The Great Winepress of the Wrath of God

Some of you may know about the event that triggered my writing of this one, the loss of one of our local police officers in a shootout in our town two nights ago.  Just for the record, this is an area of about 40 local policemen (and a great police gal, too) who are all really great down to earth people!

But anyway, even just now when on my way to post this, I ran into another one of the officers and we began talking again where it's almost unanimous in the voices I'm hearing, that they too, are all getting pretty upset with the way the status quo is running things.  It is amazing me how many local boys in blue are even becoming more and more aware and on the right side of what is really going on lately.  (So don't give up on your local small town police my friends, as they are not in league, nor sympathetic to the rich globalist Babylonian freaks.)

Anyway, the bottom line is that we are not being hard enough on the serious crimes or "sin" in this land of ours, and even the "church people" are very good at turning their heads when they see drugs and violence in their own families anymore, and I am talking about my own local townsfolk here, seeing this from outright experience my friends, there are many so-called "christians" that seem to think that they can just close their eyes to the sin in their own churches, neighborhoods, and even homes, because the churches have taught them that to say anything to anyone is both "judging someone" and that getting involved in such things is "negative". I have had it up to my eyebrows with these Jesuit-based churches teaching this garbage, and ask that more of you help us awaken the nation to the REAL way that we are called to stand for what is right.  (a good example of various Scripture on this type of responsibility just so happens to have been in the video we posted just recently as well called, "Preach to us smooth things, preacher!"  Here's another link to that one:

YouTube Video

But please read this 8-page summary of the Biblical message that covers the meatier things that people are not being taught, don't want to hear, etc, and let us know if it does not sum up the whole picture of good vs. evil and the complacent state that our government-stolen churches are in, training people to stay out of the way of the satanists and criminal elements in our elitist layers of society:

Nov 20, 2017, 9:20 AM