Infanticide in America

Little can be said that hasn't already been said about this subject many times before, except that now that we know about the deeper cause of the evil laws that have come about, that we must all realize that we have a whole new battle to fight now if we truly do want to protect these innocent lives...

Our deep series centered around the infanticide issue:

posted 12/24/2017:
Part 1:
This first part merely describes the unexpected part that is played by those who are standing behind the abortion program, gradually taking the listener's mind and heart to the point where the (Father willing) remaining part(s) of what I hope to deliver later are expected to go into greater detail.  But do not skip this part, because without the understanding in this first part, the details of upcoming parts may not be as easy to grasp.
"Unfolding Prophecy: Our Slow Descent Into Mass Self-Genocide"   (downloadable MP3 audio; 92.0 MB / 66.5 minutes)

posted 12/25/2017:
Part 2:
In this shorter segment, we share a story of how we began trying to explain to folks why our efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade have never been successful, including some very popular passages of the Bible that many folks had never connected to this issue before.
"Overturning Roe v. Wade"   (downloadable MP3 audio; 27.7 MB / 20.1 minutes)

posted 12/28/2017:
Part 3:
With the deeper truths that we are finding beneath the twisted obsession that satan's followers clearly have with infanticide, it is becoming more terrifyingly understood every day how we should all the more be willing to put aside our various differences come of pride and selfishness to then stand against this evil, but alas, millions are not able to do so.  --their love of the world is greater than their love for these children.  ...and the hard part is, that we are finding that there are a lot more unexpected people involved in this bloody masacre than we once thought.  Yet if you are still with us coming in to part 3 here, perhaps you are one of the last few who genuinely still care about these innocent lives, and will follow your better consciences in also then better recognizing the very serious need for a tighter return to Father's discipines and purities, where perhaps we might see and end to this wickedness in our own lifetime for these babies. 
"From Conception to Destruction"   (downloadable MP3 audio; 58.4 MB / 42.5 minutes)