If the world hates you....

We will be bringing in other "If the world hates you..." material (that's now on the home page) to this new page soon, but in the meantime, think about this if people are returning your cares and love for them with resentments:

It is very simple, and here's the average scenario:

You are (out of love) trying to show them the truth of their offenses against an angry God, hoping to save their lives and souls, and they then (out of anger) get upset with you right?

a one-minute thought from our friend Dr. Hovind...

Here's how that boils down:

Because you care about them, and only because you do, (as no one would endlessly risk being pushed away from such people to try approaching them with such things otherwise, agreed?), and so because you care about them you are offering to help save them from the evils that you see all around them,  things that are doing them harm, etc, and they in return, are sending, not a thank you or even an appreciative acknowledgement that you cared about them, but are instead sending some form of harmful response or gesture at you in the form of resentments, hatred, bitter words, pushing you out of their lives, etc, and sometimes even becoming violent with you.  Which one loves which?  Oh sure they would love you like a brother if you'd only just shut up about their sins, quit talking about all of that "god stuff" etc, but then what are you doing?   Are you not then at least mildly converting to their religious system and thereby "giving up" and submitting to their alternate methods of "resolve""?  Have you then agreed to remain friends (being "yoked") under the terms of YHWH's system, or under their satanic-designed religion of political correctness?   Do we not acknowledge their having convinced us to "go their way", by then perhaps even still hang around with them in that atmosphere after all, after they have refused to cease such "fruits" or have even rejected you or those Scriptures outright?  If they can't accept that they are in transgression (offense, rebellion) against YHWH and His laws (not you), and they reject our offer to change these ways, then our "clamming up" about those things, shows them that we have submitted to their world's ways of resolving alternate ideals.   We have not gone "neutral" as many professing Christians would believe (as there is absolutely no such thing as neutral) but that we have agreed to "get along" according to the rules of their religion that basically says that we are to let others do whatever they want ("Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law") and we shouldn't say anything to them from there on.  In other words, they have technically "won" the conversion debate if you think about it my friends.  They are still in their sin, and you are still hanging out with them, being friends, etc, after both sides are clearly aware of the white elephant in the room (the sin or transgression that is in the atmosphere).   This is almost an outright form of a condoning of their "faith", which is why we are not to be "unequally yoked", as it sends the signal that you approve of their lifestyle or sin.  Now of course there are certainly varying levels of these infractions against the Father, and we must be patient with the less significant ones util we are sure that they see what they are doing against their Creator.

People can't speak seriously about their own sins against a Holy God, and therefore will do anything in their power to avoid such discussions and confrontations, using that imaginary weapon of "neutralism" against those who do not know that "neutralism" does not exist.  You are either in one camp, or the other.  If several people in that person's life are simultaneously trying to offer the same warnings to such a sinner regarding his or her sins, then that individual may think twice about what they are doing, and that's why it is always good for many believers to be out there being "salt and light", but if not, then they begin to think that the "consensus" of others must be right, where, (basically in their minds, not really knowing the Father) the judgment is determined by "majority rules", not God.

I write all of this for those of you who, perhaps like myself, get so many people attacking us everyday, that we then sometimes begin to wonder if 'majority rules' is not somehow right (as I myself was guilty of thinking that and had occasionally thought that many years ago when I first became a believer).  It became clear to me right after that period, that no matter how much satan's people may try to "gang up on me" (to then try to turn the tables of shame on me), their "consensus" is only that:  a consensus of pagans, heathen, and lukewarm at best, who don't want to hear about their sins against an angry God.     ...they'd rather go to an eternal damnation than hear about their sin.  This my friends, is the sad choice that many of today's fast growing "lost" are facing, but who don't even know it because the beast is keeping them "conditioned" in the only other religion in the world (when you boil it all down) which is humanism--man thinking he is in charge over God.

In one disc of the professor Walter Veith "Total Onslaught" series (that describes how the New World Order is doing what they are doing in their total onslaught against Christ and the Biblical faith), he tells a story of a man in his ministry that once told him that he was a little hard-hitting in how he delivered such fearful truths to his audiences but then added that he knew that Walter was doing what needed to be done, and sometimes knocked folks down in the process, where he then encouraged Professor Veith to continue as his ministry partner and then said, "Walter, you knock them down, and I'll pick them back up."

In this world where so much is needed to be turned right side up again, we can't play footsie and spend too much time "courting" those who are not willing to hear the truth without being given a box of candy and flowers first.  There may be others that Father has lined up for us to talk to.   We haven't the time to wait for those who want to take fifty years and hear these things more delicately.  The truth has to be told and revealed, and done in a way that is as gentle as we can deliver it, but not so watered-down that they never actually swallow the red pill with that water.  The time for dancing around these issues for the faint of heart is somewhat passed, as those who can't bear to hear that their sin is sin, are going to find out the hard way very soon from a voice much more powerful than yours, if they don't hear it from you.  It is best that we risk losing friends now, than see them never listen at all, and they then never make it to the resurrection with us.    ... we simply have to push the envelope a little trying to wake them up, but then move on to others that may hate us as well.  Its our job.  Its called the great commission, amen?