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We have recently had folks who have asked us to put all of our "common Law, Natural Law, unspoken Law, etc."-type material on one page to make it a little handier for those who are trying to share these items with friends and loved ones, as it was scattered all over the website in other related ways.  So here's that page, and we will expand it with more items of evidential help untill we have assembled them all with descriptions for you.

The Land of Make Believe Laws

This video is great for beginners in understanding how common law has a hidden problem that many folks don't immediately see out in the open.

One might want to keep in mind the phrase, "hidden in plain sight", in watching this presentation.

We would then suggest this booklet for the deeper logic and arguments behind the above video:

Then there are the hypothetical debates that might occur in your circle of friends, where something like this short article migh be helpful:

and for now, the hardest hitting of them all, the article that shows the definitives that make these systems actual "religions" for those who refuse the laws of the Bible:

One might even want to parouse our 

Editor's Proposition and challenge:

Common Law is a Red Herring
(includes all various forms of "common law", natural law", "organic law", 
"unwritten laws", "unspoken laws", even "grand jury common law", etc)

Common Law has no documentation detailing a single law.  True laws in a real world must be laid down and documented by an authority and backed by an enforcement arm to make it even the least bit practical.  No documentation, no authority, no enforcement, no law.  Therefore:

Common Law is a make believe justice system that does not exist.

Common Law is a fairy tale, no more factual than the Easter bunny.

Common Law is also a literal false religion, with no written documentation to support it, whereupon it takes an even greater amount of faith to follow this religion than a faith in the written Bible, thus making common law truly a "faith only" religion, even if just by the definition of faith alone.

Common Law is sadly therefore, just a smoke screen designed to keep the dumbed-down ignorant masses contained under cleverly fabricated false hopes.  
It is a cruel matador's cape for the unducated who gullibly run after it.


I therefore challenge all professing law scholars to prove me wrong:
If you are convinced that Common Law, Natural Law, unwritten laws, etc, are valid in some existent realm unfamiliar to those of us here, please feel free to send us your [law scholar recognized] authorized documents that officially and specifically itemize the laws within your system .  Interested parties should provide us with a listing or an itemized assembly of all of the laws (rules, codes, whatever) that your system has archealogically/historically documented as an overall plan to address the many interactive differences of justice in man's world, where it can be shown that these precisely laid out said laws (precepts, etc) are expected or proven to thoroughly cover any and all potentially argumentative areas of life among a society, where its detailed laws are designed to keep that society at peace both domestically and in foreign issues.  (Do NOT send any books, emails, letters, articles, videos, or other media that merely may only endlessly and abstractly proclaim the wonders or excellence of these so-called laws without first actually listing these laws (or statutes, rules, whatever they may be called by your experts), as it is the document listing the laws themselves that we wish to see, review, and compare).  You may boast about/argue for, your law system in a second mailing, writing etc, only after we have received and acknowledged your geniunely presented, original documented laws.   
Please send these documented laws (with a responsible party's full contact information) to: 
whereupon these alleged laws can then be seen in black and white as real, existing laws, where we can literally compare your laws to such present systems including the written laws in the Bible, to see if these laws are truly a genuine set of laws that the nation's (or world's) people(s) can truly and tangibly bank on for their hope in these oppressive times.  

At such a time that we have found them to even just actually exist by your submitted evidences, we will be joyous that we were in error in all of our claims that they were not extant and therefore could not be consistent with the Bible, where we will then even happily publish your validated, historically-dated law details for you so that all the world can see that these are not just imaginary law systems as we had thought, but true genine laws, and that our claims that they do not exist have been falsely founded.  The world can then genuinely compare these laws of yours with the Bible, and we can all go home knowing that these laws are literally verbatim to what is written in the Bible, just as so many of your scholars are proudly proclaiming in recent years.  We will be looking forward to your quick surrendering of these historic documents for our humble correction.

-dwaine 2015-12-21: 12:45 pm 

Added note on 2015-12-28:  I honestly didn't think I 'd have to include something like this, as I had assumed that these "experts" would know the difference in what we were asking, but since posting this, I have gotten dozens of thank you's from folks all over America and Canada who saw what we were seeing, but then we got (on the other side of that ability to see..) five responses attempting to correct us:  Two of them responding multiple times, submitting mere abstract theories of such law systems, One submitting a writing of his own assumed proposals that could include an outline of other abstracted law systems (?), another that simply emailed us back, "ALL WHOM I KNOW. WHO USE THE WORDS COMMON LAW known as the laws of nature and of the natures God, know it is biblical law or God's law." (sic)  ["Well then where's the proof?" we might ask him but I couldn't as he wanted off our email list in the same email. LOL !]  and lastly one fellow even sent in a hand written list of the laws that HE would include if it were his law system, claiming it was biblical that way. 
 ( - yeeesh - ) 
Please folks, we dont have time to read all of that, and we have seen the endless varieties of the abstracts and such. What we asked for was an actual, literal, authentic document.  preferably signed by some king or ambassador of some country somewhere, or a group of men representing some nation, a document that would actually list the specifics that were permitted and not permitted in this law system.  In other words the document might look something like the U.S. Constitution, which, even though we now know that the Constitution was never a truly recognized document, was at least pretended to be validated by a bunch of men in a place called the United States.  We are looking to see some kind of historic authentic autographed (or red-sealed, or stamped, etc) document like that.  
Please feel free to try again gentlemen.

Red herring definition from says:
"In argument, something designed to divert an opponet's attention from the central issue.
If a herring is dragged across a trail that hounds are following, it throws them off the scent."

"More specifically in law," say other definitions, "red herrings
are the device or person used to divert attention from one's crimes."

The entire Common Law 'theatrical' was designed to distract us from discovering the truth about the Bible's amazing plan to keep its loyal people fully protected from such tyrants.  Another attempt was the dark ages (when we were not allowed to read the Bible in our own languages), and the present trend to 'water down' that Bible (since they couldn't squash it), etc, etc.
Get the free book: "Bullies for satan" to more clearly see how they've done this to us.


"be ye not deceived"

Have you known anyone who was 
snookered-in by false law teachers?

Exposing False Law Systems  Pt. 1

This one is more of a training for beginners in learning to look for the basic red flags of those claiming to have the right answers to the law issues, where the overall bait is that they are "biblical" in some amazingly wonderful way.

Exposing False Law Systems part 2

Here's one revealing one of our nations pretend whistleblower lawyers.

Exposing False Law Systems part 3

And then  our series would not be complete if we didn't have a false Judge to pick on as well!