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The following simple enumerated outline (updated here a little for the website's sake) has come in handy many times for me now in just the past year or two having been sent out to many who had strongly believed in space aliens, and once I had politely sent it I usually didn't hear much back from them afterwards on the subject (as they obviously had no good rebuttles):

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From: "Dwaine Moore"
Date: Dec 2, 2010 2:29 PM
Subject: Creatures from space ????

It seems it will be endlessly speculated by the "less seasoned" believers till the day the Messiah arrives: "Is there life outside our little blue marble?"

Well, let's first look at four reasons why the luciferians want us to believe such a thing, and work from there.

1.  The NASA space exploration funding needs to continue, regardless of the tragic accidents, the overspending, and the misuse we have already dealt with in this tax-based program, why?  Because the exploration is not so much about "exploring space" as it is to utilize the charactaristics of zero gravity, low earth radio wave interferances, etc etc, to quietly continue their technological advancement techniques whereby they are more easily capable of further enslaving us, by posessing much more sophisticated weaponry than we ourselves can develop, etc.  If we didn't have a great portion of our population filled with pipe dreams of Star Trek types of space utopias, the NASA budget would drop to near nothing for them.

2. Having never successfully landed men on the moon as they had portrayed themselves doing back in the sixties and seventies (due mostly to the scientific fact of the phenomenon of the Van Allen radiation belts), they needed to cover up the serious secrecy at area 51 where it sure seems those landings were actually filmed to dupe us as into believing that they had truly done this.  It was also then conveniently let spread that space aliens had crashed nearby and it was so traumatic and fearful to know, that the government had to keep it "classified" because "Americans would not be able to handle such things just yet." (Yeah, right) (Why do you not suppose that every single astronaut had to be a very high [33rd degree] freemason to be granted such a prestigious status of a United States astronaut...huh?  They were sworn to absolute satanic secrecies my friends, that's why ! Have you seen the recent youtube video clips where these older astronauts are nervously confronted about these moon landings and whether they really took place?)

3. They also need to keep us fearful, and now they must do so in a global sense since the cold war is over and especially since "the war on terror" is crumbling in on them.  They are running out of "bogey men".   If we fear that there may be a coming threat of attacking space aliens, we would be much more willing to lovingly accept global governance, expecting that "we might all have to fight together to save the planet" (or some other imaginative story like that).

But last (and definately not least)...

4.  They want very much to keep us as far away from trusting in a literal understanding of YHWH's holy word as possible, and this for two reasons: 
A) they can't stand the thought of being responsible to a Holy God themselves (which is why many of them even worship the dark side of the Bible's "Molech" at Bohemian grove, etc) and, 
B) they know that people who truly understand and trust the Bible and its law and justice system...   simply don't make very good slaves.

Now, those are the political aspects one should first understand, but more importantly, the Bible makes some interesting points to ponder:

1.  Those who claim to be "Christians" but also believe in "extraterrestrials" are often devout "theistic evolutionists" as well, where they believe that our Creator YHWH somehow had to have the help of 'time', to create all that he created.  In essense they say that their god had to have time to create a bluebird after he created the cardinal (think about how ridiculous that sounds).  Nonetheless therefore: Was the earth really created in six literal days?  Well, according to the very same global elitist luciferians who educate us now (with their somewhat recent lie of "evolution"), they say, "no".  They say it took millions or even billions of years.  What do we then do with all of the unpublicized science that proves certain verifiable "age limiting factors" for the earth?   These are things that they won't show you on television or in schools, such as how the moon is drifting away from the earth, the absence of a delta at the mouth of the Colorado river, or Puloniam halos whose half life data, along with many other similar facts prove that the earth is at best, less than thirty thousand years old (just to name a few)?

If folks are "believers" and still want to 'marry' the six day creation to those "millions of years", and the six days were somehow much longer periods of time...  then what did those poor plants do for example that were created on day three, waiting for that sunlight to come around a few million years later on day four?  There's the hard to ignore need to also study "symbiosis" my friends, which is the science of interaction between all of the plants and critters of creation!

This evolution lie can be a whole wonderful area to explore in and of itself, and if one would wish to dig deeper, I would send them to my website www.bcmin.us and the "Creation series" videos that have all the facts and details right there where they can later debate me on any or all of those points if they should so choose to do so responsibly.

