Solutions to God's Wrath (?)

    How do you stop a wrath of God with man-made "solutions"? 
(Think on that for a moment, and let us know your answer, as I have been asking this simple question of many great minds around the globe lately, getting some very interesting responses.)

    In thinking on this question, you might also want to comparatively consider when you were a child and the times when you were being seriously reprimanded by your father.  If you talked back with ways that YOU thought your father should run the house, you got it worse, Amen?   Well, that's what's happening here in America.  Instead of just saying, "Yes sir, I won't do it again", to our heavenly Father and wisely getting back to His rules, we are defiantly trying everything "we" can think of (except repentance), and... 
we're only doing so hoping to find ways to continue to ignore His rules and get out of our coming punishment, thus making Him angrier, instead of persuading Him to reconsider.  And talk about angry?  Boy! is He getting angry!
So again...
How do you stop a wrath of God with man's "solutions"?  
You don't.  
Its like trying to extinguish an ominous forest fire by dumping gas on it.

Please note that this site is for those who have found that man's solutions aren't doing much more than helping to keep the frog thinking that everything's going to be just fine even as the water temperature yet rises, and its therefore also for those who better understand their Bibles and instead want to go straight to the source of where true love and liberty come from.  

Remember, there's no such thing as a "neutral ground" between obedience to righteousness and obedience to wickedness in the Bible.  How can you have a neutral ground between obeying your Creator and NOT obeying your Creator?  That'd be absurd.  You either do, or you don't.  But in 1787 enough men were obviously deceived into thinking that there was such a place of escape from such simple two-sided decisions, and America had been living the lie since.   
 ...til now.
Glory be to YHWH!

And lastly, keep in mind that just as it was in Joshua 5:6, we are seemingly also going to have to wait till all who "would not that [YHWH\Yeshua]should reign over them" (ref. Luke 19:27) are to be fully "consumed" or "taken away" from our midst.  It is only then that the more serious of us are going to see our own time's "land of milk and honey". in the meantime (as we are clearly seeing how many just simply will not wake up to or accept Father's authority over their lives):

"The earth is being cleansed of those who would not cleanse themselves"