Is God an evil monster?

Some of you may have been on our email list when we released an article called, "An Open Letter to the Law Remedy Groups", which itself had brought back enough responses that we gave it its own page here on the website, but then a huge number of emails followed from folks having read it, where although we were flooded with an amazingly large amount of various 'thumbs-up'-type emails, there was just one individual that was not a big fan of what we wrote who, unbeknownst to this woman herself, her attack on our Father in heaven would then begin to stir up an even greater can of worms, but one with wonderful happy endings.  

I say wonderful because even though her e-mail was a very vicious attack on Him, YHWH can use evil things for His greater good, where this e-mail came in a way that unexpectedly brought even more blessings and glory to the Father, in having begun an amazingly complex but productive chain of emails that opened wide a whole new door of discussion among a great deal of people who were apparently spreading these particular related emails around.  This worked out well, as it brought some other long-needed messages of hope to the surface.

When those same folks on our email list then saw our follow-up e-mail not just a few days days later, an even greater string of emails again came in with glowing accolades for our email and its defense of our King of kings.  And for those of you who did not get that e-mail, below is that follow-up email of the previously mentioned "Open Letter..." article linked above, where it should be self explanatory as to what is going on.  After reading the following, I will expound with even more facts and helpful points of discussion that I would like to add, helping to supply the serious believer with as much "ammo" as he or she might need to then be better equipped to handle those who are becoming more and more hateful towards those of us who truly love everything about our King of kings, as these God-haters continue trying to show the rest of the world that our God is an evil monster that does evil things just for thrills:

My brethren,

I wrestled over troubling you folks with this one for well over a day (not liking to clog up your in-boxes with the unimportant), but my conscience and love for the Father was unable to let this one go un-addressed.

It seems that many who do not know our Savior are yes, "weeping and gnashing their teeth" with more frequency and bitterness these days as we draw deeper into the final battle between good and evil, where the last email I sent out with my "Open Letter to the Law Remedy Groups" (PDF here), had cost me one very nasty email (found among the several dozen 'thumbs-up' letters that I had otherwise gotten back from many of you, and thank you BTW).

This particularly animated email, came from someone who, in our north-eastern area of the nation, has been networking with folks from all walks of life, including all the various religions, and to a point that it was not hard to see that she was basically doing so in an ecumenic fashion, willing to accept working with anyone who would help save her nation from the oncoming tyranny.  Biblically, I could tell you her name or some background on her (Romans 16:17,18), but I feel that it is not important here yet, and I am instead going to just continue to pray that she will have a change of heart before its too late for her someday as well, so please just know that there are folks out there who are equally as fearful as she is and likely to erupt at the more serious of you some day in a similar manner as what you are about to read here.  For those of you who had read my "Open Letter...", this was her short but pungent response (expletive censored of course) to that writing:

On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 6:40 PM, __________ <> wrote

 "F_ _ _ Jesus and God. They can stop suffering, genocide, war etc but never do. In fact, all is done in their name! They - all alleged super beings - have a lot of explaining to do!!!! WHAT parental-type being would allow the suffering of any child of theirs when it could be eliminated?" 

I was pretty taken aback by this harsh message from her, but not completely shocked, due to having known her previous 'all religions should just forget their differences' mindset, where I simply responded back with the following quick thoughts trying to make peace (typing it quickly, literally shivering at a very cold outdoor wi-fi location if its wording is a bit rushed-looking).   
I have decided to publish this exchange for those of you who have also had this same complaint either angrily or ignorantly put to you in similar ways recently and/or may be getting it with more frequency in the worsening times to come, that you may know how to better answer it:

Dear _____,

You obviously never really read the Bible, nor do you then understand the concept of His love being so kind as to give us the free will to decide these evil things for ourselves.  Who is being evil towards the other here?  You or I?  I am absolutely stunned at your foul language here, but it is the perfect example of how man does what he wants to others no matter how much it might hurt others despite a God trying to send His less aggressive ones to show us from a distance how not to erupt in wickedness when things do not go our way according to our own messed up plans.

It is man that does the evil, not God.  You are showing this for me with perfect timing here.  Should God then strike you down for having used such a disgusting word toward someone who is only trying to be an ambassador of peace for better things for all of us?   Per your own ideals here then, you should be getting punished for not going along with a less aggressive program.   Would that be more to your liking?  If so, you would be hit with a lightning bolt and struck dead.  Is that what would make you happy?

God gave us a set of rules that could stop all of this genocide, but man in his own haste, greed, selfishness and arrogance has decided to write his own laws that replaced God's, which then tells God, "Take off, we don't need you, nor do we want your protections over us, we can handle ourselves", and so He has walked away from us, and now you hate Him, and are angry that He has walked away from us like you wanted Him to do?

You my dear, are one of the reasons that man's laws are in control rather than a loving God's that could stop all of this.

Please don't ever use such language in an e-mail in my direction again.  If you'd like removed from my e-mail list I will be happy to take you off, but it is you my dear who does not understand the concept of being responsible towards the things that could stop what man has let get out of control himself.

In the realm of God, we are given the chance to show that we can't govern ourselves, and you have become the perfect example off that today.

In YHWH's true peace which man has rejected and has kicked out of his nation,

I would also like to add this for more depth on the topic, for those who may want yet even greater emphasis in defending the Father in such ill-founded complaints:

Some of you know that I have a good friend by the name of Donna Taylor, who's (then) teenage son was the first young one to be shot at Columbine that infamous day and who lived to tell what the news would not report.  I have spoken to them both oft times, and the mother has even been on the air with us a couple of times some years ago.  I say that to then offer this thought:  People often ask me why God allows evil things to happen to children in this world, and they often point back to Columbine specifically, sometimes even challenging me with that on the air, conference calls, etc., where the question usually comes at me something like this:"How can an all-loving God allow what happened to those poor children at Columbine?  What about that Mr. preacher man?  Where was your God then?" Well the answer is very simple.  And it usually stops their attitude pretty fast when they then hear what I so simply tell them, knowing that they should have figured it out for themselves but had not, and that is this:  We have kicked the Bible out of the schools, we have stopped prayer in the schools, we send children home from school should they wear t-shirts that reflect their faith in God, and we even have the religion of evolution replacing every and all scientific evidences of God's existence to our children in our schools, punishing and firing the teachers and professors that try, and then when God finally accepts that He is no longer wanted, nor even lawfully able to stay and protect those children any further, He is forced to then leave our schools, doing so just as we had legally sent Him packing, where we then, and just as this angry woman that e-mailed me today, wonders why He isn't protecting our children in these schools.    (???)

Simply put, if we, as parents, kicked our own parents out of our lives and homes, then months later found one of our infants kidnapped by thugs from our home while we slept, could we blame the grandparents that we had ousted from our home that they hadn't protected them?  That'd be absurd.  So such arguments are just a "cop out" as they used to say.

Others ask me how I could support a God that allows thousands of babies a day to die in partial birth abortions, etc, where I often physically hand them the short but full color shocking, eye-catching flyer from this page when I am out on my street ministry, where if some of you would like to download that single page flyer, it explains it even better and with great impact.

In short, lawfully, and almost as if we were officially a huge Catholic nation now, we have written God an anathema.  We have "excommunicated" Him from our now satanic system of government, schools, clinics, you name it.  By a plethora of uncountable "We the People" decrees (if nothing else) YHWH is not allowed in satan's modern American "theocracy". 

And...   if the many details that I might have offered as food for thought here may have missed an area or two in our lives that we haven't kicked Him out of yet (and there are countless other areas where we have), well, the Constitution itself then covers any detail we might have missed over the years, making sure that Father can't sneak back in in any national way as well.  Thus the words of Yeshua (Christ) for our times, as He then stands out in the cold:

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock."

Those of us who have read the Bible with a mind that understands the much wiser lawful heart of YHWH know that He is certainly not going to go against His own promise to not interfere in the lives of those societies who do not want Him around, which is the exact strategy of the luciferian elite in having "conditioned" the nation into giving up on our God.  Taking us away from the protection of our God is the greatest weapon that the elite have banked on since ancient times in having then been able to enslave those foolish nations who, as this woman is a good example of here, would fall for such tricks and gradually abandon their God (see chapter 1 of our small booklet "Bullies for satan" here for a very easy way to explain how this fits the whole NWO criminal scenario to your friends as well)

Like it or not, we are engaged in a growing battle between two theocracies.  YHWH's kingdom versus satan's kingdom.  Father's "perfect law of liberty and love, versus satan and man's endlessly confusing laws of "whoever is in charge at any given time or place all over the world", making theirs an absolute chaotic maze of codes and ordinances that no man will ever be able to make heads or tails of, let alone get along under.  The godless and their present satan-inspired, man-written theocracy in this nation allows for massively larger numbers of deaths than Father's system does (to also address my friend's complaint), as just a few examples are shown here in an earlier video we did called: "A War Between Two Theocracies".  or another one that might be helpful: "The Land of Make Believe Laws"

However any of us might want to look at it all, we each have to choose our own paths in life, where even the godless will have to admit that we will all find out the truth when this life is over, agreed?  But to just curse and swear and lose one's temper in the direction of those that are merely promoting a God of peace?????  Again, who is starting a war here?

Some of us can continue to lie to ourselves that the God of the Bible is an evil monster that allows evil things to happen to people just for His own thrills, but then what does that type of "belief" do to us in our very lives, souls and character?  Does that not then condition us to live and do likewise to others as this woman so uncaringly defiled Jesus and God before those who are merely trying to show her what they have found, merely trying to save her from her own angers?  The God of the Bible is true to His own character.  Folks like this have re-created that God and His character to suit what they want to see Him as, not as How He is explained by the Bible.  Do we not then become at least somewhat enjoined to living a life according to that false character of morals that we have then created in our minds if we do so?  We then become our own gods that way, all of us wanting our own set of rules by which to live our lives, which do what...    it creates even more chaos and more tensions, more wars, and more bloodshed (see pages 28 & 29 of that above booklet).  Think Harder my dear friends.
Don't let the naysayers discourage you.  YHWH is a very lawful and just judge who, if publicly rejected or cursed (as this woman has done), etc, will not interfere with (which includes any kind of help for) those individuals or societies that do not want His counsel, provisions, or protection over them, instead protecting the individual souls and families of those who do love Him and embrace His "terms of peace".

Lawfully therefore, by The Father's own brilliant rules, He is bound by His own covenant to protect those that love and honor His system of peace, allowing on the other hand, those who have forgotten Him or cursed Him to become the ones captured and run over by the wicked.

True love protects innocent societies from wicked ones, not wicked ones from other wicked ones.  The Father understandably lets the wicked societies fight it out among themselves, staying out of such fights as both sides had requested, just as what is taking place today.   The godless among us (who won't repent and help us call God back to our side) are forcing us all as a nation to then fight the godless Babylonian control freaks all on our own now without the help of our God, just as our own documents had told YHWH to "Stay out of this!", beginning as far back as 1788.  

Will America see the simplicity of her error before its too late and repent?  Or will the complainers just stay glued to all their godless radio and television sources, fueling the fire for one another, where they then get angrier and angrier that nothing's getting any better?  This last e-mail seems to indicate that no, sadly there are still quite a few that yet prefer to fight it out without God's help these days, so it seems that we can only expect that the Columbine/9-11 issues may only keep getting worse instead of better.   ...much worse.

So thank you for your patience with yet another e-mail here again my brethren, But I feel that this one was somewhat needful in these times we are in.  

In YHWH's law of love that was cast in stone for our own protection,

Lastly, I offer this specifically for my old acquaintance and her fear, that she might find the peace that a growing number of us have found peace with:

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."  (1st John 4:18)

Where I might also add:

"Worshiping (fearing; respecting the power of) one's would-be wicked overlords rather than that of a fair and just God, is the first step in making sure that the overlords can lawfully punish you in the absence of that fair and just God for as long as they like."   

Now, can you see why I entitled this page "Is God an Evil Monster?"  There are people out there that hate the God that they and others have successfully taught themselves to completely re-create in their own minds.  

They allow themselves to do so in order to inwardly and outwardly justify their own sins, which only contributes to the reason why we are under this wrath in the first place, where they are (and either ignorantly or otherwise) a literal part of the problem, not the solution.  
Just like the bullies in the playground when we were children, they feel that they have to make the good kids look bad so that they wont look so evil themselves, trying to re-write the tables of what is good and evil in the minds of those around them, trying to take the heat off of themselves.  Its a very old case of obfuscation where these folks look to pin the problems on the righteous, creating scapegoats so that the rest of the world will not look at them as being one of those who are causing the growing problems all around them.

And just as those bullies in the schoolyard, if the entire class had been made to stay after school for something "bad" that had been done where perhaps someone had written something really nasty on one of the teacher's papers or something, and the teacher, without wanting to repeat the evil thing that had been written, was offering that the one who wrote the evil could come forward and confess, and the rest of the class could go home free...  But the one that wrote the evil thing on the teacher's desk was now too fearful to accept the blame for what he had done, and then when all the other kids were suspect of this particular kid, he then starts to make up stories about how all the other children are evil, or...   that the teacher was evil, perhaps even saying that the teacher had made the whole thing up just to be mean to the children.  Is this not what this woman (in a sense) is doing?  Rather than doing her civil and moral duty to realize her own (now glaring) contributions to the evils in the classroom and instead genuinely repent of those ways to the teacher, her pride and fear instead keep her driven to further covering up her evil deeds, only prolonging and often compounding the problem for both her and the rest of the class. 

But is the teacher really an evil leader for the children as this bully would like the rest of the class to believe?  It depends on how crafty and convincing this selfish person is, as to how much the other children then start to believe this bully themselves.  If the rotten child is fairly talented at their evil pursuit, they can often gain a circle of friends around them that will agree and follow them.  But that's only until the principal is called into the room is it not?  Now of course I am showing my age here in using the illustration of a classroom from a generation ago, but once the principle and his paddle comes into the classroom casting a massive shadow over these previous "big shots", there is often a great silence that overwhelms the entire room, as everyone then realizes who it was that had been out of line, everyone shaking in their boots, especially those who were following the bully rather than the teacher, a teacher that was merely trying to teach them responsibility out of a genuine love for them.

With this analogy in mind, is the teacher really an evil tyrant that forces little children to do things like homework because of some kind of hate for them?  ...or is this teacher likely only hoping to "train them up in the way that they should go", trying to properly instill in them a good sense of responsibility founded on wholesome foundations and morals?

Are we not seeing a very similar thing with the struggle between good and evil in our time?  Our free downloadable booklet "Bullies for satan" shows this scenario with many more types of thought-provoking illustrations as to how the New World Order has for centuries been conditioning all the other kids in the world's classroom to do just that, which is to hate the God of Creation, and so much so that they, the bullies, could keep the principal out of the classroom to then "rule" the entire class themselves for their own evil benefit.

Do we want to keep that wise and loving teacher?  ...or do we want a wicked tyrant like these bullies to take her place?  If we do not rebuke these people, they only see our silence as a mandate to go further and further and so on, where today we are facing a tyranny so large and so huge, that even the Bible's descriptive warnings of this time seem to have even been mild in some ways by comparison, does it not?  We simply have to learn to rebuke and reprimand them, shaming them in whatever ways that we can as the bullies' helpers that they are, otherwise they go off again scott free to do this all over the world.

"Silence in defense of good
        in an evil town square crowd,
is a vote for wretched neighborhoods,
         as the wicked hear him loud!"

Having set the atmosphere for you here, now ask yourself this question again:  Would you want an intelligent, loving "teacher" over your nation?     or a stupid "bully" replacement that would only ridicule the original loving teacher so he can have his way with us in every evil way imaginable?   Who in the class are we going to listen to?  ...the wise and caring teacher?  ...or the clever, but smooth-talking snake that wants to take the teacher's place so he can rob you blind, abuse you, then leave you for dead?   Is the teacher really an evil monster that wants to see us all suffer?  ...or is the teacher really there to try and instill in us the perfection of the most wonderfully harmonious morals that man has ever seen?  

Should we then continue to keep quiet so as not to hurt the feelings of the bully supporters in the class when they are spouting their unproven lies about the teacher?   "Oh oh, be careful", one might say to another, "you might get yourself called a teacher's pet if you do that!"   But then that is fear, and fear of those who would support the bullies and mock us is not of Him that has called us to faith in His Son, the Teacher, the Word made Flesh, Yeshua ha Meshiach, the One who said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments"  and "I and my Father are one."  

If Yeshua is the teacher, and the Father the principal with the paddle, and we now see this with greater and greater clarity as the truths of what these wicked people have all done to our world over such a long period of time, doing so in order that they could run amuck in the classroom of the world, then what is the wise thing to do?  Should we continue to let the bullies disrupt the classroom as we so loudly today hear the principal coming down the hall?  Should we continue to just laugh at the bullies' jokes about how evil the teacher is?   ...and this, even as the more elite bullies are raping all of us and stealing from us and destroying our nation?  My brethren, they are all in it together, whether they know it or not, or whether they are big shots or peons in the beast world.  Either way, thay are all a contributing part of those who are disrupting the Savior's classroom of righteousness and bringing the principal down the hall, and we, if we are wise and true believers, will heed the call to do all that we can, even if just to shame them, if nothing else.

There is an interesting and clear passage in the Bible that clearly shows that there is to be punishment for what we today might call "dereliction of duty", where we, as professing believers in the God of the Bible, are supposed to be "preaching the gospel of the kingdom [YHWH's government; system of law]", to every creature.  This means that we are all to be salt and light or, to be a beacon of warning to them, and even at times perhaps a little annoying, adding to their already nagging consciences (which is partly why it is called "preaching") to those who are still stubbornly living in their sin and putting us in danger with the Father.  We simply must start learning to do this again, in at least shaming them as true believers did in times before us, as these evil people are actually contributing to the chaos in the classroom where, once the teacher has done all that can be done, the principal must then be called in to punish the offenders, and perhaps the entire class as well if the bullies have successfully covered their "crimes" with our dirty hands (read: "social security" here, where many are involved in that unbiblical "gain of oppression" today), where once more, the bullies will always try to blame the good kids for what they have talked and deceived us into and have brought down upon the whole of us by their sin.

The bullies and all their supporters are avoiding their neighborly duty to repent and live righteously, and are therefore becoming the reason that the rest of the class has to suffer, and we who are not reprimanding the bullies ourselves are likewise to share in this coming punishment, as we did not act when we knew in our hearts that we were supposed to be acting in rebuking and reproving these unbiblical trouble-makers, be they large or small:

"Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."
-James 4:17

Is this illustration of the classroom not the exact same thing that is happening to our world but in a much larger sense?  Are we not ourselves subliminally putting a sugar coating over these bullies ourselves in many ways so that we don't have to face the responsibility as believers to at least shame them in their evil speeches and deeds, fearing the bullies more than the Teacher and the Principal?

Think harder my brethren.  This is not just a stroll in the park we are in right now.  These are very dark days for mankind, and perhaps the absolute darkest of all time coming right around the corner from us now.  Are we to continue to stroke the self-esteem of those who are bringing this wrath down upon us and our children?  YHWH forbid!  The time for "being nice" is long gone.  It is time to "tell it like it is" and shun these people who are standing in God-mocking lock step with the unbiblical tyrants, as it is just beginning to come down upon us and our children, and (as they say...) "You ain't seen nothin' yet".  

It is our subtle support of them and our "look the other way" reactions towards the deeds of these impenitent people that is also helping to anger the Father, as we are the ones who have been called (if we are professing to be "christians" or "believers", etc) to be the ambassadors of promoting the other side of that coin are we not?  What are we really doing to stop this self-destructive/nationally-destructive wickedness in our neighbors ourselves?  Are any of us befriending some of these people as it they were not doing anything wrong?  Are we, by our blocking out their evils in our minds and appeasing them, giving them further mandate to continue in their sin, bringing even greater wrath from the Father down upon us?   ...or are we pointing out their wrongs against an angry and Holy God, insisting that they stop bringing this wrath upon our land?

This woman attacked my greatest love, my King and Savior.  It took many years to learn to subdue the tongue, refraining myself from what I could have otherwise said.  You see, when I was a kid, you could tease me and call me names almost all day long before I'd eventually have enough and haul off and belt you,  but should you say one evil statement about my mom?  Look out!  I'd be holding you by the shirt collar, fist in the other hand expecting you to take it back before the last syllable left your mouth.  That is love.  We have a natural tendency to want to protect the honor of the ones we most love and respect.  If we are not defending such a God ,but defaming Him, what does that say about the one who is so far in the other direction and actually defaming Him?

It is time to repent of all of our attachments to this evil world my friends.  That's because even the slightest little nuance and encouragement that we give these people, is eventually going to come back to bite us in the butt, in either a part of this oncoming wrath, or in the final judgment to come when we are not found having properly rebuked these people for their evil statements and deeds against the God that gave us our lives, our children, and our original beautiful nation.  Are we willing to face the consequences of what we know is coming should this wicked "beast" system then continue to encourage and "train" people to blaspheme our God?  Are we willing to risk losing the lives and souls of our little ones thanks largely to these people who refuse to repent along with us?   ...or are we going to start peacefully but sternly turning back the tables of right and wrong on these wicked people and start condemning evil for what it really is, doing so by way of the Laws, Statutes, and Judgments that our heavenly Father has so perfectly defined it in His Scriptures? 

I truly hope here, that this unplanned series of messages has given a lot of us renewed hope that yes, we have not just the right, but even the responsibility to shame these people, contrary to satan's rules of political correctness.  Can I get an Alleluiah from you guys?  Many of you are strongly on board with the Father's instruction and my writings here, evident from all of the emails we have gotten, and therefore my rebuke here is likely only going to hit a few who may yet still be awakening to all that we are discovering in our times, and if so, please know that we love you, but we love you so much, yourself as one who wants to learn what we know, that we want you to be saved along with the rescue that we are also getting more and more serious about wanting for our own families and loved ones as well.  We would not want to see any of you caught up in that same trap that satan has had over some, like the much to be pitied woman in our focus here.

As an update, although the letters of support for our ministry are still literally pouring in even almost a week after they began (these emails must still be getting circulated out there Praise the Father), this same woman has since written a yet short but firm and non-apologetic email to me that decries "freedom of speech" now, sent of course in defense of her damning remark against the very One that gave her the breath to say what she did (ignorantly not aware I suppose that we don't stand on the elite's imaginary Constitutional laws here).   But sadly for her, she does not have the ability to face the reality that the Constitution and its pluralistic "freedom of speech" parachute is not going to be her savior or judge on her day of judgment.  Just like every other man that has ever lived, she will be judged according to the Laws, Statutes, and Judgments, of the God of the Bible that she has so viciously blasphemed now, whether she wants to face it or not.  And there's not much I can do for her now either, as according to Ezekiel 3:17-21, my hands are clean in having tried to "warn her of her wicked ways", and doing so not just some years back now, but also in a second private away the other day, and even in a public way a third time around as well now with the above email, doing so publicly (to some extent) to also warn whatever supporters that she may yet have circled around her, that the school principal's mighty footsteps are clearly being heard angrily coming down the hall towards them.   

Don't be caught standing anywhere near them my friends.  "Come out from among them" before its too late because just as satan knows that his time is short, YHWH may now appear to truly be a monster for these people all the more on judgment day when He, as the just God that He is, must punish all those that so spitefully had mocked and spat upon the teacher that tried to show them how to love one another above themselves.

Yet before we give up on them, we have to make sure of our stance and perhaps ask ourselves one last time, "Should we love these people and have mercy on them?"  Of course, and should this woman now surprise me and come to me with a genuinely humble approach to make amends for what she has done, I would certainly help to steer her in the right directions again in the greatest of love and compassion for her, but I'll not be patient with such folks to the point that they are stubbornly and impenitently helping to literally bring a wrath down upon us and our children.  That's be like lovingly telling a rapist to simply have their way with one's daughter, and that's unthinkable.  Evil is evil, and must be repented of and changed in one's life if they wish to receive true forgiveness from those of us whom they have wronged.  Luke 17:3&4 tells us that they must repent if they want forgiveness (and thereby our continued assistance and attention, fellowship, etc), where many today do not understand that act of humility that can only come from a remorse in one's heart in having recognized one's wrong, thus, they do not understand the true "law of love" of YHWH, and we are to "let the dead bury their dead" at that point, dusting off our sandals as a testimony to their wicked ways, letting them go, as Titus 3:10,11 also basically instructs us yes, to move on to the next soul, town, or mission field.

And just so that you folks know as well, I had tried several times in the past to lovingly reach out to this woman (on some of my early conference calls, etc) in trying to calm her radical outlook about God.  Today she has not changed much (the details of which, as mentioned earlier) where I am perhaps even risking going against Romans 16:17,18 in keeping such past issues non-public for now should she ever have a change of mind [as I still pray that she does], she'll have "less crow to eat" as I sometimes say.  

But some people just never seem to change, where keeping their pride and/or place of perceived elevated glory is more important to them than their very lives and souls, this woman being somewhat of a patriot group leader in a grass roots sense, and not just a simple first time contact for us here at the ministry, as some might have understandably assumed it to be in my having (again) tried to be more discreet about her background for her sake in that earlier mailing to you folks.

So although the number of emails are astounding me in the amount of support that we are getting on this matter,  this page is also being presented for those rare few out there, both now and in the future, who may not have written us but who may yet feel that more mercy could have been afforded this woman, I offer this passage, being that the Father should have the last word on this issue, Himself having given us all of these Statutes, to protect those of us who understand and embrace His love for all of us:

 "And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD [YHWH; Yeshua, Jesus, God], he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the LORD, shall be put to death." (Leviticus 24:16). 

If we don't want the most intelligent, the most caring, the most powerful and even the most protective God ever...   to rule over us, then we may want to reconsider calling ourselves "believers", as perhaps we then don't really "believe" in this God enough to the point that we feel He is qualified with enough intelligence, love, or power to actually rule over our nation, where He is then not really our King of kings (as so many in "churchianity" even sing about in their congregations), but theirs is just an imitation God, or an inferior legislator in their mind, being made subordinate to the then greater law-writing skills of the bullies that have written all of the "freedom of speech" laws that more and more encourage all of these various people that, even under the tyranny and chains that these powers-to-be have encircled all around them, still foolishly spit upon our Savior and the Father's Laws, be they Catholics, Muslims, atheists, Mormons, and all of the others that, not unlike this woman, are now outnumbering us, and drinking of our blood sweat and tears along with the bullies, all of them...   being the real monsters.   

Yet everyday they continue on in the same pathetic direction, endlessly putting more and more lipstick on their man-made monster, admiring it for all its erroneous glory in the mirror of their mind's eye as their two-headed monster of their hopes, loving one head, while being terrified of the other, where they will ignorantly keep on loving and fearing that monster ("beast") more and more til the day they too, are no longer "useful" to it, and they are then sent by their own monstrous, self-carniverous system to meet the God that could have saved them, but whom they had foolishly cursed.

Their God does not have purity. Ours does.  And as Matthew Henry wrote (and as we had touched on in our video "Purity Perfects Power", and paraphrasing him here a bit): 

"[YHWH] is LORD of hosts, of all hosts, and one of His most glorious attributes is His Holiness, without which His position of being the Lord God Almighty, could not be so much the central matter of our joy and praise; for might or power without purity to guide it, would be a terror to mankind."

Can we not then see how "power without purity" better fits their monster?

Therefore, just as a skilled, wise and loving surgeon will cut the cancerous cells out of the body to create a trouble-free life for those he loves, so too, does YHWH with even greater qualities of that power, wisdom and love, and in the most amazing purity of precision, cut the evil cancerous souls from the Body of Christ for all eternity, souls that had immovably refused to be healed.  

A healthy heart is all about love.  The only evil monster in our world is not YHWH, but the cancerous heart that refuses to be healed and made whole, and instead strives to infect the healthy hearts around it, which then is done by their own free will and choosing, not of an evil monster God, which is why this temporal life is given to us where we might learn in our time here together that:  Those who live by and embrace the Father's true ways of love, shall also receive true love for all eternity.  Those who live by the sword, by their own invented pleasures, their artificial or plastic transparent love, hate, and cutting remarks, will themselves be cut out of the Body of Yeshua in the life to come.

We should all say a quick prayer for these people who are yet sadly following their man-made monster who "hath no purity", where we with greater purpose in our focus now, must move on to those who are listening to Him that hath a heart of purity and those who are receiving Him with all gladness.  We have no time to waste, as all true believers are being called as harvesters to help separate the wheat from the chaff, not to merge them together into just another new part of the already problematic monstrous church machinery that they are already proficient at worshiping (as so many others are trying to merely create their own versions of this very same humanist octopus), where we then certainly have a lot more work to do if we are to yet bring about the Father's true kingdom of peace for our children before its too late.

In YHWH's law of love that was cast in stone for our own protection,
And please forgive me if I haven't gotten back to all of you as well, as these emails of support are still coming in so much that I have not yet caught up in responding to all of you (even after an entire day off in trying to do only that), where I thank all of you here in advance till I can get to your messages individually.  Thank you for your patience.  I also want to again personally thank all of the new folks who asked to be placed on our email list as a result of these writings, as it is comforting to know that so many of you are still standing with some solid resolve for the Father these days, and so again, thanks to all of you new folks who love Him!