breath that you have by which you so openly make excuse after excuse to deny Him the least amount of your time, and you then run off, giving your affections to some other gods, and thereby selfishly hanging on to your sins.

God gave you the very mind and heart to choose either Him that gave you life, or him that is waiting to destroy you, and you choose the destroyer, obviously loving your worldly selfish ways of lust that obsessively.

It makes no sense to me why someone would not be looking to such a brilliant and loving God as the One found in the Bible in times like these (and especially to a point where the Father is even seemingly hardening hearts to stay in such stubborness), but then again, I'm no longer in that same boat to understand this self-inflicted death wish, as I no longer love my sin.  I can only assume therefore that these people have sins that they don't want to both confess to the world, nor let go of, and the thought of casting them away to be a part of a harmonious world where all could get along just fine without an ounce of tyranny or lost liberties, just boggles my mind.

So here we are, in a global state of utter chaos and a beginning mass murder of the peons, and the peons would rather fight and suffer and die just as the elite masters want them to, rather than accept a God that can stop it all for them.  "Why would that be?" I endlessly ask myself, wondering why people would be so immovably fixated on being continually tormented by their fears, rather than simply admit that they may be one of the ones who this wrath is being sent for, and thereby repent?

In other words, if they are not murderers, thieves, pedophiles, or the like...   then why are they so deathly (and we could actually say "deathly" here), deathly afraid to come over to the side of loving and embracing the ways of their Creator?  All I can assume, is that these folks have some very serious dark sins either in their past or in their present closets that they don't want exposed and/or they don't want to lose as continuing "pleasures" for themselves.  Many don't look like thieves, but are they stealing from folks on a regular basis?  Many don't look like pedophiles, but are they hurting someone's children?  I am more and more these days wondering what it could be that could be so bad that they find it such a terrifying terrifying last resort to want to follow the world's most understandable God and His simple set of rules for us.   The most simple set of rules ever devised as well.  Why won't they just admit that they are holding us back from gaining Father's mercies again and "make up with Him", where He could restore order, destroy the tyranny, and we could all get along?     ...unless of course, these friends and associates of ours aren't being honest with us, and are bigger sinners against this type of a biblical system then they are leading on to be.

To summarize, we need to start shaming folks who are so selfish in these ways that they would even drag the rest of us down in the tyranny beast machine terrors along with them, rather than give up a sin that they know is wrong anyway.    These folks who refuse to submit to this fearful "last resort" in their lives, are perhaps hopelessly obsessed with a sin (or sins) we can't see that they may never let go of.   It is then our turn to go to our last resort that we hate (because we conversely don't want to see them suffer), and dust off our sandals as a testimony to them that they are a part of the problem, not the solution, and follow Titus 3:9,10 with conviction as well, as they will likely never change.  They will hate this "last resort" solution of the God that stands in the way of their sins till the day that they are literally on their way to the lake of fire with that sin.  And you my friends, don't want them  dragging you there with them.

In Him where I recline in my greatest peace as my first resort,