On preachers who won't reform

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But the bottom line on this subject (and it gets more and more polarized as time goes on by the way) is how there seems to be lines drawn in the sand as to which side these preachers are really working for, slowly removing any and all "neutral zones" that these compromising preachers were very comfortable in years ago.

Please let me explain before jumping to any conclusions that I am judging your preacher just based on external parameters, as I am not, yet don't forget, a good number of us at first really thought that 19 hijackers with box cutters had really done that damage on 9/11, and we were therefore offended at those who tried to tell us that they didn't think that our government was as squeaky clean in their own noble jobs as they looked in those days either, know what I mean?

If your preacher is not himself investigating at least half of the issues that we have been uncovering for people here, and is not as a result either angry and excited or both to then hear more, wanting to then get to the bottom of every single topic, then seeing how we have been following things wrongly under all these years, then what does that say about such a preacher's heart?

Let's go a little further here:  If those of you who know about the Constitution being a lie now, are trying to get your preacher to stop promoting and praising it, even after some of you have clearly made a good attempt to show him the evidences that prove that we've so clearly been hoodwinked, then what is keeping him from becoming, as I said, either angry or excited (or both) in wanting to dive into such an investigation for his flock on that subject?  I have thought about this for roughly fifteen years now in graduated stages, and still, after all this time, can only come up with three reasons that a preacher might not want to reform his church back to the truths that we are discovering in our time, to make sure that his flock is up to speed with all the truth that his church can offer, knowing that Scripture tells us that he will have to answer to the Father for any error or willful ignorances he teaches, especially getting the more stripes for the areas that he should have known better, and yet remained willfully ignorant on.

And for those of you who know about the Jesuit infiltration into our millions of churches (see this page if you haven't), this is obviously the most prominent of the three reason we might find that any given preacher might not be eager to get to the bottom of the truth in his world for his flock.  Yet nonetheless the three reasons are as follows:

1. He is an actual Jesuit, doing his job for the "mother church".
2. he is that unintelligent, and unable to think such things through in order to then establish the truth for his following.
3. He is terrified of "going against the status quo", where this last one could be for any combination of several reasons, with a few of the more common reasons listed here:
A.  He is afraid of losing members and/or donations in the collection plates.
B.  He is afraid that the powers to be will find out and come and punish him in some way.
C.  He is afraid to even look into any of this, being that terrified that it may all be true, overwhelmed by fear altogether, simply crossing his fingers that its all just a bad dream and it will all go away on its own someday.
No matter which of the above points seem to best describe one's preacher and his refusal to reform your church, and no matter what these preachers are basing their compromising state on, they have made themselves an enemy to the Father and His kingdom in such times, as being "neutral" in such times of such a spiritual contest as this is absolutely treasonous to not just the Father, but to one's flock, neighborhood, loved ones, and even one's nation, to say the least, as sch an individual is not qualified to be the preacher, teacher, or leader that they may be professing to be.   They are therefore being the antithesis of the shepherd or spiritual mentor that they are claiming to be in such times as these.

Think about it from an overall vantage point:

If a preacher is not standing against the lies, and is in fact instead doing "whatever it takes" to appease the gods (obeying the 501c3 dictates, agreeing with the "hush hush" of the "don't get involved" crowd, etc), then he is actually on the other side of the "no neutral ground" fence, pulling down and condemning what few remaining serious hearts that might be trusting him, souls that might otherwise be genuinely looking for these deeper truths in these battleground-choosing times.

Father is clearly calling the ones that love Him and His truth to "come out from among them and be separate".  The time of the world's pretend neutrality is long gone.   So those preachers that are stalling or dragging their feet in any of the bigger areas of getting their flocks back to purity, are being absolute false ambassadors of what is truthfully going on around them in this world, and are therefore perhaps sending many in their congregations down the road to hell, rather than on the road to discovering YHWH's most wonderful truths.

Those like myself who have loved ones who will not listen to the more serious of us mainly because their "state approved" preachers are telling them that folks like us are fanatics or radicals, etc, are literally then working for the other side in this "choose ye this day whom ye will serve" final coming battle, and with each compromising preacher that I have met over the years, that I can easily tell is willfully avoiding these much needed reforms, he then mentally goes on the list that I have in my mind of those that are not helping to advance the kingdom of Yeshua and thereby save this nation, but he is one of those on the other hand who is quite literally helping to send my loved ones to hell.  So should I be eager to try and make ecumenic-styled pleasantries with such men that refuse to discuss reforms?  Heaven forbid, and Scripture condemns it!  (see Romans 16:17,18, et al)

Think about it my friends, the world has been conditioned by these Jesuit-based "churchianity" hucksters in their cancerous "Roman Protestant Churches", and to a point that, unless someone really has to study all of these things like I have (and like most preachers are supposed to do before preaching lies to their flocks), they have little else to go on in their lives but to simply trust these "government god" 'salesmen' that are everywhere now like overpopulated cockroaches, knowing that they needn't lead their flocks in multiple false directions, but in just one or two very serious bad directions, often themselves knowing that its just enough (I am convinced), to keep their congregation from then genuinely getting that Holy Spirit discernment that folks like myself had gotten when not getting any truth from my own wimpy preachers from my youth many years back.

The picture is one of:  yes, I am convinced that there is something very fishy going on with every preacher that both refuses to begin making these very important reforms, and on the other hand also insists that he is not a jesuit.   Then if you are a true "man of God" Mr. Preacher, then please, please explain to me why do you not want to clean such errors up in your church for the God you say you so love?   Yet the problem for us is, unless we can dig like a good detective into the past of these mysteriously acting preachers to see if they had attended jesuit seminaries, etc, then we can't really tell WHY they won't do so.  The only conclusion that can be outwardly made, is that no matter what specific "reason" of the above listed items they seem to hold on to in not excitedly yearning to get back to the truth of the Scriptures and any genuine biblical reforms with us, it is a moot point.   In essence it really doesn't matter, as every single one of the above "reasons" is hard-enough grounds anyway for why such men shouldn't even be preachers in the first place (fear is the opposite of faith, remember), as they obviously do not have a spirit that is seeking the Father's Spirit and the truth of the world for themselves, so how can they be helping others find any truth if they don't even want it?

Yet millions will still defend these guys.  Why? because for most, such preachers have become their favorite ear ticklers, that's why.  They are the best men that they have been able to find that gives them the best encouraging reasons to also avoid the truth themselves. 

Defend them my brethren, and you will have to then defend yourselves all the more on judgment day.

Scripturally we are supposed to be cleansing ourselves and our nation to greater and greater truth and purity in these times. Those church leaders who are not leading their flocks to do such, are not only helping to send our loved ones to hell via contributing to this massive nationwide complacent attitude towards purity, but they are also a complete shame and a pathetic disgrace to our nation and the Puritans who were not afraid or embarrassed to stand in Father's ways of purity.


Jul 26, 2013, 8:06 AM