My God is Not a Racist God

Our most recent book release (Mar 2021), is one we've titled:
"My God is Not a Racist God".
It starts with laying a biblical foundation showing how racism is not at all biblcal, gradually entering surprising secular, historic, and even secret society proofs growing to a completed picture showing that racism is a more recent but totally man-made idea that was intentionally put in place as a "divide and conquer" tactic by a cruel ruling class for better control of the masses in advancing political and enslavement aims.  The book also shows us how we can have a happy ending in our troubled times as well!  PDF download here:

And in a further appended note already with an item that didnt make it into the book prior to printing, I would like to add this momento for folks to further chew on:

From Matthew Henry's commentary and his last lines regarding Isaiah chapter 6.  He says:

"Some make the holy seed to be Christ. The Jewish nation was therefore saved from utter ruin because out of it, as concerning the flesh, Christ was to come, (Romans 9:5). 'Destroy it not, for that blessing is in it' (Isaiah 65:8); and when that blessing had come [Yeshua], it [the Jewish nation] was soon destroyed."

And I myself might add that, so too would the Jews end their tradition of genealogical record keeping at that time, which is an interesting coincidence (some might say).
Now it is also of an "identity movement" researcher's interest to consider that Yeshua, being the blessing and thereby the reason that Father had protected and extended that holy seed line Himself, had never fathered any children while with us, thus He was truly the end of that holy seed "exclusiveness" that the identity people claim, at least as far as "nations of peoples" are concerned.  YHWH would then offer that seed blessing to all who qualified under His Commandments that teach us to love Him, His law, and one another "as ourselves" through the grace and blood of His Son's sacrifice.  

So where the "exclusivity seedline" ends with Yeshua's personage, it is then yet another way to clearly show how both believing Jews and Gentiles alike were then able to recieve this "blessing" through Yeshua's blood as we then would once more steer the reader back to Galatians 3:28 as we cover in greater detail in the book, which says,
"There is neither Jew nor Greek ... for ye are all one in Chist Jesus.  And if ye be Christ's, then ye are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise."
All of mankind, even those people that a superiority complex-driven world would wish to degradingly classify as the lowliest men of any and all nations, peoples, and tongues, are to be welcome upon true conversions, as part of an even greater numbered foretold multitude under Yeshua's seed, that seed now delivered through Yeshua and His blood, not ours, which is also covered in the book in other ways as well.  

Once Yeshua was the "end of the line" for that "exclusivity blessing" (so to speak), and Yeshua became the sacifice for all mankind, the entire world was then eligible to attend the Supper Host's gathering being even yes, those "highways and hedges" humbled souls who placed a more appreciatively embraced priority on worshiping and trusting in YHWH through His Son. But they must trust in Him and His kingdom, not men or kingdoms of the world, otherwise they are no better than the men who wrote the book called racism, make sense?

Apr 20, 2021, 6:36 AM