2.  Many will turn to passages in the Bible like Genesis 6:4 where it says, "there were giants in the earth in those days", where they somehow use their imaginations that "aha !  This must mean big alien creatures !!!"  No, the Strong's Hebrew dictionary for the original King James word "giant" means: "a feller, that is, a bully or tyrant" (look it up yourself, it was showing that they were up against something very much like what we are up against today: a group of thugs).  "Giant" meant big in oppresive power my friends, not so much as if it were some huge six-nosed green guy from planet Xenu!  In fact, keep in mind that we have found in our own research herejust recently that the "violence" that Father was upset about just before the flood of Noah's time seemed to be non-physical in nature as well, as the Hebrew for that word in Genesis 6:11,13 (Strong's # H2555) means: "by metonymy unjust gain", (see our article on "metonymy" for more details) which in the Websters 1828 dictionary means "a trope" or the changing of words (wordsmithing or  - ahem... "legalese"?). 

3. Father's Bible also speaks only of angels and man.  Any other types of references are desperate departures from scripture (and I believe) only support the weak believer's internal purposes of hoping that somebody else can save us that won't be as strict as this "sin-hating God" that we have now.  Know what I mean?  These are "Chrisitans" that want the best of both worlds.  They want their sin and eat it too, and the God of the Bible therefore is not their favorite superhero in this respect.

There can be much added to this, but for this study, enough said that faith in God is not also faith in space aliens.

Blessings with peace to all men (er, earthmen that is),
Dwaine Moore


For those who still think that the History channel is reputable...

Try this amazingly clear debunking of a History Channel documentary on Ancient Aliens:


(Side note: I disagree with their take on the Nephilim section near the end of this video, but in a way that still agrees that it was not "aliens", where this is an understandable area of disagreement among the more serious Bible scholars and I don't fault them for perhaps not yet having found the research that some others of us have found on that topic that gives it an even less "weird" look as they say that part of the Bible has (where my view agrees with the 400-year old writings of the commentary writer Matthew Henry as well by the way).  Here's a short version of my difference that also now easily fits today's global events, paralleling Noah's time with our end times' prophecy fulfillment as well:

Certain Hebrew words we are finding in Scripture seem to be clearly indicating that what we are seeing today, are conditions that are almost exactly what I feel had been causing the "violence" that Father was upset about in the book of Genesis and had chosen to destroy mankind over in Noah's day as well. (see Strong's: nephilim means: bully, feller, tyrant, and even technically before it could mean a literal, physical "giant").  In other words, they were more possibly also up against "tyrannical conspirators" or "big bullies" in their time just as we are now, and...  under such oppression via "legalese" word-craft deception (keep in mind that the Hebrew word for "violence" in Genesis 6:11 means "wrong by metonymy" or the wrongful art of word craft; oppression through injustice or unjust gain).    ...and not so much due to any real physical strength of their own as previously thought (although a larger size could certainly have been a part of it as well, simultaneously).   Is this not exactly what they are doing to us as well today, in the media, churches and courts etc?  Using word games and mind control in an illusion of overpowering strength (global "corporate giants"), intimidating mostly through the art of fear and word-craft or "legalese"?  Also: "sons of God" were simply the way of saying "the righteous", and "sons of men" were simply how the Bible worded "the wicked" in Genesis chapter 6, which would also nicely parallel Noah's corrupt overlords and their inbred freakishness with our time's Rothschild-inbred freakishness, etc.

I have many times suggested to folks to just pitch their entire cable-connected television sets out the window (due to how the entire cable programming circuit is corrupted to defile the image of the Bible in mankind) but many always say, "I only watch the History Channel or the Discovery Channel", where I then must sit them down in pity and have to break it to them that some of the bigger lies come from those very sources (as the above debunking video will show), as these specific "channels" endlessly portray themselves as being almost sacredly scientific, academically rock-solid, and reliable, building themselves up only to do that very thing, which is to get the bigger myths that they want to purport into the minds of the uneducated, especially in the areas of decoying people away from a belief in the BIble.  (Remember: People who know and live by their Bibles don't make very good slaves.)

Who owns the History channel?

The A&E Network is a cable and satellite television network based in New York, New York, USA. The channel, which focused programming on biographies, documentaries, and drama series, and has expanded to include reality television programming, reaches more than 85 million homes in the United States. A&E is a joint venture of the Hearst Corporation 37.5%, ABC, Inc. (owned by Disney), 37.5%; and NBC Universal, 25%.


Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Freemason by the way (just in case you thought that there was an innocent "owner" mixed-in with the above bunch of otherwise now-accepted shady corporate broadcasting magnates.)

See also:

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There's a plethora of useful material in this video as well that helps to show the reason that they want you believing in aliens and extreterestrials, while showing the "out there" mind of David Icke and his Illuminati friends at the same time.