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"Government is essentially group restraint for the morally immature.   The more immature we then become, the more government that will be tolerated.   The more we let such powers grow, the less we will mature, by the very absence of the freedom to do so responsibly."   
-dwaine 3-30-06

New booklet that clearly shows the problems with "common law", "natural law", and similarly classified law systems:  "Defining "LAW" and removing satan's abstract decoys"

As a way to simplify my previous article "At what point should a rape be stopped?", but to more resoundingly give a full picture of my shorter line, "Its not up to the victim to follow the criminal's rules", try this summarized version on those around you who are starting to wake up to the fact that yes, there is a two-tiered, one good,  one evil, court system:

"In what "just" court of this land should the favor of judgment rest on the side of the rapist, rather than the victim; with the deceiver, rather than with the honest?
Since when is it up to the victim to absorb, learn, and follow every single hidden nuance of the rapist's rules in order for the courts to protect the victim from any further harm or injustice by the rapists?  What ever happened to good old fashioned common sense and the Bible's wholesomeness in discerning good from evil?  How did they turn it upside down, where the crooks are now foolishly just "accepted" to somehow be "in charge" of determining who makes the rules of the court regarding right and wrong, when the pilgrims had it set up just fine with the Bible?"  Can you say "1787"?

I'm finding that even some influential court clerks and staffers are starting to wake up to the fact that they might be next in line, and are starting to listen.  Perhaps some of us might want to speak to some of the ones we can befriend at the water coolers here and there when waiting for our friend's verdicts, etc, and plant some hard to ignore bugs in their ears.                  

"We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us YHWH.

On our recent discoveries of the literal satanic language of "legalese" behind today's defacto court systems:
"Woe unto you, lawyers!  for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered."  -Luke 11:52

For an in-depth view of the evils of the 501c3 "beast" church system, watch this phenomenally concise video on why true believers should not be anywhere near the "jurisdiction" of such a church:

Pastor Robin Wright: Government Takeover of the Church (501c3 issue)

Food for thought:

A friend of mine from a good several years back now, just emailed me this afternoon where a thoroughly-thought-out excerpt from it said this (in reference to an article I had sent out today on the Father's "will"): 

"If one’s “will” is also in fact the action of one’s hand, and their actions, and ‘we’ are also an ‘image’ of the Creator (vs Destroyer) is it also not Our Responsibility to hold those that Destroy Accountable for the Actions contrary to peace, life, and love?"

And of course her thoughts were very well founded as I would expect of her, but I had to bring something to light where I then responded thusly (edited slightly to fit this format), due to how we have been discovering the deeper skullduggery of "metonymy" that they have been deceptively using on us, and which we, as a lazy nation had "fallen for", out of complacency and lack of diligence. I said this:

"I have read this all but want to ask that you also then consider this concerning the circumstances as of late:

Article VI of the Constitution (near the end) basically says that there shall be no religious test.


Can we justifiably rebuke, reprimand, or punish servants who, having achieved that office Constitutionally, and having followed their OWN "gods" morals, and who then appearingly went against our merely 'implied' system of biblical morals?   If their "sharia law" for example, tells them to punish the infidels, and they went by their own understanding of what "infidels" meant (and here, that'd be Christians for example), and we hadn't BY PARTICULARS, specified which "Creator" or "religious morals" we, as a nation go by, then who is the one failing to go by "specified laws"?   Who deserves to be punished?   Him who had only carelessly "implied" his laws, or him that went by the open-ended-ness of the true written laws?

There was more I wrote her in that email, but let me take it in my own words from here on out for those who weren't on some of the recent calls:

The usurping Masonic founders had cleverly "neutralized" and/or replaced (however you want to word it) the earlier Puritan's much more biblical colony/state writings with enough secular "neutrality" before and during the time that the 1776 and 1787 founding documents were written, that the real struggle now is in realizing that our founding documents are almost basically void for vagueness in some areas in the realm of religion and specific moral or ethical law.

