Is their "legalese" satanic?

"Political correctness is the clown costume of those who do not want you to see their naked hatred for God underneath."  -dwaine 2-08-2006

Twisted languages and forgotten meanings...

Is their "legalese" satanic?

It seems the "newspeak" that George Orwell had envisioned has gone far deeper than even Orwell himself had expected.   The rabbit holes get sicker and more twisted than ever when we see how the global elite have developed this "language" to cleverly disguise the glorifying of their "god", lucifer, where much of it is used for the specific purpose of deceiving "the peasants".  I cant stress enough how amazingly freaky this whole discovery of the satanic connections to their clever "wordcraft" or "metonymy" had been for us (see initial discovery notes in article below), but before we begin to list the words and definitions that we found (or suspiciously DIDN'T find) in classic dictionaries and lawbooks, please allow me to show a word that we coined tonight upon which we will build our reason for this page as time goes on.

This word is the result of trying to properly define those who are now strongly desensitized to the truth and humbleness of the righteous ways of the ways of YHWH our Creator in any way, and who have thereby become "conditioned" and "programmed" into almost literal mind-numbed robotic killing machines (physically, politically, legally, economically, etc) for the global satanic elite.  Dave Bartels and myself, along with Jeff Garner, had stumbled upon the thought tonight that they probably should be given a specific name for their illness:

SATANITY  noun.  The unbiblical, death-obsessed mentality of the spiritually insane.

For the most part we say this with tongue in cheek, but at the same time can't help but wonder what makes these elitist people think as they do.   Consider the passage: "...all they that hate me, love death."  (Proverbs 8:36) then think about how they reject the ways of Yeshua and how He could stop all of this madness if enough of us would just simply repent and admit that "Elohim rules over all kingdoms of men".  As sad, novel, insulting, or funny as it might sound at first, it is really true--they really do fit the description we wrote.  What other word is there to describe these sick people who are clearly worshiping the dark entity of the Bible without getting vulgar or offensive to innocent bystanders?

Dont Let Their Tricky Words Intimidate You!  Yeshua's truth is greater!  Use His name and His words of truth and then stand back and let those truths do their work!

In considering the way that the black-robed luciferians are being rebellious to us all, and how these greed-driven people have developed a satanic "language" of (seemingly endless) deceptive phraseology that can intimidate even the longest-studying students, there is hope in knowing that the Father saw this coming long ago and is warning us here.  Remember also that this falls shortly before our much-preached Ezekiel chapter 9 as well, so it even fits very well in a chronological sense, being a great comfort to those few "law-minded" of us who can appreciate the specific inferences to the "wording" of this passage:

"And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house."  (Ezekiel 2:6)
Notice that the passage says "be not afraid of their words" not once but twice!  When the Bible repeats anything, it means that its important!  Don't be afraid of their words my friends!  Stand with the truth in the best language that you yourself can express, and if you are also walking faithfully with the Father in all His ways, you will find yourself backed by the great "advocate" of 1 John 2:1, which of course is Yeshua Himself!

Nonetheless we are to still "study to shew ourselves approved" and do what we can to learn the vast differences between their evil luciferian system and YHWH's "perfect law of liberty" so that (if nothing else), we can continue to fight for those who are yet being oppressed by their cold-blooded wickedness, Amen?