The 501c3 trap door to hell

The 501(c)(3) Tax exemption package is satan's trap door to hell for those churches that follow him down that tricky dark staircase!

Please take the time to study the video we have here by Pastor Wright that covers it all. 
It touches on all of the deceptive ways that this exemption status takes the church completely out of Yeshua's hands and puts it directly into the waiting arms of satan and his humanist money hounds.

We also have a good friend of ours from the east coast, Brother William Raymond, who we've known for many years that is offering the awakening church leaders a very expertly written paper that gives the basics of how to get your church out of that mess.  He also often helps those who would like to have him walk folks through the process to some degree if you'd like to contact him after reading it as well;  Here's his free PDF download:
"Backing Out of The Minefield of Incorporation"  If you'd like the more professionally printed version, or have questions, you can contact him through his website: