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"If you refuse to see the error in your church, 
then I dont know that I'd want you in mine."  -dwaine 1-02-2006


Do all denominations lead to the truth, or do they lead to satan's Demon Churches?

Remember:  Revelation describes the "MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS".   Are we not finding that all other religious roads outside biblical truth to literally (through secret societies and other corruptions) "lead to Rome"?

The following is an email article I did a short time back that I was asked to post here, that went hand-in hand with the article below on the mainstream media and church media.   This is good for your friends in churches like the independant Baptist churches and similar fundamentalist 501c3 churches:

My brothers and sisters,

If one would read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William L. Shirer, one would see the parallels taking place in America through things like: the party divisions, the media, the state run church system (our federal 501c3 "tax status"-loyal churches, and so forth).

But the key image that one gets, is the way that Hitler used Germany's warring political parties intentionally and advantageously, throwing his own charismatic personality towards "the side of the people" as if he were genuinely their greatest partner against the many tragic an oppresive problems of their day.  He was the gobalists' "opportunist of choice".

The rise of the Nazi party therefore basically began very much like the rise of our own tea party movement here in America, with a genuine flow of well-meaning dissention amongst the populous, forming a heart-felt desire to merely "repair things" in Germany while Hitler, seizing the moment (just like our own power-hungry elite has now sent Glenn Beck in to take over the masses in our own time) steps in and takes control of that movement to use it towards an underlying global agenda.  Nazi Germany then had a handy steering wheel of "controlled opposition" moving its masses and misleading the public from there on out, a machine growing like a cancer and becoming more and more unstoppable in its wicked "pied piper" deceptions as time went on, as few understood such mechanisms at that time. 

The power takeover itself was then as easy as taking candy from a baby, as Hitler at first was fun-loving and magnetic, just as Glen Beck perhaps, but had not actually gone so far as to admit to being a rodeo clown.  None the less, the trails here between the two are running eerily side by side.  Hitler and its barely begun new republic movement had seemingly gotten a fresh new start in 1919 to overshadow its own bickering party system structure, where our own innocently begun freedom movement here, is also slowly being taken over by another cute and cuddly hero in our day.

Think about it, did Hitler look like an evil mass-murderer?  Not really, in fact to me, he always looked a lot like Charlie Chaplain, the silent movie slapstick commedian from the early 1900's that won American hearts with his zany, narrow-moustache antics.  But become evil?  Yes, Hitler sure did.

We are following in Germany's very warm footsteps.  But Americans are too wrapped up in their lusts, posessions and entertainment pleasures to see the history that is about to complete itself in near perfect repetition.  There truly exists a strong pull to likewise fully infect the intentionally-created near-anarchy of our time, and take the reigns of this movement, utilizing the talents of their "well-rewarded Hitler-like entertainers" who are charismatic and full of promise in OUR generation.

Furthermore (and a large reason for my writing here today) is the recent hooplah over the 501c3 churches' one-time national plan to "revolt".  This to me is a sad joke.  If they were to REALLY revolt, and REALLY stand for their true Creator, they'd come out of the 501c3 system altogether and THEN send their recorded actions to the powers to be.  That'd be REAL faith!  The mere one-day pulpit preaching against oppression while staying dutifully in their cages is not a whole lot different than a prostitute grumbling about how much she is getting paid.  Those of us who stood outside the 501c3 system from our first knowledge of it, are we who truly respect our Father in heaven and wouldn't DARE defile our assemblies by letting the I.R.S. replace our Messiah as a sovereign over us!

There's an article I recently wrote called "Is Mainstream Media Becoming One With CHURCH Media?"   In it I show point by point how the churches are merely echoing everything they are supposed to be echoing from the pulpits to get all of you to FEEL like they are doing their jobs (in preaching against overlord immorality, etc).   These "co-operating" preachers are only a more localized form of the parent mainstream talking points.  most of them are simply your local town's very own "Glenn Becks", dramatic and entertaining you betcha, but unable to respond to any of the serious issues with any real approachable honesty.  They're all very good at putting you off on these issues each time you ask them.  Try it.  The real "Pulpit Becks" will never answer your questions or watch your videos (in any genuine sense anyway).

Over the years I had met with many Pastors and lay-leaders about many of these things, begging them to take their heads out of the sand and stand in true faith with me.  I then developed my term "ostrich-sized" in how I was then always chased out of their presense so they could bury their heads even deeper into their accumulating piles of sand with their "faithful"(?).   Having seen so many of these "leaders of the faith" act this way, one can only then ask himself, "Why?".  The question on my mind with each of these Pastors then invariably becomes this simple:  "Are they afraid? --or are they paid?" 

Are they paid accomplices under this 501c3 "protection racket"?  -Are they that afraid?  -Or a little of both?  No matter how you look at it, they sure don't seem saved, otherwise they'd have the faith to stop hiding behind their earthly gods and goddesses. "You shall know them by their fruits",  right?

I would that I didn't have to write this, and I wish that I could go back to just the mild-mannered sermons that the more timid preachers are delivering in their nice, cushy buildings,  but then again no, as many of them are just as sinful as Glenn Beck when they ignore (in any way shape and form that they can) the truth about what happened on 9/11, things like chemtrails, fluoride, and the corexit that is poisoning us, and many other things that "churchianity" is "afraid of talking about".   Remember: the fearful shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone (see Revelation 21:8) and if the PASTORS are afraid, how are THEY going to teach YOU about courage, faith and...  SALVATION?

So, what did Hitler really look like in his rise to power?  Did he LOOK like a Hitler?  Of course not, we didn't connect the attrocities of such evils with him til well AFTER the murderous rampage was committed and discovered.  And THEN he began to look evil,  right?    Therefore, the mild-mannered yet passionate Hitler, might have even been able to "cry at will" whenever needed, to appear tender and loving, to gain the trust of his followers--just like the 501c3 church leaders now, who so passionately are going to cry from their permitted government platforms this week to their "gods" begging for more mercy, to appease their duped congregations.

When a real whore repents, she quits whoring.  Did not our Savior tell the adulterous woman, "Go and sin no more"?

"Come out from among them and be ye separate", my friends.  And if you can't find a pure church near you, start a church or bible study of your own in your home.  The Father will bless you for it.

Dwaine Moore


"In light of those churches who refuse to preach the authority of YHWH's law:  You can't fight evil by encouraging immoral people to stay that way."   -dwaine 6-18-06
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