Noah's Tears

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This page may not mean very much to the average reader, but it is a very important one for me.   Writing the introduction to this page at this date (now in 2012), is somewhat like a "five-year reunion" of the unexpected article I wrote just those few years back where, in its first initial pages, it had not only caused me to sit back and realize the unbelievable emotional pain that Noah must have gone through, but it had then also slowly became the bittersweet reality that I myself then had to further deal with in my own world and ministry.   It was only with the realization of my own hunger for growth in Father's truth (upon seeing all of the lies falling down around us in the recent decade), that I also then began alternately seeing the reality of the growing, cancerous dis-interest of so many others whom I know and love.   The initial feeling of the polarization of the two spiritual sides was beginning to make itself known to me for the first time in my life, where far too many were beginning to appear as empty shells of emotional shadows and despair on the other side of today's ark door.  They no longer seemed to have any desire to want Father's truth with very much of their heart.   ...and it has only gotten worse since then.

that moment about five years back now, was somewhat like an awakening point for me, or perhaps a day not unlike that of the cutting of an emotional umbilical cord of sorts, where my seeing the more secure side of my own salvation so strongly had also eventually (and unavoidably) led me to understand the other side of that dichotomy where it was becoming more and more evident that others were drifting further away, and MUCH further away, where they certainly were not wanting to get any closer like myself.   And this only confused me by the way, in light of what should have done just the opposite, in the growing fear of these more terrifying times (but that's another sermon I'm working on in and of itself, where once the watchman on the wall has been ignored over and over, and the swordsman has come all the way to getting his sword under your chin, its a little too late to run OR repent.  When the ark door is shut, can man open it?). 

Nonetheless, it seems that this present period in time somewhat began a very new type of a heartache in me that I had never felt before, that had first sent me into a state of frustration for all those around me that I loved, but where looking back now, I have since become submissively resolved to my YHWH's brilliance and perfection and the ultimate justice that must be done, and the bottom-line realities of how sin must be rewarded with death.   This is what eventually settled in me and has perhaps caused folks that aren't quite as close to me these days to see me as having become more "mellow" or something in the last recent year or so, as it has understandably caused me to face some very new and unforeseen realities in the spiritual realm including the painful passage connections I had to face when writing the recent book "Last Call: Come Out of Her My People".  

Over the last ten to fifteen years or so now, and seeing the lies of the global churches, then having made many corrections to come out from among them in so many many ways, and now being in what feels like the home stretch of resultantly going through these cascading stages of unfolding prophecy over the last four or five years, I can honestly tell you the reader, that there are no easy words to describe the feeling one gets when he sees the painful conclusion in his heart, that the Father has to punish sin.  He simply has to.  He's not the "just" Judge that we need Him to be for our eternal peace and joy, if He was unable to punish sin as promised.  and I mean for ALL of us, the Father included.  If we were not punished and sent away, He'd have to deal with such wicked people for all eternity, just as uncomfortably as we would.  He simply has to turn those away from the gates of the city that "would not that he should reign over them" (see Luke 19:27).

I suppose you can see where I am headed here as I ask, "Are we entering a similar time of utter heartache as Noah had to face?"   "Are we about to see many that we love fall away as today's spiritual ark door is being shut on the hypocritical, the disobedient, and the lukewarm?" 

I suppose this actual paragraph of introduction here then may be one of the deeper moments of reflection that I have ever wanted to convey on paper, and that some of you might have ever heard from me in any emotional sense, even among those of you who know me fairly well, as the things that I am sure are taking place spiritually now (according to Scripture), are causing me to see things from an entirely unexpected vantage point.   --a vantage point that has me wishing that I could, just as Noah had to have been feeling, and...   wanting to just close his eyes and ears till it was all over.    Many today are not going to make it, and I see that now, just as Noah had.  so I don't push people who look like they are already hopelessly unable to hang on to father's life raft of truth and are spiritually drifting away, and just as some may have been drifting away from the ark on debris as the waters rose in Noah's time.

May those who have the slightest bit of "what little they seemeth to have", still hang on, and find the mercy of the Father as this time draws colder and colder to those who have forgotten that Elohim rules over all kingdoms of man. (see Daniel 5:21).

Can there be a last-minute reprieve for those who have truly drifted away from the Father?  Only time will tell, and only they can repent for themselves, I cant do that part for them.

Therefore, those of you who have known me for many years, if I dont seem as "pushy" or "preachy" as I used to be, its not that I no longer love you and want to be a good coach for those of you, but its now sort of like this:
I have seen so much in Scripture that has me convinced that, if the judgment time has begun, then the time for repentance may be over, and I am then  only left to feel an enormous amount of pity for them that do not seem to have any remaining hunger for Father's truth any longer.  its almost that simple--I'm in deep pity for them now, like wanting desperately to comfort someone as you know that the flood waters are going to soon drag them under, knowing where they are going eternally as well, just as Noah had.


The final word is the question "How did Noah Say Goodbye?"  (audio  52 minutes)

Mar 14, 2012, 2:09 PM