Is our social security biblical?

As we come closer and closer to realizing the many layers of lies and deceptions that we have been drawn into over the generations, one of the very biggest and most asked question of those like myself is the one regarding the Social Security system and how it so frightfully seems to be the very thing that the Bible had been warning believers about since the time of John the Revelator.

But is it as unbiblical as it may seem?  or is it truly as much of a problem for the serious believer as we are hearing at the water coolers and backyard discussions?

We have found that an article by our friend Matt Trewhella was so close to our own feelings that we chose to just offer his work here rather than write one like it ourselves.  Download the PDF and consider that he has put a lot of time into studying this topic:

Do we feel that making a "slight change" to the Scriptures is okay?  How about the verse, "go ye in among them and be ye desperate saith the Lord."  Now of course we know that the true verse in 2nd Corinthians does not say that, but are people acting as if that is the true way it is written by the way we are living our lives?  For a thought-provoking list of passages that make one think harder on this issue, consider this article: 

For the most part though, being a card-carrying member of the social security system is tantamount to claiming to all the world around you, that you prefer being a slave for the beast system, rather than trust in the provisional system of the Father.  Your social security number then in all essence, becomes your slave number.  And not just a slave to some simple little corrupt government, but to satan's worldwide kingdom--his "beast" kingdom.

Did you know that America's social security system is not a stand alone system?  Did you know that it is literally tied-in with hundreds of other countries and their forms of social security?  Did you know that countries cannot join the United nations unless their land is tied-in to this system?  And although most countries did not WANT to be a part of the United Nations, they were, as many were, coerced into it by the very same mechanics that empoverish a nation untill it does.  It is all the same scheme born of this one giant massive system of global slavery that the Bible calls "the beast". 

Social[ist] security was put in place gradually over the years beginning in the 1930's via instruction from Churchill to FDR, where those who yet today knowingly and voluntarily "apply" to be accepted into this system, are in fact, unable to trust in the Father's ability to "keep them" and are thereby selling themselves for a bowl of pottage not unlike how Esau had been duped into losing his birthrights to Jacob in Genesis chapter 25 for a measly bowl of stew.

Have we "sold our birthrights" to satan?  Well, of course almost none of us knew this years ago, because we were all basically deceived into it, or sold into this system of slavery by our parents, who most themselves didn't know what was really going on, none of them knowing any of what we now know about the cloak of today's many satanic secrecy societies.  

But the picture is still the same--those with social security cards are (literally under their own written codes and legal books) indentured servants to this global government", which once you know who runs it, it is not hard to figure out that it is satan's world-wide heaven-imitating kingdom that the Book of Revlelation tells us to "Come out from among" (Rev. 18:4).

Are the plagues starting to hit?  IS it possible that those who "bear the mark" (carry the cards) of this system are not going to fare very well when the Father's wrath comes harder and harder upon us?  I suppose thenm that its a toss up for the lukewarm as to who they might do better with once the dam of chaos bursts forth on this planet.

If the Bible says to "come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.", then why would we wonder that America is starting to "receive of her [the beasts'] plagues"?

If therefore, "all the world wonders after the beast" (follows her edicts and instruction like a bull with a ring in its nose, being led down the road to perdition due to fear of her might and power), and there are so few in today's time that yet trust in the Father enough to let go of all their "beast system" (slavery) benefits, then is it not just like how the Father got angry from the top of Mt. Sinai and wanted to wipe out the entire population of Israel for worshiping their fake golden calf system of security?

It all ties together folks.  The Constitution as satan's imitation "laws statutes and judgments", the false papal calendar as satan's false times when to "rest work and worship", and of course, the social security and various "entitlement" programs that fall under that system as satan's system of "blessings" to his enslaved subjects, etc, etc.  Satan has become "like the most high God" in many ways with many many people...   and YHWH is angry at both him, and those that are bowing down to satan and his system instead of His.  

And lastly, here's another intersting article with some fascinating facts and statistics that show the truths about this global "peasant numbering system" (although, please be aware that these folks are not as far up to speed as we are here with other areas):