eschatology differences

To begin construction of this area, and doing so in seeking to show some of the greater details of the vast cavernous differences between the three camps of prophecy, we offer a Professor Walter Veith video recorded in 2008 that shows the more accurate ways that the reformers saw this issue right in front of them as it was unfolding in their time.  This, because quite honestly, the entire existence of two of the modern three camps didn't even exist until the reformers had pointed their fingers at the seat of the Papacy as antichrist and the Jesuits came to the Pope's rescue with Preterism and futurism to distract the masses from the reformers.  ALL of the reformers were in agreement with this fact that the Pope was the evil one spoken of in Scripture, thus causing a mass exodus of parishioners from the Romish cathedrals and making it difficult for the Vatican to maintain any semblance of control, especially in the sudden loss of "income" and slaves that they were experiencing.  Thus the other two camps were pushed relentlessly as their best "damage control" countermeasure.

This is part one of an 11 part series of which the first should suffice for the average beginner who may be just beginning to learn these differences, but although Walter and I were supposed to meet some years back and he and I differ on some issues [such as the Sabbath day and calender changes, his (perhaps abandoned) support of Ellen White, and a couple other issues] I still largely endorse his research on the eschatological facts that he has assembled for those like ourselves in our time who want the deeper truth, where an enormous amount can be gleaned from his work in how it fits the present state of affairs in our world, and not only in this series, but also in his previous 36-part "total Onslaught" series.

This is part 1 of the "Rekindling the Reformation" series called "The Twin Pillars of the Reformation":
The remaining parts of this 11-part series can be found on the videos sub-page "Reformation videos"
Also, more to be added to this section later on just the eschatology issue.  Thank you for your patience and support.