"there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" (Revelation 8:1)
A taste of what the Catholic/Jesuit 501c3 churches would certainly not want you to consider...
Large numbers of people are stunned and in a stupor not being able to deal with all that they are hearing.  Can this be the moment of silence spoken of where all the unsaved are now in shock and trying to come to grips with the now unavoidable reality that they must repent when they have so successfully ignored this nagging feeling in their hearts their whole lives?   "Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess".  (?)
Are the angels waiting quietly for those who they pray will yet come around to YHWH's truth and fall in with the last of the saved according to Zechariah 14;16-19?    Is this the great moment of decision for the greatest and final harvest of mankind?   

Zech 13:8&9 tells us about the three parts and the two of which that are set aside to die (see our book "Last Call" for details, page 15) then the first part of chapter 14 briefly explain the first stages of the plagues of slaughter as per Ezekiel 9:4-6 (which we feel that the hypocritic, complacent church is in the process of beginning to receive right now), then as already stated, chapter 14:16-19 shows the final "Last Call" offer from Father to come and tabernacle (fellowship with the Messiah's truth and wisdom in the purity of His last remnant) with those "repairers of the breach" who have already been restoring this last ecclesia to its greater glory, preparing for the triumphant entry of the Messiah, where in the meantime, the "rain" in these verses represents wisdom only from the Holy Spirit that only these very serious seekers of His truth will find and be saved by.  The reference to the "family of Egypt" in v. 18 is on the  other hand, referring to the sorcerers and dark side families who have been willfully without the truth of this "rain" for centuries, forming the secret societies (or crime families) we are now seeing since the Tower of Babel, existing from there descending on through Egypt and now seated in Rome.  But even they (as the thief on the cross) are given a chance to "come out from among them" as well, by a very merciful God.  (This also perfectly amplifies II Thess 2:8-12 as well).   So...  Will you be "coming out from among them" to only "tabernacle" with those in the "third part" elect that are being refined to be rewarded for their courage, faith, and purity on this soon to come great day?