This is what we have been studying in depth on our calls recently, especially on s-turday nights.  There's much more to add when you understand how the first amendment replaces the biblical concept of monotheism with polytheism as well, and as we are seeing all of this deceptive "metonymy" or "word-craft" (the language of courtroom witchcraft?), we are seeing that our courts are just an echo or extension of the satanic rituals that the druids had performed in the secret society "groves and high places" over the centuries.  Its hard 
not to ask yourself the real reason why the judges wear black robes!? 

In other words, we've been duped via what the Strong's Hebrew dictionary and Webster's 1828 dictionary define as: "metonymy".   When you get right down to the brass tacks of it all, it truly is looking more and more like the spiritual war that it really is, good versus evil, where we, as good stewards of our land at the same time, will continue to fight this fight in the halls of justice, but it must first start in the hearts of men in YHWH's true morals, and man's courage to stand on those morals without shame, specifying BY PARTICULARS OF LAW, who we honor as Creator, and who's morals we follow as a result, without exception."

A few of us were on a show about a week or two back (Terry, Red , Myself) and we were discussing issues that surrounded the topic of how America is terrified of even just the thought of a theocracy.  Now this was where I (having been studying this quietly for a good while) took advantage of the opportunity (as I was a little cautious of what Red would say when I said this) but I said something to the effect, "Red, we are already IN a theocracy.  There was a short pause If I remember, but we kept on, and I continued my case with others adding further comment, etc.  Before the end of the show however (and you can tell he had been in deep thought over it since I had said it some half hour earlier), Red said (and just as so many of us are aware of) that he was preaching that very type of mindset, that America was in love with "government god", and he had been saying that for nearly 30 years, but never thought about it in that light before, but that yes, we are certainly in a theocracy, a theocracy of "government god". 

Therefore, if your American friends (or those in any other luciferian nation for that matter) are afraid of the thought of a true theocracy under the much more perfect laws of YHWH, then remind them that the law system they are presently under, is the tyrannical theocracy of satan, disguised through humanism.

In hoping to offer some comfort here, I can, by my own experience, say that its hard to wrap one's mind around this thought from a quick glance, but...   Can it really be?   ...that we really 
are already are in a theocracy...      —a theocracy of satan's design and ethics?   ...almost the same exact system that we, as "Puritan America" had once escaped from?

but were we not duly warned?

"Be ye not deceived!"

One glaring question now stands as this dust settle in our minds:  Are we to "fix" what the forefather's either missed, or were tricked and/or intimidated out of?

Perhaps (and I mean, just perhaps) its time to add "particulars" to our documents as we wait for the Messiah's return, but to advance His kingdom on earth all the more, as we are to be responsible stewards of our land at the same time, be it while trying to repair our present land, and/or while encouraging the an even greater one from on High.   All in  all, I would much rather have one of Yeshua's governed theocracies than another one like the luciferian one we have now.   How 'bout you guys?

"...and the government shall be on his shoulder" (Isaiah 9:6) Amen?   "Thy kingdom come"

Not really sure of the other beliefs of this fellow, and in this audio he may not have the Sacred names in his heart as we do, but this particular cut is very well put for this particular subject on unconstitutional taxes and 'jurisdiction' based on Matthew 17:24-27 & other passages:
"The Temple tax" John Weaver

"I was arrested for practicing freedom without a license."    -dwaine 4-17-09

As the "pretend you are free" election season is now over, most of us who know better hadn't paid much attention to it after having long ago seen behind the smoke and mirrors magician's curtain once we understood that the REAL decision in saving ourselves and this nation is not in the "left/right/alternative/whatever you want it to be" political puppet shows, but in the spiritual realm where there's but one decision and one decision only to be made by every soul on the planet, where the world is now either 1)faithfully or 2)fearfully choosing sides between (respectfully) the vision that the reformers and puritans saw for the world, or...  what the satanists and illuminati saw for our world...

Do you want the kingdom of lucifer to keep coming down the pike like a satanic freight train at us?  ...or would you rather see what we are excitedly seeing around the corner in Scripture for the pure of heart, and a genuine coming of the fulfilled kingdom of Yeshua for the saints?

Think outside the box of the beast and see our...


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