Did Rome create Islam?

posted Jul 8, 2012, 9:52 AM by Dwaine   [ updated Dec 31, 2015, 6:09 PM ]
The very successful centuries-old deception that Islam is somehow a religion all of its own, actually hides the ultimate hegelian dialectic scheme being played out against us in our generation!   After all we have seen already, are we yet that gullible to actually assume that there were not global forces acting upon the creation and operation of one of the world's most "suddenly useful" religions for...  "placing the blame on"...   (- ahem -)...   "again and again" ?

Pitting two sides against one another to "eradicate both ends to justify the means" (thesis vs. antitheses to result in synthensis) is now a well known Jesuit tactic of social warfare that often ends in extreme violence and death for both sides (which we now know they also want anyway).   Yet we must remember the passage, "and then shall that wicked be revealed", where hopefully many on both sides (both the CIA-driven Islamic Jihadists and the warhawk neo-conservative military gun loaders) are piecing this together with us and will see how they have both been set at odds, cocking guns at one another, and almost literally as cannon fodder for the ultra rich, where, if the "warriors" on both sides were to think this through before they enlist on either side of this bogus "war on terror", perhaps we can all see the truth and thereby turn our energies on those who pitted us against one another in the first place and seek REAL justice!   ...eh?

Audio broadcast with our good friend "Rusty" from Ohio and his exertise on this subject:

The Islamic Connection

Here's one from our buddy Walter Veith on the subject. If this one does not bring the viewer to see the real ties that Islam has to the Vatican, then perhaps its too late for that viewer(?)

Let's also look at how the  powers behind the scenes created and then the mainstream media groomed ISIS to be the bogey man, themselves having to create this new terrorist group now that we have caught on to how they had created Al-quiada, etc: